Martial Peak

Chapter 2604

Chapter 2604 – Give You Some Face

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Fan Wu smiled, “This King’s palace isn’t far away from Elder’s land. In the future, Elder must come visit me more often.”

Elder politely responded, “Since Sir Divine Venerable has offered such an intention, this Elder might come bother you in the future. I hope you don’t mind, Sir Divine Venerable.”

Yang Kai didn’t need to be polite with Fan Wu, but Elder still needed to worry about such things. The Stone Spirit Clan’s level of strength as a whole was still lower than Fan Wu’s before Xiao Xiao became Tai Yue, and it was also impossible for Yang Kai to remain in the Ancient Lands forever to protect them.

It wasn’t necessary to have an extremely close relationship with Fan Wu, but they couldn’t afford to have a bad relationship with him. Having a friendly relationship would be a good thing for the Stone Spirit Clan.

Fan Wu chuckled loudly, “Elder, you’re being too serious. If Elder has free time in the future, you must spend some time at this King’s palace.”

Luan Feng also covered her mouth and smiled, “This Queen welcomes Elder as well.”

Cang Gou gave them a sidelong glance and snorted, “You act as if this King is trying to reject all visitors.” He then turned and smiled at Elder, “Elder, although my palace is a bit far from the Stone Spirit Clan’s territory, I’ve always heard that the Wood Spirit Clan’s wine is incomparably delicious. If I come visit you someday, I hope that Elder will offer his hospitality.”

“Of course, of course. If Sir Divine Venerable wants to visit, my clan would naturally welcome you with all our hearts!” Elder couldn’t help but smile wryly. Since when has he become so attractive? The three great Divine Venerables of the Ancient Lands were all trying to establish a relationship with him. Naturally, this was all because of Yang Kai. Elder wasn’t the type to be hypocritical, since he felt that continuing to chat with the three Divine Venerables would result in him being strong in will but weak in strength, he hurriedly said to Yang Kai, “Sir Yang, since things are resolved here, then this Elder shall return with his clansmen. As for Sir Yang…”

Yang Kai smiled and replied, “I won’t be going with Elder. I came to the Ancient Lands this time to find Xiao Xiao. Since Xiao Xiao has gone into the Blood Gate already, then I’m done with what I came for and will be leaving the Ancient Lands soon.”

When Elder heard this, he had a regretful expression, but he still nodded, “I hope you will have a pleasant journey then, Sir Yang. If you ever visit the Ancient Lands again, please come to my Stone Spirit Clan’s territory. This Elder will definitely welcome you!”

“Elder, have a safe trip, forgive me for not seeing you off,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Elder cupped his fists in response and said goodbye to Fan Wu and the others before he finally turned around and left.

Soon, the Stone Spirit Clan followed Elder and vanished from everyone’s vision.

Fan Wu and the others stood behind Yang Kai and looked at each other for a while, feeling somewhat anxious inside. In the end, Fan Wu lightly coughed and tried to ask, “Sir Yang, what do you intend to do next?”

Yang Kai tilted his head and chuckled while looking at him, “What is it, Sir Fan Wu? Are you in a hurry to see me leave the Ancient Lands?”

Fan Wu’s expression changed as he exclaimed in fear, “I would never dare! It’s the Ancient Lands’ good fortune that Sir Yang has arrived. This Fan Wu would never dare to think in such a way.”

“You really wouldn’t dare? Just say whatever it is that you’re thinking. A trivial First-Order Emperor Realm like me can’t do anything to you anyways,” Yang Kai chuckled coldly in a strange manner.

[You can’t do anything to me, but that Heaven's Order descendant can!] Fan Wu kept thinking that as he forced himself to smile, “Sir Yang is overthinking things. From today onwards, Sir Yang is our Ancient Lands’ Honoured Guest. We truly welcome you if you wish to stay here.”

Yang Kai reached out and patted Fan Wu on the shoulder while laughing out loud, “I never thought that Sir Fan Wu would be such a generous host. Since that’s the case, then this Young Master must give you some face. This Young Master shall stay in the Ancient Lands for a while.”

Fan Wu’s expression darkened as he really wanted to slap himself in the face.

Luan Feng and Cang Gou also glanced at him with complaining expressions as they thought, [Why did you have to talk this much!? Being mute would have been better!]

Yang Kai pointed and asked, “Do you three still want this or not?”

Fan Wu and the others regained their senses and saw that Yang Kai was pointing at the Mountains and Rivers Bell that was on the ground. Their hearts instantly jumped as they answered in a panic, “This belongs to Sir Yang, so it should go with its rightful owner. We would never dare to have any designs for it.”

Yang Kai snorted, “Who told me before that this originally belonged to the Ancient Lands?”

Cang Gou instantly smiled, “Treasures belong to those who obtain them. This bell has existed in the Ancient Lands for countless years, but nobody has ever been able to tame it before. Since Sir Yang is capable of making it acknowledge you as its Master, it should belong with you.”

Cang Gou, who was the one who previously said that sentence, was afraid that Yang Kai would hold a grudge against him for it, so he hurriedly denied any knowledge of his previous words.

“I couldn’t tell that even though Sir Cang Gou is the aloof type, he actually has such a way with words,” Yang Kai glanced at him teasingly.

Cang Gou’s face reddened and he couldn’t wait to find a hole to crawl into. He had lost a lot of face today, but luckily, nobody else was here apart from Fan Wu and Luan Feng. The Monster Kings and Great Kings were all ten kilometres away; otherwise, if word of what happened today spread, he would no longer have any authority to command his subordinates with.

“You really don’t want it?” Yang Kai had a serious expression, “Don’t say that this Young Master didn’t give you a chance. This is an Ancient Exotic Artifact, a bell that can suppress the mountains and rivers. You’ll be filled with courage when holding it, and you can even go and slap the Dragon Clan several times in the face if you meet them. You won’t have this opportunity again if you miss it, so you better not regret letting this go.”

Fan Wu could only keep smiling bitterly, “Sir Yang, please stop joking around with us.”

He had an expression of being unable to take much more, almost to the extent of pleading with Yang Kai to immediately take the Mountains and River Bell away with him.

Luan Feng also pleaded, “Sir Yang, we were in the wrong before, but Shi Huo has died already, so we hope that Sir Yang will calm his anger.”

Yang Kai glanced at her and stated in a light tone, “Since Lady Feng has said so much, this Young Master shall give you face.”

Although Luan Feng had also been watching from the sidelines before, at least she helped stop Ruo Xi from committing suicide. Yang Kai was somewhat grateful to her even if just for that alone.

Luan Feng was somewhat surprised when she heard this, while Fan Wu and Cang Gou both hurriedly glanced at her and seemingly realized something.

Yang Kai walked forward and patted the Mountains and River Bell, pouring his Emperor Qi and Spiritual Energy into it somewhat anxiously.

Back in the Shattered Star Sea, he had spent one year in order to tame the Mountains and Rivers Bell. The difficult process would be unimaginable to outsiders. Today, he had been forced to remove his Soul Imprint, so he didn’t know if he could make it recognize him as its Master again. Even if he could make it recognize him as its Master, he didn’t know how long it would take.

Yang Kai would be really depressed if it took another year.

Fortunately, his Spiritual Energy and Emperor Qi easily entered the Mountains and River Bell, bringing a smile to his face as he knew this Ancient Exotic Artifact wasn’t rejecting him. Immediately, Yang Kai focused on leaving his Soul Imprint on the bell again.


The ancient Mountains and River Bell flashed and shrunk as Yang Kai slightly arched his eyebrows. He reached out and picked it up as he tossed it around, playing with it in his hands.

“This…” Fan Wu had an astonished expression.

Fan Wu had also tried to take the Mountains and River Bell earlier, but even with his cultivation, it wasn’t possible for him to even pick it up, so he could only allow it to remain on the ground. Since Yang Kai was able to pick it up now, this was obvious evidence that he had already received its acknowledgement.

“So quick!” Cang Gou couldn’t help but exclaim out loud.

A strange light flashed in Luan Feng’s beautiful eyes as she reassessed Yang Kai, as if she wanted to see what was hidden in his body. Comparisons really would make a person frustrated. The three of them had tried many times before, but they were completely unable to get their strength to enter the Mountains and Rivers Bell, yet when it came to Yang Kai, he made it look as easy as breathing.

“A bout of good luck indeed!” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “This treasure seems like it’s still willing to recognize me as its Master.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai immediately absorbed the Mountains and Rivers Bell into himself before he turned around, sat down cross-legged, and glanced at the Embodiment on the ground.

Ever since Ruo Xi sealed Shi Hou’s Source into the Embodiment, the Embodiment appeared to have gone into a strange deep sleep. According to Yang Kai’s senses, his Soul Clone within the Embodiment had also fallen silent.

However, there was no danger even though the Embodiment was in a deep slumber. As long as the Embodiment could successfully refine Shi Huo’s Source, then a new Divine Spirit Shi Huo would awaken afterwards.

“Sir Yang, this Stone Spirit… How should we deal with him? Do you need me to have several Monster Kings remain here to stand guard for him?” Luan Feng hurriedly asked as she saw the concern in Yang Kai’s eyes.

If there really was a biggest winner from today, then it would doubtlessly be the Stone Spirit Clan.

A Stone Spirit clansman was brought into the Blood Gate by the Heaven's Order descendant in order to inherit the Divine Spirit Tai Yue’s Source, while another clansman had obtained Shi Huo’s Source.

This one clan was about to give rise to two Divine Spirits!

The entire Stone Spirit Clan didn’t even have many clansmen.

Just this fact alone meant the Stone Spirit Clan couldn’t be underestimated in the future.

Yang Kai shook his head when he heard Luan Feng’s question, “No need.”

[No need?] Luan Feng paused in surprise and couldn’t help but worry a little. Although her subordinate Monster Kings and Great Kings all knew about what happened today and would definitely wouldn’t try to bother this Stone Spirit, who was about to rise to become a Divine Spirit, Shi Huo, underlings were sometimes harder to deal with than powerful leaders. Maybe some weak Monster Race member with no eyes would come here and accidentally disturb this Stone Spirit. Who could possibly take responsibility then?

Luan Feng had her worries and was about to try and convince Yang Kai again when she suddenly saw him weave a few hand seals. He moved his body around in a crazy manner as if he couldn’t control himself, making others feel afraid that he would break his own bones as he kept muttering something.

His actions were incomprehensible.

The three Divine Venerables were all stunned at the sight and had no clue what Yang Kai was trying to do.

As they watched, Yang Kai suddenly reached over to pat his Embodiment.


The Embodiment mysteriously vanished in the next instant.

The Three Great Divine Venerables were astonished as their expressions greatly changed.

Fan Wu called out in a low voice, “What happened? Where did he go?”

Luan Feng and Cang Gou also had confused expressions as they slowly shook their heads.

The Three Great Divine Venerables were the strongest here and had the most experience and vision, but what happened just a moment ago made them feel that something inconceivable had occurred right before their eyes, so of course they would be astonished.

“There’s nothing to be surprised about,” Yang Kai clapped his hands and flicked away some imaginary dust from his sleeve while giving the three a sidelong glance, “This Young Master just used his World Shifting Technique to transport him to a safe location.”

“World Shifting Technique!” Fan Wu had a shocked expression.

Still, he soon had an expression of understanding, since Yang Kai had shown how proficient he was with the Dao of Space before. In Fan Wu’s mind, this World Shifting Technique he had never heard of before was obviously just another way of using Space Principles.

Since Yang Kai was capable of instantly teleporting himself, then it made sense he could teleport others as well…

However, Fan Wu didn’t know that Yang Kai was just bluffing about teleporting the Embodiment while, in fact, he had secretly stashed him away in the Sealed World Bead. Otherwise, with their cultivation, they would definitely be able to detect signs of the teleportation, while this method would leave no traces at all.

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