Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 24 The Innocent Got Dragged In

The Innocent Got Dragged In

Flickering lights of runes wrapped around the white-clothed lady, the bright light of sphere rushed heedlessly into the hurricane of energy, wanting to rescue Du Shaofu.

The momentum of the hurricane dissipated and weakened, revealing tilted mountain slopes crumbling, fissures on the ground akin to abysses.

Both the Golden-winged Garuda and Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix resolutely chose to detonate themselves - perishing together with the enemy. With the intelligence of a powerful bloodline, these demonic beasts would never die in a way that allows humans to collect their blood and bones to be refined into treasures and immortality dan. Such an act is not only an insult to themselves, but also an insult to their bloodline and the whole beast race, thus most high-level beasts would rather blow themselves up rather than be cut up and divided by humans.

The white-clothed lady’s silhouette floats above an area of devastation, searching for signs of Du Shaofu - without a doubt in that terrifying energy hurricane, Du Shaofu being so close to the energy hurricane will not be able to resist, highly likely that he perished with the Golden-winged Garuda and Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix.

“In the end, it was me that harmed you and I am no longer adequate to see him. Seem like this is not a suitable place for me to stay.”

Looking at the wreckage below, her eyes glazed with sadness and moments later her silhouette disappeared from mid-air in a quick flash.

Far away, on top of a towering tree, the Oldwoman holding the Elf-like girl close, sighs while looking at the devastation: ”Didn’t expect the Golden-winged Garuda and the Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix are so ruthless as to detonate the arcane bone just to perish together with the enemy. Everything’s blown to smithereens, if only we were able to get the Golden-winged Garuda and Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix’s arcane bones and essence of blood it is enough to allow you to sweep the lands, pity this great fortune slipped through.”

The Elf-like girl did not speak, her watery eyes looking at the direction of the wreckage, seconds later turning to the old woman beside: “Master, is that boy dead?”

““No doubt he’s dead. The explosion of two demonic beasts’ arcane bone is too formidable even his master wasn’t able to save him.” The Oldwoman said lightly, even she had to avoid far away from that scale of an explosion, but the white-clothed lady dared to rush into the hurricane instead. That single action was enough to prove the white-clothed lady is much stronger than her even with an injury otherwise it will be even more strenuous fighting against the white-clothed lady.

“He saved me. He wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for that and I wouldn’t have survived.” The Elf-like girl said weakly, if it wasn’t for that youth, perhaps the one who’s dead will be her.

“We should go.”

The Oldwoman did not say much, only her eyes once again glanced pityingly at the destroyed mountains then bringing the girl and flew away.

Dusk, Stone City. The remnants of the setting sun’s glow were like the color of blood.

Du Clan, Du Zhenwu paced back and forth solemnly before finally stopping, and said to Du Zhixiong who is next to him: “So many days has passed, why hasn’t there been any news of Shaofu, wasn’t there any clue at all?”

Haggardness shows on Du Zhixiong’s face, clear tell-tale signs that he hasn’t been resting lately, said: “We are investigating with every effort but there is no news, and the several families did not have any communications with strange unknown people. Also, there have been two consecutive beast tides in the Wild Beast Mountains many beast hunting teams suffered mishaps with the survivors escaping into the city, during this period there’s no one dares to enter Wild Beast Mountains.”

“The matter related to Wild Beast Mountains temporarily put on hold, finding Shaofu is our top priority.”

Du Zhenwu brows furrowed, then his expression paled: “Beast tides within Wild Beast Mountains are something unusual, it may be related to a treasure being born. Keep an eye on it, at the very least, must not allow the other families to obtain it.”

“I understand. I have already sent people to look into it.” Du Zhixiong nodded then continued:” Last night, the beast tide came close to Stone City, The One within the city let out a resounding roar deterring the incoming beasts that the city saved from being swarmed by the beast tide. If not, Stone City’s situation would be unfavorable.”

“According to rumors, The One inside the city will not be able to hold on for much longer, that several families would have made their move if not for its deterrence, once The One collapses, a storm will sweep the entire Stone City and the first to be affected is the Ye Family.”

Du Zhenwu’s brows furrowed deeper, then said in a light voice: “Recently, that Ye Family’s girl has been circling among the families younger generation, including our Du Clan’s, without question the real purpose is to choose an ally. Once The One is unable to hold on anymore, Ye Family will need an ally.”

“Big Brother, what should we do?” Du Zhixiong asked.

“Act according to the situation. First, let’s wait and see what’s the situation.”

Suddenly changing the topic, Du Zhenwu asked: “About Shaofu, have you notify Third Brother?”

Du Zhixiong shook his head, said: “I haven’t seen him these few days, probably hiding somewhere drowning in sorrow.”

“That year, what exactly happened in the main family that changes someone high-spirited like Third Brother into what he is today, as his elder brother I’m totally useless unable to help him in any way. And now, even his son I’m unable to take care of properly.” Tears welled in Du Zhenwu’s eyes.

“Big Brother, don’t blame yourself too much. I will do everything I can to find Shaofu.” Du Zhixiong too, is blaming himself. Every effort is made to search and yet there’s not one bit of news, he waits with an anxious heart for the result of the next search.

Panic gripped the residents of through Stone City as the news of beast tides almost attacked Stone City spreads, causing unease and restlessness.

During this period, those beasts hunting teams who frequently enter Wild Beast Mountains were all hiding in Stone City not daring to step out, these two beast tides had claimed numerous lives from the beast hunting teams and some mercenaries.

“Beast tide within the Wild Beast Mountain, it is possible a treasure is born?”

“Last night, from the deeper parts of Wild Beast Mountains monstrous fire and light bright as the sun covered the sky, could it really be some wondrous treasure.”

“Even if it is truly a wondrous treasure, it is only useful if you are alive to enjoy it.”


On the main streets and small alleys inside Stone City, various sounds of whispers and arguments filled the air centered around the events inside Wild Beast Mountains, most people guessing if there are treasure being born inside the mountain. This piece of news caused many eyes ablaze with eagerness they’ll be rich if they can lay their hands on the treasure.

“Pain, so painful.”

When Du Shaofu regained consciousness, he felt his chest burning hot, pain coming from his heart, the kind of pain that pierces through the heart, unbearable and ineffable pain.

Between his vague fleeting conscious, Du Shaofu felt a rib bone was forcefully snapped and reconnected with an unmatched bone, just like fire and water.

Experiencing that kind of acute pain, a bone looking like a tiny dazzling sun forcefully connected to his ribs, dense golden-colored blood flowing from out from it. This golden-colored blood flowed from the broken golden bone, connected to Du Shaofu’s ribs enters his heart, blood vessels, meridians, skin, muscles, gradually the gold-colored bone fused harmoniously into Du Shaofu’s body.


If anybody is wondering from where the main family branch comes from, please be patient, it will be reveal in coming chapters.

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