Martial King's Retired Life

Book 14: Chapter 48

Book 14: Chapter 48

Broadswordplay Origins… What?

Lang Qing spent a while staring at me, only to then shake his head. “No, there are some differences.”

In that timeframe, Lang Qing’s complexion worsened, indicating his injuries were exacerbating. Therefore, I immediately checked his pulse, then called Teng and Yuan Kou over to massage specific meridian points to stimulate healing.

Hiding energy was an advanced method among internal discipline practitioners. Not only did he imbue the energy into his blade in an undetectable manner, but he even predicted Lang Qing would block the seemingly moderate slash in order to stay engaged.

The assassin’s single slash contained three layers of concealed energy. The energy didn’t instantly start causing trouble as soon as it entered the body. Instead, it remained dormant, only reacting and wreaking havoc once the victim moulded energy. Like three sharp blades, the victim would inflict more damage to themselves every time they moulded energy, so the cause of death could remain undetectable. Luckily for Lang Qing, I knew how to treat the condition.

After Yuan Kou expelled the first energy source, I said, “I need to make a trip to the academy. You guys get ready. Actually, have a pigeon summon Zhao Tiankui over.”

Yuan Kou subconsciously shelled up with his arms. “What are you calling him here for?”

“Without him, we’ll be in a mire. Go!”

Since I was stern for once, Yuan Kou knew I meant what I said.

If my opponent was someone else, as long as they hadn’t reached Quasi-Divine, then I’d have some way of dealing with them. The masked assassin, however, was full of mysteries. I wasn’t going to risk leaving Eight Deities without an up-to-standard bodyguard squad.

As I watched Teng nurse Lang Qing’s injury, I reflected on the details of the assassination attempt. I never heard any of the assassins’ movements, so I could say with absolute certainty that he learnt some discipline related to understanding heaven’s workings.

Gu Xianxian: “He must be part of Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary, right? I heard they have a Sword Immortal Grasshouse that teaches people how to understand heaven’s workings. It matches up with everything you have said.”

“… That’s not all.” I shook my head and sighed. “Although I hate to say it… they are not they only ones. Among the Seven Champion White Princes alone, there is also Bai Clan.”

“Valley of Yearning’s Bai Clan?”

“Among the White Princes, Luo Sword Manor and Black Robe Brotherhood practice their ancestors’ disciplines. Song and Jin clans blend a multitude of stuff into their martial arts. Cold Mountain Temple wouldn’t be chasing heaven’s dao when they’re monks. Only Mount Lu Sword Sanctuary Sword Deity and Valley of Yearning’s Brilliant Broadsworder research heaven’s ways.”

I basically repeated Grandmaster’s conclusions. When it came to comprehension of martial arts, you could trust his judgement. Shifu did say Bai Clan and Sword Immortal Grasshouse’s martial arts had no connections, but he never denied that Brilliant Broadsworder, who was able to survive solo in the pugilistic world, trained martial arts connected to heaven’s dao.

“Bai Clan’s current representatives in the capital are Bai Yumo and Bai Laimu. Mount Lu’s is Ling… Mabi… Yeah, that’s his name. The assassin would beat all three of them simultaneously without breaking a sweat.”

Yes, there were enough people in the capital out for my life that you could build a mountain out of them, but it didn’t make sense for the White Princes to target me. There was no logical reason for them to personally get involved.

Luo Ming was forced to kill me – and he was sort of crazy – because I was a hindrance to his revenge plan. He wouldn’t have tried to kill me if he had an alternative. All the upper echelon of the Seven Champion White Princes were aware that Mount Daluo was no pushover. My shifu alone made them suffer plenty. Mount Lu… Well… Just know he made them suffer plenty of times.

Why would they want to assassinate me now? Or am I on the wrong track, and the masked assassin isn’t connected to them? Is it just pure coincidence that I ran into him? But, then, why would he want to kill me?

I wanted to hurry to the academy to test my theory.

Teng’s progressed drastically in his internal discipline after leaving the underground palace, so he was able to expel the remaining foreign energy from Lang Qing’s body.

Lang Qing slowly exhaled with a much healthier complexion.

“What were you on about?” I asked. “You said his blade techniques are the same as mine?‘

Since when have I swung a blade around in your presence?

“Do you know why I have been willing to follow you?” queried Lang Qing.

Isn’t it because of my great looks and cultured personality?

“Because of your broadsword techniques.”

I nodded.

So, when did I use a broadsword around you?

“You dismantled my broadswordplay in the underground palace.”

I reflected.

I don’t think I dismantled your technique. It was your technique that was virtually the technique I created. Also, I only created one technique. I’m still wondering how you managed to create an entire set of broadsword techniques.

Although Lang Qing hand a tight grip on his long and short broadswords, he chose to draw his long one. “Originally, I used a single broadsword,” he said, then added the short one to his grip. “I switched to Cross Phantom Soul Broadswordplay because I picked up a snapped broadsword many years ago.”

“Snapped blade?”

“A snapped blade with text carved onto it. Although it was not complete, it imparted an amazing broadsword discipline.”

… What?

“Despite all the years I had trained for, I had never seen anything as sophisticated; everything I learnt prior was worthless in comparison.”

… What?

“I was obsessed with learning it since I discovered it. I was never considered a respected broadsword wielder in the pugilistic world until I studied the manual.” Lang Qing cast his gaze my way. “I know you won’t tell me why you were able to dismantle my technique, but I worship the discipline, yet I don’t believe I’ve even learnt one-fifth of the original. Therefore, I’m determined to find the creator to learn more.”


“I have obeyed you in order to learn who the creator was. I would like to consult him on the discipline and hope to learn some more.”

… Mm… What?

“The masked assassin used a similar mental cultivation to the one you used when you dismantled my technique, so I thought you learnt from the same teacher. When I think about it, though… It made no sense since he tried to kill you. If that’s the case, why are your techniques identical? Can you give me an explanation?”

I shifted my gaze from Lang Qing’s dome to his feet.

… What the hell are you talking about again?

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