Martial Peak

Chapter 2398 - Everything Is Prepared

Chapter 2398, Everything Is Prepared

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Chi Ri didn’t seem to mind BingYun’s cold attitude; it only served to increase his interest. He said with a smile, “In that case, this King will no longer disturb Junior Sister. One month later, this King will come again. At that time, I’ll not disappoint you!”

He laughed loudly and disappeared from where he was standing.

Bing Yun sat cross-legged with a sullen expression.

After a long time, she stretched out her hand and knocked on the secret compartment, “You can come out now.”

Hearing her words, Yang Kai hurried to get out. He looked around, but the room was still in perfect condition, seemingly not having been affected at all by the clash of the two Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters. This left him shocked as he’d clearly felt waves upon waves of energy clash against one another earlier. Yet, he couldn’t find a single trace of the battle. Whether it was Bing Yun or Chi Ri, clearly their control over their strength had reached an extraordinary level.

On the nearby table was a teacup filled to the brim with water, with quite a bit of it having spilled out.

“Senior, that Chi Ri…” Yang Kai was about to say something but stopped.

Bing Yun sighed, “You must’ve gotten the gist of the situation. Chi Ri seems to be… interested in this Queen.”

“That old bastard is just a toad lusting after swan meat!” Yang Kai said angrily.

Seeing Yang Kai defending her, Bing Yun smiled lightly, “That might not be the case. Chi Ri has some skills, and this Queen is not his opponent as of now.”

Yang Kai was startled, “Senior, if it was a fight to the death, what odds do you have of winning?”

Bing Yun furrowed her brow, falling in thought, “Less than thirty percent.” She sighed and added, “He is Clear Sky Island’s Island Lord, and he controls all the cultivation resources here. Even if his cultivation has dropped in the past few years, this Queen’s has dropped even further. If I were at my peak, I wouldn’t be afraid of him, but now, the difference between us just keeps increasing!”

Yang Kai realized what was happening.

The Solitary Void Sealed World was filled with rich World Energy, but this World Energy was not suitable for cultivation. If one stayed in this place for too long, their strength would start waning regardless of their cultivation, but thanks to his position, Chi Ri could get his hands on much more cultivation resources than Bing Yun. This caused his regression to be slower, leading to Bing Yun no longer being his opponent.

“But even for him, it is impossible to easily take down this Queen. Therefore, a hundred years ago, we reached an agreement.”

“What kind of agreement?” Yang Kai asked out of curiosity.

Bing Yun pointed at the teacup on the nearby table, “If he is able to snatch this teacup from under this Queen’s nose and drink it without spilling a single drop of water, this Queen will be at his mercy, but if he fails, he must leave.”

Yang Kai looked at the teacup, as well as at the water that had spilled on the table, finally understanding why Bing Yun was talking about something spilling earlier.

These two Masters were fighting over this cup of tea, but Chi Ri fell short at the last moment and was defeated.

Bing Yun frowned, “He used to come here once every few years at first, but recently, he seems to be losing his patience. It has been only three months since his last visit, and he was pretty difficult to deal with this time. When he comes back in a month, I’m not sure if I can handle him.”

Reaching this conclusion, she couldn’t help but get a little worried.

When she made that agreement with Chi Ri, she was already at her wits’ end. As they were both Third-Order Emperor Realms, they couldn’t just start fighting; after all, if they battled using all their strength, the entire island would be razed to the ground.

Moreover, she had to think about her disciples. She wasn’t afraid of offending Chi Ri, but who would protect her disciples if a fight broke out?

This agreement was able to buy her a hundred years, but it wouldn’t last forever.

“In addition, Chi Ri is very narrow-minded. If he were to see the two of us together, he might start making things difficult for you.”

Yang Kai finally understood why Bing Yun had stuffed him in the secret compartment earlier. Chi Ri was a jealous man, and if he were to see Bing Yun together with a young man, he might get the wrong idea.

He hadn’t even succeeded in capturing the beauty’s heart, but he already treated Bing Yun as his private property. It seemed that Clear Sky Island’s Island Lord was a shameless person, only caring about his happiness while disregarding that of others.

“Senior, what is your plan?” Hearing that she wasn’t sure if she could handle Chi Ri when he came back in a month, Yang Kai got a little anxious.

“My plan is to find someone who could help me refine the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill!” Bing Yun said in a deep voice, “With enough such pills, this Queen can leave Clear Sky Island and the Solitary Void Sealed World, no longer having to worry about Chi Ri.”

“Leave the Solitary Void Sealed World?” Yang Kai’s body shook and realized something, quickly asking, “Senior, are you planning to fly until you reach the exit?”

Sang De had mentioned that the exit was very far from Clear Sky Island. Even if a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master knew its location, it wasn’t guaranteed that they could reach it. The biggest reason was that they wouldn’t have enough energy to complete the trip.

Flying above the sea required a lot of energy, and if one didn’t find a way to replenish their strength along the way, they would eventually exhaust their strength.

However, one couldn’t just take a break while flying above the sea, nor could they use Source Crystals.

They could only use pills, and the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill happened to be the best choice!

Yang Kai finally understood why Bing Yun wanted the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill. It was to recover her energy at the critical moment!

“You know about the location of the exit?” It was now Bing Yun’s turn to be surprised.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t. I’ve only heard some rumours.”

“From whom did you hear such rumours? From what this Queen knows, only three people are aware of its location. One of them is me, one is Chi Ri, and the last one is missing.”

Yang Kai grinned, “This last person Senior mentioned should be Sang De’s Master. A few days ago…”

He then started to narrate what he, Sang De, and the others encountered when they went to sea.

After listening to the story, Bing Yun’s beautiful eyes brightened and she looked at Yang Kai in a daze, “Is the Sea King Shuttle in your possession?”

“Yes. It’s not too convenient to take it out here, but I have it with me.”

“Is this the will of the Heavens?” Bing Yun muttered. If it wasn’t the will of the Heavens, how could she and Yang Kai, two people from Heng Luo Star Field, meet in this place? If it wasn’t fate, how could Yang Kai get his hands on the Sea King Shuttle at such a critical moment?

At first, she was just happy to be able to meet someone from her native Star Field. Yang Kai gave her a good impression, and if he were a woman, she’d have accepted him into Ice Heart Valley immediately.

But now, he gave her an even bigger surprise. Even someone as calm and composed as Bing Yun had started to become excited.

With the Sea King Shuttle, she no longer needed the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill! She could simply ride the shuttle until the exit, which was much safer than flying there.

She had also been worrying about how to take her disciples with her, but now it was no longer a problem.

“Sang De’s Master suddenly went missing a thousand years ago. This Queen and Chi Ri tried to find out what had happened, but we didn’t have any luck. We thought he’d died, but little did we expect that he was actually hiding outside, secretly refining the Sea King Shuttle. In the end, he still ended up toiling for the sake of others, it seems,” Bing Yun sighed.

She knew that Sang De’s Master had gone into hiding because he was afraid that Chi Ri would capture him, forcing him to refine an artifact like the Sea King Shuttle. Although he had to refine the shuttle anyway, doing so by his own free will was different from being forced by someone else.

At the same time, the reason Ice Heart Pavilion collected so many raw materials was that Bing Yun wanted to train an Alchemist capable of refining the Hundred Revolutions Emperor Yuan Pill.

Over the past few years, she’d spent a lot of resources to gather the necessary herbs. It was a pity that none of the Alchemists met her requirements. Finally, she found Yang Kai and decided to stake everything on him, making him refine the pill regardless of success or failure, but now, it was no longer necessary.

Yang Kai scratched his head, “Part of the reason I came to Ice Heart Pavilion was to inquire about the exit’s location; however, Senior’s strength is too high, so Junior didn’t dare to state this explicitly.”

Bing Yun smiled faintly, “It is natural for you to be cautious, don’t let it concern you.”

Yang Kai was just a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, so it was normal for him to be wary about seeking Bing Yun’s cooperation.

“I have the Sea King Shuttle, and Senior knows the exit’s location. It seems everything is prepared. We can set out at any time,” Yang Kai said with excitement. He didn’t expect that everything would go this smoothly. At first, he thought of letting things take their natural course, but after becoming privy to Bing Yun’s background, he no longer had any misgivings.

“I’m afraid it’s not going to be that easy to leave!” Bing Yun frowned.

“Why?” Yang Kai was puzzled.

“If I leave Clear Sky Island, Chi Ri will definitely come to know of it. And if I were to cut all ties with him…” Bing Yun seemed dejected.

If she got into a fight with Chi Ri, she wasn’t sure she could escape unscathed.

Yang Kai fell into thought, “Senior, you said that the reason you aren’t Chi Ri’s opponent is that your cultivation has regressed faster than his, correct?”

“Yes. If we were both at our peaks, I’d be on par with him.”

The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth rose, “In that case, what if I could allow Senior to return to her prime within a short period?”

Bing Yun’s body shook, “How are you planning on doing so? This Queen will need a massive amount of resources to recover her strength. Given your current…”

“Senior, take a look at this,” Yang Kai took out a Space Ring and threw it to Bing Yun.

Bing Yun caught the ring and swept it with her Divine Sense, her expression changing drastically a moment later as she exclaimed, “Where did you find so many Source Crystals?”

The Space Ring had nothing but Source Crystals in it, a whole ten million High-Rank Source Crystals!

Although it wasn’t her first time seeing such a large number of Source Crystals, this amount was enough to shake the entire Clear Sky Island.

Even Chi Ri shouldn’t have this many Source Crystals.

“Senior, I’ll be honest with you. I’ve only been in this Solitary Void Sealed World for a few months. These were brought from the outside by me.”

“You’ve been here for only a few months?!” Bing Yun was truly startled this time. In such a short period, Yang Kai was able to get his hands on the Sea King Shuttle, something that she and Chi Ri had been trying to obtain for a millennium. This was enough to drive one crazy!

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