Martial Peak

Chapter 4604

Chapter 4604 – Manifest My Universe

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Zuo Quan Hui was obviously prepared for this, as escaping in front of someone who was proficient in Dao of Space was simply too unrealistic. As a result, this spear strike didn’t do anything to him and instead, he managed to hit Yang Kai several times until the latter was coughing up blood.

In a one-on-one fight, Yang Kai was no match for Zuo Quan Hui.

Fortunately, Void Land’s Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had caught up in this brief delay, unleashing their respective Divine Abilities as their World Force surged violently, pushing Zuo Quan Hui back down to the ground.

A strong wind blew and his clothes fluttered.

Next to Tranquil Heavens Peak, Zuo Quan Hui stood with disheveled hair, his long robe stained with blood. It was unclear whether this blood belonged to him or his enemies, but he no longer possessed the aloof air of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.

With Yang Kai in the lead, a total of thirteen Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters surrounded Zuo Quan Hui from every direction, firmly locking him in place.

He could not escape, not to the sky, nor towards the ground! He had never imagined that he would one day fall into such a predicament.

Be that as it may, Zuo Quan Hui didn’t show any sign of anger or frustration. His expression remained the same as he swept his eyes over everyone present, seemingly trying to imprint their faces into the depths of his soul.

His indifferent gaze was like a sharp blade, and when it swept across them, even these Masters felt their skin being pricked.

Yang Kai took out a handful of Open Heaven Pills and tossed them into his mouth and started chewing them, taking this opportunity to restore some of his energy. He then pointed his Azure Dragon Spear at Zuo Quan Hui and stated, “The sooner you die, the sooner you can be reborn. You’re already so old, why bother making things difficult for yourself?”

Zuo Quan Hui turned his eyes towards Yang Kai as he indifferently replied, “This Monarch has underestimated you. This Monarch has only himself to blame for falling into such a state today.”

Yang Kai praised, “It’s good to know one’s own limits. Since you have realized this, just obediently stand still. Don’t worry, I’ll end this in one thrust so you won’t feel any pain!”

Zuo Quan Hui slowly shook his head, “It won’t be that easy to kill this Monarch. Yang Kai, how about this Monarch makes a deal with you?”

“A deal?” Yang Kai looked at him with an arrogant look on his face, “Do you think you have the qualifications to negotiate a deal with me in this situation? If I give the order, do you believe you’ll immediately be reduced into a pile of mud?”

As he spoke, he kept tossing the Open Heaven Pills into his mouth, and at the same time, signaled the others with his eyes, making sure they were ready to respond.

Although Zuo Quan Hui seemed to be at his wit’s end, if a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master were to lash out without regard for his own life, Yang Kai couldn’t predict what kind of methods he could use. It was impossible for Zuo Quan Hui to escape, but Yang Kai had to be on guard against him dragging some of them down with him before he died.

Thus, even though he had the upper hand, Yang Kai didn’t dare to lower his guard in the slightest. On the contrary, he became even more vigilant than before, madly urging his Divine Sense. The moment he noticed Zuo Quan Hui doing anything suspicious, he would instantly go for the kill.

“You can give it a try!” Zuo Quan Hui calmly stated, showing a fearless expression.

Yang Kai instinctively felt that this guy was purposefully trying to mystify things, but he didn’t dare to take the risk, so he could only follow up, “Then tell me, what kind of deal do you want to make with me?”

Yang Kai threw bunches of Open Heaven Pills into his mouth like he was eating candy. He was more than happy to delay things so he could restore more of his strength. In this short time, he had already consumed more than 100 Open Heaven Pills.

*Munch Munch Munch*

Those from Void Land followed suit and began chewing on Open Heaven Pills loudly, annoying Zuo Quan Hui.

They could take this opportunity to recover, but he could not. He could guarantee that once he tried, he would be swarmed with attacks from every direction.

“Put today’s matter to rest right here and now and let me leave with Zi Yan. Everything that happened in the past will be written off.” Zuo Quan Hui earnestly looked at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quietly looked at him for a while, and when he realized that there was nothing else Zuo Quan Hui had to add, he mumbled incoherently, “Just like that?”

Zuo Quan Hui nodded his agreement, “Yes!”

“Hmm…” Yang Kai mumbled to himself. His throat bobbed as he swallowed before he took out a Spirit Fruit from somewhere. He then lowered his head and carefully wiped it after finding a clean spot on his clothes, “I need to think about it. Your request is a bit excessive, it’s not something I can easily agree to.”

Zuo Quan Hui sneered in his heart. Yang Kai was clearly stalling and using this opportunity to recover; how could he not see through this little trick? But even though this kind of recovery could have some effect, it wasn’t very useful.

However, when Yang Kai took out the Spirit Fruit, Zuo Quan Hui furrowed his brow.

Because even with his knowledge and experience, he couldn’t tell what kind of Spirit Fruit it was.

Under his watchful gaze, Yang Kai opened his mouth wide and stuffed the entire fruit into his mouth, chewing it a few times before swallowing it whole.

His throat bobbed up and down once more, clearly showing him swallowing something.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s expression changed as he reached out and covered his mouth before sealing his seven orifices. Immediately after, loud rumbles came from inside Yang Kai’s body as if thunder was rolling inside him. His clothes even started fluttering on their own as rich World Force escaped from his pores.

“What did you just eat?” Zuo Quan Hui suddenly felt that something was not right as he could clearly see Yang Kai’s aura rising rapidly!

Yang Kai still had his mouth covered as he madly refined the Spirit Fruit’s pulp. He narrowed his eyes and smiled at Zuo Quan Hui as if he was looking at prey trapped in a cage.

Zuo Quan Hui’s eyes narrowed as he finally reacted, “A World Fruit?”

“Burp…” Yang Kai loudly belched, burping up a gush of World Force visible to the naked eye. At the same time, he waved his other hand like a rattle drum, “No, no, you are mistaken.”

How could Zuo Quan Hui listen to his explanation? He angrily shouted, “You cunning brat, you forced me to do this! Let’s see who dies today, whether it will be you or me!”

Yang Kai also shouted at the same time, “Attack!”

From beginning to end, Yang Kai had no intention of letting Zuo Quan Hui off. Without even mentioning his ridiculous request to ‘negotiate’, even if he had proposed a feasible offer, Yang Kai wouldn’t have listened to it.

After having paid such a huge price to force this old bastard into a desperate situation, how could he let him escape so easily?

Allowing a tiger to return to the mountain would only lead to disaster as it would surely return to bite him in the future.

The only reason Yang Kai even bothered talking just now was to allow his side to recover slightly, hopefully allowing them to use just one more Divine Ability at the critical moment to save themselves.

Be that as it may, using Open Heaven Pills to recover was simply too slow.

It was while Yang Kai was grumbling to himself about this that he suddenly remembered he had a number of World Fruits on him.

In the Great Ancient Ruins Boundary’s Primordial Land, Yang Kai had obtained a total of sixteen World Fruits from the World Tree, three Mid-Rank, and thirteen Low-Rank!

The three Mid-Rank fruits had already been used up. He had used one to advance from Fifth-Order to Sixth-Order, one had been used by Yue He, and one was used to help Lu Xue advance from the Fourth-Order to the Fifth-Order.

On the other hand, Yang Kai had only used one of the thirteen Low-Rank World Fruits, giving it to Guo Zi Yan, which helped him advance from the Second-Order to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm.

Yang Kai still had twelve Low-Rank World Fruits left.

Although World Fruits were rare and valuable treasures, a Low-Rank World Fruit was quite useless to him now, strictly speaking. This fruit could at most allow a Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to advance to the Third-Order directly, but it was not enough to allow someone in the Third-Order to advance to the Fourth-Order, only a Mid-Rank World Fruit could do that.

Therefore, Yang Kai had simply held onto the remaining twelve World Fruits.

It wasn’t until this moment that he had a flash of inspiration.

He had personally consumed a Mid-Rank World Fruit before and knew that it was filled with extremely rich World Force. And to top it off, it had no impurities; it could easily be refined, it just would not help an Open Heaven Realm Master advance by an Order.

A Low-Rank World Fruit naturally couldn’t allow him to break through to the Seventh-Order, but it shouldn’t be a problem to supplement his consumption.

Figuring it was worth a try, he ate one.

The effect was immediate!

The World Force in his Small Universe was rapidly growing and he swiftly regained his strength. Although he had not recovered completely, Yang Kai still recovered about half of his energy. Furthermore, he was slowly recovering the rest of his energy as he refined the rest of the World Fruit.

Zuo Quan Hui had obviously noticed this as well, so he could not hesitate anymore. The trapped beast immediately began fighting back.

At Yang Kai’s command, the Sixth-Order Masters had already prepared their Divine Abilities in advance and fired them straight towards Zuo Quan Hui like a storm at this moment.

This time, Zuo Quan Hui did not dodge though and instead, a Universe World illusory phantom suddenly expanded with him at its center!

The next moment, Zuo Quan Hui’s resolute voice rang out in Yang Kai’s ear, “Manifest my Universe and eliminate my foes!”

Heaven and Earth started spinning, and by the time Yang Kai thrust his spear out, the sight before him had completely changed. Zuo Quan Hui was nowhere to be seen, and even the twelve Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had disappeared.

Even the environment around him had changed dramatically.

Originally, they were above Tranquil Heavens Peak. The picturesque scenery of the Blue Clouds Continent’s Sacred Peak had been shattered by their battle, the sky had cracked and the ground was split apart, flipping the mountains and rivers. The entire sight looked quite apocalyptic. But at this moment, Yang Kai found himself standing in a green field.

The sky was blue and there was vast wilderness around him. There was nothing else in sight.

Yang Kai’s face turned pale. He instinctively thought that he had fallen into some kind of illusion and promptly used the Demon Eye of Annihilation, but he found nothing strange.

Zuo Quan Hui was nowhere to be seen, but his aura was all around Yang Kai, making Yang Kai feel as if Zuo Quan Hui was everywhere.

Realization suddenly dawned upon Yang Kai as he shouted, “His Small Universe!”

Yang Kai was not taken aback after realizing this, rather he burst into laughter, “Oh, Zuo Quan Hui, are you out of tricks? You even manifested your Small Universe!”

Had he not been at the end of his rope, why would Zuo Quan Hui have taken such a risk?

A High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universe had already transformed from ethereal to corporeal and was capable of accommodating living beings. It could even be said that if one were to raise some living beings in their own Small Universe, its foundation would be constantly enhanced as they multiplied, which was equivalent to constantly cultivating!

Inside Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the ancestors of Abundance City’s cultivators were the ones who had been raised by Blood Monster Divine Monarch in his Small Universe in the past.

Blood Monster Divine Monarch had fallen, but his Small Universe had not collapsed; instead, it transformed into a Universe Cave Heaven and survived. This allowed Yang Kai to bring Mo Mei and the others out of Abundance City.

Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, but even though Zuo Quan Hui was just a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he too was able to accomplish this.

Basically no Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would do this, however, because it was extremely taxing to raise living beings in one’s Small Universe. The environment of their Small Universe was not necessarily suitable for living beings to live and reproduce, and if they did not take care of this population well enough, all their efforts would wind up being fruitless.

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