Martial Peak

Chapter 2176 - Extraordinary Treasure Lotus

Chapter 2176, Extraordinary Treasure Lotus

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Soul Cleansing Divine Water, Immortal Source Liquid, and Life Revitalizing Jade Cream were the Three Great Divine Waters.

Among them, the formation of Soul Cleansing Divine Water was related mainly to coincidence. It required the fall of a Master whose Soul was incredibly powerful, at least reaching the Third-Order Origin King Realm, in a land where rich World Energy gathered. After many centuries, and with good luck, a pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water would be produced. Although it was a rare and precious treasure, it could still be found every now and then.

The remaining two, however, were extremely hard to come by.

Life Revitalizing Jade Cream may exist in some hidden corner of the Star Boundary, but that itself was a mystery.

As for Immortal Source Liquid… it could not be found no matter how hard one looked for it.

Because Immortal Source Liquid was a by-product of the Immortal Tree! It was the congealed essence of the Immortal Tree!

A drop of Immortal Source Liquid was enough to bring a person at the gates of death back to life, an extraordinary, Heaven defying effect.

In this world, the only Immortal Tree was planted in Yang Kai’s small medicine garden, so there was no way for others to obtain Immortal Source Liquid.

He also had a drop of Immortal Source Liquid in his possession, which he had obtained from the Immortal Tree many years ago, but so far he had been unwilling to use it!

With such a Heaven-defying treasure, if Yang Kai brought it out to exchange for a Tribulation Fruit, no one would refuse.

However, Yang Kai had to worry about whether the appearance of a drop of Immortal Source Liquid would cause other troubles.

However, for the Tribulation Fruit, he couldn’t hesitate. If someone asked, he could simply play dumb. If he denied it, no one would think he possessed a supreme treasure like the Immortal Tree.

And so, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and began to wait quietly.

There were still about five or six days left before the Four Seasons Realm closed, and the cultivators inside were obviously not in a rush to leave as there were still many opportunities to be sought, so the vicinity of the entrance was extremely quiet.

Time passed by, and one day later, the entrance was still empty, with just Yang Kai sitting around waiting.

At a certain point though, Yang Kai frowned as his eyes opened and turned in a certain direction.

At that moment, he actually felt a strange energy fluctuation, one that disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared!

But when he looked in the direction the fluctuations originated from, Yang Kai didn’t notice anything, which inevitably made him a little suspicious as he wondered if he had just imagined it.

Just as he was pondering, from a very far away position, a halo of light suddenly appeared.

This halo seemed tangible and spread outwards in all directions like ripples in a pond.

Yang Kai stood up suddenly and squinted his eyes.

In the direction he was gazing, about a hundred kilometres away, atop a hill, the light halo continued to flash. At first, this halo was only a single colour, but as time passed, more and more colours began to appear in it.

Not only that, but the ambient World Energy seemed to be surging as the sky above the mountain filled with multi-coloured clouds, making for a strange but dazzling scene.

“A Heavenly Manifestation!” Yang Kai whispered, “Is some precious treasure about to be born?”

Although he didn’t know exactly what was happening, from the current situation, Yang Kai judged that some kind of treasure was about to be born, and an extraordinary one at that, otherwise its birth would not have resulted in such an obvious phenomenon.

“Why… at this time…” Yang Kai frowned, his face turning extremely gloomy.

Right now, the exit to the Four Seasons Realm was open, but it would close in just four or five days, so all the disciples from the major Sects inside would undoubtedly be returning here soon.

The exit was only about a hundred kilometres from where the treasure was being born.

In other words, this Heavenly Manifestation resulting from the birth of a precious treasure was very likely to attract many people, and as time passed, more and more would come! At that time, it will inevitably cause a mad scramble which would result in rivers of blood flowing!

When that happened, Yang Kai’s plan to exchange the drop of Immortal Source Liquid for the Tribulation Fruit would definitely be disrupted.

So when he saw the Heavenly Manifestation, Yang Kai’s first thought was not excitement, but annoyance as the timing couldn’t be worse for him.

But even though he was cursing in his heart, the Heavenly Manifestation was so pronounced that his curiosity was still piqued!

Considering all this, Yang Kai directly summoned his flying boat, stepped onto it, and pushed his Source Qi, turning it into a stream that flew over.

The speed of the wooden boat was quite quick, arriving a hundred kilometres away at Yang Kai’s destination just ten breaths later. As he approached, Yang Kai actually smelled a strange fragrance in the air, one that was not just refreshing and relaxing, but even made him feel as if he was experiencing a kind of enlightenment…

“It must be some kind of rare herb…” Yang Kai muttered thoughtfully, immediately identifying whatever treasure was about to be born as a rare herb that would be of great help to a cultivator’s cultivation. He made this judgement so quickly because the moment the fragrance entered his nose, Yang Kai actually faintly felt that his bottleneck at the peak of First-Order Dao Source Realm had slightly loosened!

He had not broken through to the Dao Source Realm that long ago, and although he had spent his days fighting and cultivating assiduously, even obtaining some opportunities from the Flowing Time Steps, there should still be some time before he could break through to the Second-Order Dao Source Realm. But now, the distance he felt from his next breakthrough had shrunk noticeably, showing how Heaven-defying this miraculous medicine must be.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling excited as right now, in this place, there was no one else but him, so perhaps he would be able to monopolize this precious treasure!

It was a lucky coincidence stumbling across this kind of good fortune; after all, Yang Kai had rushed to the exit far ahead of time, intending to inquire about the whereabouts of the Tribulation Fruit, nothing more.

As these thoughts flashed across his mind, Yang Kai arrived atop the mountain and brought his wooden boat to a halt as he looked down.

At a certain spot atop the mountain, amidst some scattered stones, a single flower bud had quietly appeared.

From the looks of it, this flower was some kind of lotus, and even in its budding stage, its folded petals were white and spotless. A dazzling aura gently flowed from this lotus as a charming fragrance diffused around it. This lotus bud was so pristine that it almost didn’t look real but instead like an enchanting illusion.

Looking closer, Yang Kai made out some tiny, mysterious runes that flickered across the lotus’ petals. These flowing runes seemed to contain some kind of profound meaning that, if comprehended, would yield infinite benefits.

Yang Kai’s heart shook wildly as he couldn’t help gasping, “This is…”

As he spoke, he flipped his hand and took out a jade slip from his Space Ring, closing his eyes and immersing his mind into it to search for a certain record.

This jade slip was Gong Sun Mu’s inheritance, and Yang Kai had already memorized everything recorded in it, but the scene before him was so shocking that he needed to compare it with these written records in order to be certain of his judgement.

Soon after, Yang Kai found the record he was looking for in the jade slip and after going over it three times to confirm, he opened his eyes as a near-fanatical light flashed across them. Staring at the budding lotus in front of him, Yang Kai couldn’t help calling out in a joyous voice, “Extraordinary Treasure Lotus!”

There was a note in Gong Sun Mu’s jade slip about the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus’s birth strictly adhering to the Heavenly Way. This lotus would absorb only the purest essence of the Sun and Moon, and on the day it bloomed, it would be filled with an extraordinary Emperor Intent. If one could swallow and refine an Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, their chances of breaking through to the Emperor Realm in the future would be significantly improved, and if it could be refined into a pill, the effects would be even better!

In other words, this was a Heaven defying treasure that could increase the chances of one becoming an Emperor!

The Emperor Realm was the pinnacle of the Star Boundary’s cultivation hierarchy.

Besides a few nearly extinct treasures, there was nothing that could help a cultivator improve their chances of reaching this realm.

But the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus was one of them.

Moreover, the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus was completely different from ordinary spirit grasses and medicines as consuming it would fundamentally improve a cultivator’s ability to comprehend the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao and had an incomparable effect of increasing a cultivator’s ability to condense and manifest their own Emperor Intent.

The value of this Extraordinary Treasure Lotus could be imagined! If a master like Xia Sheng or Wu Chang obtained this Extraordinary Treasure Lotus, they would be able to break through to the Emperor Realm within five years with absolutely no possibility of failure.

Emperors were the pillars that supported every large Sect and were an absolute measure of that Sect’s power. The rise of even a single Emperor was enough to significantly increase the strength of a Sect.

If one thought about it this way, the value of this Extraordinary Treasure Lotus simply couldn’t be measured…

Yang Kai’s blood began to boil, but soon, gloom covered his face.

Because the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus in front of him… had not fully bloomed yet, so he could not collect it. If he rashly tried to pick it now, its medicinal efficacies would all but disappear.

And even if it bloomed completely, it would either need to be swallowed immediately or refined into a pill within an extremely short time, otherwise, its medicinal efficacies would also pass away cleanly.

The Heavens were fair in all things, and every opportunity that existed came with appropriate drawbacks.

The Extraordinary Treasure Lotus had truly Heaven-defying effects, so there were reasons it was rarely seen in history.

Within just three hours after this flower blossomed, its efficacies would begin to pass and it would soon after wither away, leaving behind only its legendary reputation.

As a result, even if somewhere in the vast Star Boundary, an Extraordinary Treasure Lotus was born and blossomed, if no one found it within three hours, it would simply wither and cease to exist…

“I need to find a way to cover up this Heavenly Manifestation. From the looks of it… it probably won’t bloom for a while, and if this continues, it will only attract more and more people. This will be very difficult,” Yang Kai muttered to himself, but when he looked up at the enormous vision in the sky, he quickly felt powerless.

If he was proficient in arranging Spirit Arrays, he may have been able to do something about this, but Yang Kai’s understanding of Spirit Arrays was only on the level of breaking them with brute force, so that was not an option here.

It was also impossible to collect the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus into his Sealed World Bead as that would be the same as picking it prematurely, leading to it withering directly.

As an Alchemist, such an act was absolutely unconscionable to Yang Kai.

For a moment, he could only scratch his head awkwardly.

Just as he was feeling anxious, the sound of something cutting through the air reached his ears and Yang Kai saw several figures rush over from different directions to land nearby.

There were three men and one woman, among them, one man and the woman seemed to be companions with the other two men, having arrived individually.

As soon as these four appeared, all of their gazes fixed on the Extraordinary Treasure Lotus as looks of surprise and shock filled their faces.

Only the young woman spared Yang Kai a casual glance, but after discovering that he was just a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, she didn’t pay attention to him anymore.

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