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Chapter 30 – Qingfeng stronghold

Chapter 30 – Qingfeng stronghold

“Wang Lie, how dare you wound a warrior invited by our family!” Wang Ding suddenly got furious.

“Wang Ding, I am your uncle, I guess your father has not taught you about respecting the elders!” Seeing Ye Xiwen’s godly strength, Wang Lie’s heart had calmed down, so he answered back without any hesitation and said. “You are defending this loser, did not you hear what he just said, he was clearly insulting the Yi Yuan School, and if this endangers our Wang family then are you prepared to take responsibility for that?”

Wang Ding got very furious after being scolded by Wang Lie, he was mad at those worthless warriors, for him each and every one of them were weaklings who had lost to a kid like Ye Xiwen.

“Wang Lie, you wait for me!” Wang Ding’s complexion was unsightly, saying those words in a ruthless manner, he left bitterly.

“So cool, that small bastard will never look down on me!” Wang Lie said while laughing.

The gazes falling on Ye Xiwen had clearly changed, now they did not dare to underestimate him like before.

“When do we set out?” Ye Xiwen asked Wang Lie.

“We will set out in afternoon and enter the city at night!” Wang Lie replied.

Enter the city at night? To hide from whom?

Ye Xiwen knew that Wang Lie probably did not know much, otherwise considering the strong friendship between those two, there was no reason to hide.

After a while, Wang Lie got busy with other things and Ye Xiwen found a place to sit down and closed his eyes. In the morning came a dozen more warriors who were also at the Houtian sixth stage or above, and looked quite strong.

“I thank everybody for taking up this mission!” At noon, the door opened and entered a slightly hunchbacked old man, “I am the housekeeper Wangde Ying, the one responsible for leading this mission!”

“So this is the senior once called Quick knife Wang, I have always looked forward to meeting you!” A Warrior approached cupping one hand over the other across his chest and said.

“Originally twenty years ago, he was renowned as the Quick knife Wangde Ying of the Qingfeng Mountain region, who would have thought he has actually become a servant of Wang family!”

“Thank you for your cooperation everybody, please get ready, we will leave soon!” Wangde Ying said in a deep voice.

After everyone had arrived and ready to go, Wang family troops hit the road under the protection of a talent like Ye Xiwen to transport the medicinal ingredients, but allowing Ye Xiwen to be the escort was quite strange, even the Wang family princes had not accompanied them, just an old housekeeper and some guards from the Wang family, even Wang Lie had also not accompanied them.

Ye Xiwen couldn’t relax because he felt that this escort mission was quite strange. Escorting a medicinal ingredient for a reward of three thousand low-grade spirit stones clearly explained that it was definitely a very important mission. Higher difficulty missions would be directly proportional to the reward associated, however, for this mission Wang family had only sent an old housekeeper which was somewhat strange.

At this time many of those warriors also felt that something was strange, these people had lived dangerous lives and were quite experienced, they could clearly sense this strangeness and were keeping their mouths shut.

The team slowly moved forward, and after about an hour had passed, they suddenly felt some disturbance ahead.

“Chen Long and Chen Hu, the two great leaders of the Qingfeng Stronghold have actually come to us, this is unexpected, but this is a cargo of ordinary herbal medicine and is definitely not worth both leaders to personally come for!” Wangde Ying’s voice spread out from the front.

Qingfeng stronghold!

There was a commotion among the warriors, because Qingfeng Stronghold’s reputation was considered very Illustrious in this neighborhood. In the nearby regions of the Qingfeng Mountain, the people were quite sturdy and valiant much like mountain bandits and Qingfeng stronghold was one of the largest groups. Chen Long and Chen Hu were the two notorious leaders of this stronghold, and were said to be extremely powerful and the cultivation of both of these brothers was also at the peak of Houtian eighth stage. Once the two joined forces, even a master of the Houtian ninth stage wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

As far as these warriors were concerned, these two Qingfeng stronghold leaders were like a great deterrent.

“It really is just common herbal medicine, Wangde Ying, you used to be quite skilled in the past, on top of that you are a senior, do not fool us, bullying us two brothers using your knowledge and experience?” In front of the team stood a troop of hundred persons blocking the road, led by two persons of sturdy frame with rough appearance. These two persons-Chen Long and Chen Hu were actually the leaders of the Qingfeng Stronghold.

“Certainly not, but our Qingfeng trading firm and your Qingfeng Stronghold have always minded our own business, now why are you trying to make things difficult for both of us?” Wangde Ying said calmly in a deep voice.

“We do not want to make things difficult for you, as long as you hand over those herbal medicines to us, our brothers would let you all go unhurt!” Cheng Long said.

“Humph, it seems that, you two leaders have turned on our Qingfeng trading firm, although our firm is always kind with others, but it does not mean we are weak so do not think so highly of yourselves!” Wangde Ying continued.

“Cut the crap, do you think we have not thought about it before? People die for money just like birds die in pursuit of food, I will bet on this chance afterwards do you think we brothers would still be in this area?” Chen Hu said while laughing.

“Do not talk nonsense, since you are willing to teach them, then do not blame our brothers for being brutal, you all are most welcome to die!”

Immediately a group of bandits from Qingfeng Stronghold shouted and rushed over, and the two leaders led those bandits while laughing loudly to kill everyone.

“Everybody, kill!” Wangde Ying roared, he suddenly took a step and skimmed on the air, a long blade was drawnand the cold tip of the blade illuminated and a burst of twisting sword-shaped Qi rushed towards Chen Long and Chen Hu then chopped down.

Qingfeng Stronghold two leaders took out their weapons, the wolf-tooth clubs and used them to defend against the incoming blade attack.

“Boom!” Long blade and wolf-tooth clubs fiercely clashed against each other and the ferocious Qi spread out from this collision causing terrible winds to blow everywhere.

“Ha ha ha, I did not expect the so called Quick knife Wangde Ying to be so weak!” Chen Long laughed loudly while tying down Wangde Ying.

“Ha ha ha, this Quick knife is just so-so, old man, you are very old!” Chen Hu’s also laughed and said.

Chen Hu’s big and sturdy wolf-tooth club swept away, breaking the bones of the firm guards who were in the range of this attack.

“What to do, these two are too strong, if nobody stopped Chen Hu then we all will get massacred by him!” A warrior said with a pale face.

Rest of the warriors were scared, they definitely didn’t have expected that they would actually encounter two leaders of the Qingfeng Stronghold, this escort mission was definitely not simple.

Suddenly a voice rushed out towards Chen Hu.


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