Martial Peak

Chapter 3754

Chapter 3754 – Li Wu Yi’s Test

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The space surrounding Yang Kai became compressed. Every part of his body was placed under great pressure and creaking sounds rang out from his bones. All this while, he had always used Space Principles to restrain his enemies’ movements. Now that he was facing Li Wu Yi, he finally got a taste of what it was like for those people he had restrained in the past.

The Space Principles that pressed down from all directions were not something he could resist with his physical body alone. If he continued to endure by willpower, he would eventually be squashed into paste.

Giving a furious roar, Space Principles fluctuated above his hands as he slowly pushed them out to the sides, as though he was pushing open a set of invisible doors. Following his movements, a ripple that was visible to the naked eye spread out into the surroundings. The Space Principles pressing down on him immediately eased up considerably.

A trace of appreciation flashed across Li Wu Yi’s eyes before he suddenly flattened his palms that were pressed together and swiped out horizontally at Yang Kai.

In the next moment, Yang Kai saw a Void Crack forming out of nowhere at the spot between his waist and abdomen. It was as though that Void Crack had always existed in that spot and was only just rearing its ugly head at this moment. His expression twitched involuntarily.

[I see. So Space Principles can also be used in this way.]

Before he could fully appreciate Li Wu Yi’s ingenuity, that several-metre-long Void Crack sliced through his skin like an indestructible blade. A stabbing pain came out as even the physique he was so proud of could not withstand an attack like that.

The pressure surrounding him was still in place, causing him to struggle to move. It was too late for him to retreat at this point. Even though his life was at stake, his mind was strangely calm and he was not the slightest bit panicked. Reaching out his hand, he grabbed at the Void Crack.

His large hand transformed into a Dragon Claw when his fist closed in a grip. He was grasping the Void Crack in his hand, causing it to struggle as if it had a life of its own. Exerting more force, Yang Kai’s claw closed tightly and the Void Crack shattered.

He was the only one who could do something like this because he was also proficient in the Dao of Space. How could just anyone grab a Void Crack with their bare hands? It would surely end in tragedy the moment they came into contact with it.

On the other side, the admiring light in Li Wu Yi’s eyes grew stronger when he saw Yang Kai easily dealing with his sure-kill attack. It was just that he concealed his emotions very well, so the depths of his eyes remained as cold as ever. He looked like he would not stop until he killed Yang Kai on the spot. His palms that were placed flat against each other suddenly pulled apart. He slowly moved his palms in a spinning motion, rotating his hands against each other…

Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically. He felt as though the space he was standing in had undergone Earth-shaking changes. The space around his upper body turned in a clockwise direction while the space around his lower body turned in an anti-clockwise direction. The spinning motion was slow but firm and unyielding. As a result, the space he was standing in became disjointed.

His body was twisted into a very strange posture in an instant. Both his upper body and his lower body were twisted in opposing directions and a painful creaking sound rang out from all his bones.

Feeling greatly horrified, he pushed his Space Principles madly once more to restore the chaos to order. Creaking sounds rang out incessantly. Concurrently, the Void within a radius of a thousand metres centred around Yang Kai became frayed as countless tiny cracks flashed and disappeared erratically.

Li Wu Yi’s expression became solemn. His slowly spinning palms seemed to face some kind of resistance and their speed of rotation became slower and slower until it finally came to a stop.

When a furious howl sounded, space shattered and Yang Kai’s body, which was twisted strangely, returned to normal. At the same time, Li Wu Yi clapped his palms together again.

“Sir, take this!” After receiving multiple fierce attacks from Li Wu Yi, Yang Kai no longer held back. He had lost his temper. It didn’t matter why Li Wu Yi was doing this; he could not stand to allow himself to passively receive these attacks forever.

The best way to deal with the strongest Master beneath the Great Emperors who, like himself, was also proficient in the Dao of Space was to go on the offence, not passively try to escape. There was no point in trying to escape from Li Wu Yi and simply defending would only hasten his death and defeat. Only by attacking could he stand a chance of victory!

Flicking his ten fingers one after the other, pitch-black Moon Blades flew out towards Li Wu Yi with the last one being much larger and containing an extremely horrifying power.

Despite facing the overwhelming attack, Li Wu Yi’s expression remained calm. He simply raised his hand and gave a light wave in front of him. His actions were elegant, almost as if he was sweeping dust away, but the power of the Space Principles was instantly flattened. The Moon Blades didn’t even manage to approach Li Wu Yi before dissipating into nothing. Only the last and largest Moon Blade carried on; however, even that was deflected to the side, brushed past his body, and flew away.

“Your Moon Blades are useless against me!” Li Wu Yi glanced at Yang Kai and spoke in a calm tone. He had discussed the Dao of Space on numerous occasions with Yang Kai; hence, he was familiar with the latter’s Moon Blades. What’s more, it was not his first time seeing Yang Kai using this move.

Unaffected by those words, Yang Kai threw a punch, “If the Moon Blades won’t work, then what about this!?”

While Yang Kai was speaking, a black ball suddenly appeared in front of Li Wu Yi. The aura of chaos and nothingness fluctuated within the black ball, similar to the aura of a Void Crack.

Li Wu Yi raised his brow at the sight. He could clearly sense that this attack was much stronger than the previous Moon Blades; thus, his desire to learn the secret behind it was stimulated. To his surprise, the Divine Sense he released to examine it was devoured by the black ball.

In the next moment, the black ball shrank abruptly and turned into a small black point. The surrounding space collapsed inwards at that moment and Li Wu Yi was hit by the brunt of the attack. He had a hard time fending off the collapsing force and his entire body consequently twisted and rushed towards the rapidly shrinking black spot.

There was a loud whooshing sound as the black spot vanished with a flash. The collapsing world disappeared too. When everything calmed down, there was a large circular crater on the previously flat ground that was the size of several thousand metres wide.

Meanwhile, Li Wu Yi remained standing in his original position, the Space Principles around his body pulsing strongly. He had managed to defend against that horrifying power at the last moment and his distorted figure returned to normal when the black spot vanished.

He finally let out a sliver of a smile and commented, “Although it’s not bad, it’s not enough!”

By the time the last word left his mouth, he had already arrived in front of Yang Kai and thrust out with his palm.

Yang Kai’s figure abruptly retreated and flashed straight into the Void, leaving an afterimage in place.

As Yang Kai’s afterimage scattered into nothing, Li Wu Yi stepped forward and chased after him.

Two figures appeared one after the other above that vast, empty plain, mysteriously appearing and disappearing again without any discernible pattern. If anybody else were to witness this sight, they would think that there was something wrong with their eyes. The erratically flickering figures were extremely elusive. They might be here one moment only to appear a thousand kilometres away the next.

During their clash, their positions kept interchanging with each other. It was no longer possible to determine just who was chasing and who was being chased. What bystanders could not see were the countless manoeuvres and numerous confrontations that happened inside the Void…

At a certain moment, there were two whooshing sounds accompanied by the shift of both Li Wu Yi and Yang Kai’s figures, turning from illusory images to solid matter. They appeared together, standing in their original starting position with the original distance between them. It was almost as if they had not moved at all.

Looking at each other, Yang Kai furrowed his brow tightly. On the other hand, Li Wu Yi smiled with a hint of relief in his eyes, the previous coldness and murderous intent from before nowhere to be seen.

Yang Kai licked his somewhat dry lips and asked, “Sir, what is the meaning of this?”

At the very beginning, Li Wu Yi had truly released a terrifying murderous intent as though he wanted to kill Yang Kai on the spot; however, after fighting the other party, Yang Kai soon realised that the battle had many elements to it that were much closer to a test than a fight. The intense murderous intent was only to force him to go all out.

Moreover, Li Wu Yi only used Space Principles from start to finish. As strong as he was, how could he not have any powerful Secret Techniques or artifacts on hand? If he really wanted to kill Yang Kai, he would surely use everything at his disposal.

There was only one thing Yang Kai could not understand. [Why is he testing me at this time? If there’s something going on, why can’t he just tell me about it properly?]

Li Wu Yi smilingly said, “Heaven’s Revelations, Profound Heavens Manifestation! The battle of the Grand Dao is upon us!”

Yang Kai blinked, then his expression froze slightly before he exclaimed, “Sir, do you mean…”

Li Wu Yi nodded, “It’s exactly what you are thinking.”

Seeing Li Wu Yi’s affirmation made all the blood in Yang Kai’s body boil. He couldn’t stop his mouth from going dry. Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he asked, “Is the Grand Dao battle related to those words?”

Li Wu Yi chuckled, “The place where the battle for the Grand Dao will take place is precisely the Profound Heavens Temple.”

“Profound Heavens Temple?” Yang Kai glanced at Li Wu Yi in surprise, “Where is that?”

“I have no idea. I’ve only heard of it myself.” Li Wu Yi frowned.

It seemed like there was no way to ascertain just what the Profound Heavens Temple was. Still, since it was called the Profound Heavens Temple, it had to be some sort of mysterious place.

When Yang Kai had been trying to guess what those words meant before, the words ‘Profound Heavens’ had completely baffled him. It wasn’t until Li Wu Yi explained it to him that he finally understood what it meant. [‘Profound Heavens’ was probably referring to the Profound Heavens Temple.]

Seeing as both he and Heavens Revelations Great Emperor had received insight into the movements of the Heavens and spoke these words as a result, it had to be an indicator that the Profound Heavens Temple was about to appear.

Li Wu Yi stood with his hands behind his back and leisurely explained, “The Profound Heavens Temple opened up a hundred years after the Great Emperor War in the Shattered Star Sea. All those qualified in the Star Boundary had entered the Profound Heavens Temple to seek their own opportunities and compete for the Grand Dao. The opening of the Profound Heavens Temple at that time saw the rise of Senior Martial Beast, Senior Bright Moon, Senior Ice Feather, Senior Flower Shadow, and Can Ye. They all broke through the final barrier to become Great Emperors.” He paused for a moment and smiled, “Do you know why there are five of them?”

Yang Kai pensively replied, “Because five Great Emperors died in the Great Emperor War?”

The Great Emperor War in the Shattered Star Sea was the battle where all the Great Emperors in the Star Boundary had besieged Wu Kuang. In that battle, Wu Kuang had fought against nine other Great Emperors who were working together with his strength alone. Although he was ultimately defeated, Wu Kuang managed to kill Cyan Lotus Great Emperor, Yuan Ding Great Emperor, Martial Flame Great Emperor, and Azure Sea Great Emperor before his death by relying on the Heaven-defying might of his Heaven Devouring Battle Law.

That unprecedented battle had shaken the Heavens and the Earth. There had never been a more intense battle in the long history of the Star Boundary.

The Mountains and Rivers Bell that was currently in Yang Kai’s possession used to be the natal artifact of Yuan Ding Great Emperor. Meanwhile, the Phoenix True Fire that Liu Yan obtained was the legacy of Martial Flame Great Emperor.

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