Martial Peak

Chapter 4404

Chapter 4404 – That Yang Kai Is Back

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It took Yang Kai one day to return to Twin Spirit Island, but before he even landed, the fog faltered and revealed a passageway as a figure came forward and cupped his fists, “Greetings, Senior Yang!”

The person was the Open Heaven Realm Master who greeted the Proprietress previously. He must be stationed here following the Island Masters’ order. He had also seen Yang Kai showcasing his might just outside of Twin Spirit Island some time ago, so he admired the young man’s power greatly.

In response, Yang Kai nodded.

The man continued, “The Island Masters have said that you can enter as soon as you return.”

“The Island Masters are truly thoughtful.” Not long after Yang Kai stepped into the fog, he turned around and asked, “Where’s my Proprietress?”

The person replied respectfully, “Don’t worry, Senior. Madam Lan is recuperating in a secret room, so she should be fine. After you enter the island, someone will lead you to her current residence.”

Yang Kai nodded and shuffled inside.

Upon entering Twin Spirit Island, he immediately caught a whiff of a pleasant fragrance. The island was as beautiful and refreshing as a spring day, which was a stark contrast to the desolateness of the outside world.

There was an innocent-looking woman awaiting Yang Kai. Upon seeing him, she saluted him and led him to the Proprietress’ room.

A while later, Yang Kai stopped in his tracks in the deepest part of a bamboo forest on Twin Spirit Island. There were some simple-looking bamboo huts here and the place was pretty serene, so it was indeed suitable for recuperation.

Chef and Accountant were seated with their legs crossed just outside one of the bamboo huts.

Upon hearing the noise, they opened their eyes and looked up. When they realised that it was Yang Kai, they became elated and got to their feet.

Yang Kai waved his hand to motion for the woman to leave, then he shuffled forward and took a glance at the bamboo hut that was covered in a barrier before asking in a small voice, “How is Proprietress?”

Both of them shook their heads.

Chef said, “She started recuperating in seclusion right after she came here. We don’t know how she’s doing.”

Accountant shot a glance at Yang Kai with his usual hollow-looking eyes, “Are you injured?”

Certainly, Yang Kai couldn’t be completely unharmed after a battle with Profound Yang Mountain. Besides the fact that the back of his hand was burst through by Mao Zhe, he was also struck by the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques of many Open Heaven Realm Masters. However, since he had a sturdy physique, these injuries didn’t matter to him.

“I’m fine.” Yang Kai shook his head, “What was that strange Artifact Armour she wore?”

Although the armour was powerful, it had some serious drawbacks. The Proprietress couldn’t even recognise Yang Kai and had attacked him as a result of the wild Monster Qi the armour gave off. If he hadn’t used the Soul Warming Lotus at the most critical moment to restore clarity to her mind, she wouldn’t have easily come to her senses.

After a sigh, Chef replied, “We don’t know what it is, but Proprietress calls it the Blood Monster Battle Dress. We have no idea where she obtained it, nor had we seen her use it prior to that battle. It was a first for us too.”

Yang Kai frowned, “That’s a terrible thing. She shouldn’t ever use it again.”

Chef replied, “You can try convincing her when she comes out. Let’s see if she’ll listen to you.” Then, he thought of something and gazed at him doubtfully, “By the way, how did you go from the Fifth-Order to the Sixth-Order in just one month? Moreover, hadn’t you just ascended to the Fifth-Order?”

Accountant gazed at him with suspicion as well.

When Yang Kai previously showcased his Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm might, even Chef and Accountant were flabbergasted, not to mention Yun Fei Bai and the others. They thought that they were mistaken, but Yang Kai had indeed defeated Yun Fei Bai and the other Mountain Lords, a feat only possible due to him being in the Sixth-Order.

Upon inspection now, they could confirm that Yang Kai’s aura was really that of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.

Certainly, Yang Kai didn’t think there was a need to hide anything from them, so after giving it a thought, he asked, “Have you ever heard of World Fruits?”


In one of the palaces on Twin Spirit Island, Hua Yong clenched a Communication Bead in his hand as a myriad of expressions came over him.

When Shu Mu Dan saw that, she asked in puzzlement, “What happened, Husband?”

Hua Yong replied, “Yang Kai is back.”

Shu Mu Dan asked with a smile, “So what if he’s back? Why do you look so apprehensive?”

Hua Yong explained, “He had said that he was going to Profound Yang Mountain, but now he’s back barely a few days later. So… did he actually go to Profound Yang Mountain?”

Shu Mu Dan said, “Whether he went to Profound Yang Mountain or not has nothing to do with us, does it?”

Hua Yong burst into laughter, “My Wife… people always say that a woman will become foolish when she’s pregnant, but I didn’t believe it. However, when I see you now, I think there’s some truth to the saying.”

Shu Mu Dan glared at him in a charming manner.

Hua Yong coughed and went on to say, “He previously vowed that he was going to Profound Yang Mountain, but it is the most powerful great force in the Shadowless Cave Heaven, and Head Mountain Lord Mao Zhe is just one step away from the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. Furthermore, Mao Zhe has a lot of formidable subordinates working for him. If Yang Kai really went over there, how could he have come back safely?”

“He didn’t go there, then,” Shu Mu Dan remarked.

Hua Yong fell silent. If Yang Kai had really gone to Profound Yang Mountain and then returned safely, his power would be horrifying.

Shu Mu Dan suggested by saying, “You can just send someone to Profound Yang Mountain to find out what had happened. I’ll only take a few days to make a round trip.”

Upon hearing that, Hua Yong nodded, “You’re right, my Wife.”

Shu Mu Dan glowered at him, “Who is the foolish one here?”

“It’s me. It’s me.” Hua Yong put on a fawning smile, then he ordered one of his subordinates to head to Profound Yang Mountain to investigate whether there were any traces of recent battle. If Yang Kai really went to Profound Yang Mountain, he would’ve engaged in a fight with Mao Zhe, so there must be some traces left.

After putting away the Communication Bead, he said, “My Wife, please follow me to meet Yang Kai. Regardless of whether he went to Profound Yang Mountain or not, the power he showcased is more than enough for us to be wary. Since there’s also Lan You Ruo, I’m worried that Twin Spirit Island will not be the same again.”

Upon finishing his words, he let out a sigh, for he wasn’t sure whether this kind of change was a blessing or a curse.

Both Yang Kai and Lan You Ruo were in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. If they joined Twin Spirit Island, they would definitely become the Third and the Fourth Island Masters, which would strengthen their collective power. By then, those from Twin Spirit Island wouldn’t have to be afraid of Profound Yang Mountain and Unrivalled Guild anymore.

However, if Yang Kai and Lan You Ruo weren’t willing to live under the rules of others and insisted on becoming the Head and the Second Island Masters, the couple would have no choice but to give in to their demands.

The couple had been married for a long time, so Shu Mu Dan immediately knew what was on her Husband’s mind when she saw him sigh. Then, she draped her arm around his and comforted him by saying, “You don’t have to worry about it, Husband. We’ve had some contact with Madam Lan, and it’s obvious that she’s a reasonable woman. I believe that even if she joins us, she won’t make any rude demands.”

Hua Yong still said worriedly, “I hope so.”


Outside the bamboo forest, Chef asked in disbelief, “You consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit!? It’s a precious item that can make a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master directly ascend to the next Order. It’s rumoured that a High-Rank World Fruit can even allow a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master directly reach the next Order!”

Accountant lamented, “It’s no wonder that you’re able to make it to the Sixth-Order in one month. You were previously unconscious, so I guess you were refining the medicinal efficacies of the Mid-Rank World Fruit instead of recuperating. Am I right?”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded.

Chef’s eyes seemed to be glowing as he rubbed his palms together and put on a fawning smile, “Do you have more Mid-Rank World Fruits?”

“Nope.” Yang Kai spread his palms, “I only obtained three Mid-Rank World Fruits in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Yue He and Lu Xue respectively had one, then I consumed the last one.”

The smile on Chef’s face froze as he landed a slap on his thigh in exasperation, “How wasteful! Lu Xue was just a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Why did you let her have it?”

Yang Kai explained, “We were faced with a formidable enemy at that time. If she hadn’t broken through, I would’ve been killed. I had no other choice.”

Chef widened his eyes as he appeared to be heartbroken.

After giving it a thought, Accountant said, “No wonder Yue He was able to reach the Sixth-Order so soon. It’s because she had consumed a World Fruit… Hmm? Some people are coming.”

The three of them immediately stopped talking and looked outside the bamboo forest. A moment later, two figures came into their sights. They were the Island Masters of Twin Spirit Island.

The trio hurriedly greeted the couple.

Hua Yong came over with a smile and cupped his fists, “You’re back, Little Brother Yang.”

“En, I just returned.” Yang Kai saluted him, “I was worried about my Proprietress, so I rushed over to check on her instead of visiting you two. Please pardon my lack of etiquette.”

Hua Yong said with a smile, “What are you talking about, Little Brother? Madam Lan is injured, so it’s only natural for you to be worried about her. I don’t mind this kind of formality. In fact, I’m truly honoured that all of you are my guests on Twin Spirit Island.”

After a small talk, all of them took a seat.

Hua Yong asked, “Did you just come back from Profound Yang Mountain, Little Brother?”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s right.”

Hua Yong’s brow twitched, but he still asked nonchalantly, “How was it?”

After pondering on it for a moment, Yang Kai replied with a solemn expression, “Mao Zhe was truly strong, so it wasn’t easy to deal with him.”

A glint flashed through Hua Yong’s eyes as he said with a smile, “Mao Zhe has been in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm for a long time. If it weren’t because resources in the Shadowless Cave Heaven were so scarce, he would’ve ascended to the Seventh-Order by now. When my Wife and I arrived at the Shadowless Cave Heaven back then, we exchanged pointers with him and realised that he was truly formidable. Many years have passed, so his strength must have only increased.”

Yang Kai nodded, “The Open Heaven Realm really requires much accumulation over a long period of time.” Then, he turned to look at Shu Mu Dan’s belly and put on a smile, “It seems that you’ll soon give birth to your child, Madame.”

Shu Mu Dan gently stroked her belly and replied with a smile, “It’s still too early. Perhaps it’ll take me another year or two.”

“Huh?” Yang Kai was shocked, “I thought that pregnancy only lasts for ten months.” The size of her belly suggested that she would soon give birth, so why would it take her a year or two?

Shu Mu Dan explained smilingly, “That is only the case for commoners or weaker cultivators, Junior Brother Yang. Given my cultivation, it isn’t so easy for me to bear a child. In order to give my child the best possible future, I have to build a solid foundation in my belly for the child. Therefore, pregnancy lasts much longer.”

Hua Yong said with a smile, “This child has been in her stomach for over three years already.”

Upon hearing that, Yang Kai, Chef, and Accountant were dumbfounded.

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