Martial Peak

Chapter 5007 - Chapter 5007, Misunderstanding

Chapter 5007 - Chapter 5007, Misunderstanding

Chapter 5007, Misunderstanding

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A sneak attack on a Territory Lord came with very large risks, but if successful, it would become a severe blow to the top powers of the Black Ink Clan in this region of the battlefield, a clear benefit to Blue Sky Pass.

Speed was paramount in war, and Yang Kai had no time to seek help from others either; moreover, something like this was better done with smaller numbers.

A few days later, Yang Kai and Bai Yi, who had almost fully recovered, rose to their feet and headed off under Bai Yi’s lead.

There had been a delay of a few days, but that was unavoidable. However, this amount of time did not matter in the face of their plans as Zhu Feng was severely injured by Division Commander Xu Bo Liang during their fight which had damaged his foundation. A lot of time would be required for Zhu Feng to recover, so a few short days would not make any difference.

During their journey, the two of them discussed their plan, taking care of every detail and finally drew up a general outline of what they were going to do. There were bound to be variables when they finally put their plan into action, but that would be left up to their improvisation abilities then.

For Yang Kai, the reason why he agreed to take this risk with Bai Yi was because it was truly a rare opportunity to come by. Secondly, Bai Yi had been following Zhu Feng for many years and knew his habits well. Third was because of his own proficiency in the Dao of Space that would allow him to find an opening to escape if things did not go to plan.

It should be impossible for a heavily injured Territory Lord to try and stop him if he was determined to flee.

They encountered nothing special along the way as Yang Kai followed Bai Yi forward. They did not even encounter a single squad of Black Ink Clansmen.

The reason for this was not that all of the Black Ink Clan had already withdrawn from this war zone, but that Bai Yi had avoided these Black Ink Clansmen and prevented any encounters with them.

The only target of this trip was Zhu Feng. Naturally, killing a Territory Lord would be far more beneficial to them than killing off some small fry.

Occasionally, Yang Kai observed a strange light flickering in Bai Yi’s eyes, so she had obviously cultivated some sort of profound Eye Secret Technique.

He had his own Eye Techniques, but the two Eye Secret Techniques he inherited from Myriad Demons Heaven were best for seeing through illusions and trapping others, so both lacked the long-range detection and surveillance abilities of Bai Yi’s Eye Technique.

When compared, these Eye Secret Techniques all had their own strengths and weaknesses.

After flying for two days, Bai Yi’s body swayed when they approached a certain Universe Fragment, then she landed on it.

Yang Kai followed closely behind.

“We’re almost there,” Bai Yi said.

Yang Kai nodded, “Then, let’s begin.”

Saying so, he took a deep breath and the Small Universe in his body shook violently. Fresh blood spilled from the corners of Yang Kai’s lips after a grunt. At the same time, his aura was suppressed, turning extremely weak.

In such a state, anyone oblivious to what was going on would surely believe that he was heavily injured. If they were to ambush Zhu Feng, then they had to present themselves as weak in order to numb his sense of danger.

“Please excuse me, Senior Brother,” as she spoke, Bai Yi formed a set of hand seals before hitting Yang Kai with a Secret Technique. In the next moment, golden chains appeared, binding him firmly.

Yang Kai struggled a bit, but found that this sealing technique was quite sturdy. Even with his strength, it would be extremely difficult if he were really caught by such a technique. If he were to be hit by such a technique during a fight, then he would basically just have to wait for death.

“Let’s go,” Yang Kai nodded at Bai Yi, signalling that everything was in order.

Bai Yi nodded and grabbed Yang Kai by the arm before taking to the skies. In this way, it seemed like Bai Yi had captured Yang Kai.

According to Bai Yi, it was absolutely impossible for Zhu Feng to return to his own territory after incurring such severe injuries as it would make it impossible to conceal his current state. If that were to happen, the troops under him would surely become distracted, and there was a great possibility that the ambitious ones among them would start to have thoughts about stirring up trouble.

So, he had no choice but to hide in a secret nest in order to recuperate. Due to having followed him for so many years, and also being one of the Black Ink Disciples under his command, Bai Yi knew the location of his hidden nest like the back of her hand.

However, they could not be sure as to whether Zhu Feng was in that nest. If he was, then they could carry out their plan as they had drawn up. If not, they had no choice but to give up.

There was nothing left to do but leave it up to chance. Bai Yi would not dare to make a guarantee that her guess was right either.

In fact, basically every Territory Lord, even some Feudal Lords, had their own secret Black Ink Nests that they prepared as a place to heal when they became seriously injured.

Zhu Feng’s nest was actually situated inside a Sealed World.

There were countless Sealed Worlds in the Black Ink Battlefield, and no one knew how these Sealed Worlds came to be. Every now and then, the entrance of a Sealed World would be discovered. Whether it be the Humans or the Black Ink Clan, there was much to gain inside these Sealed Worlds.

Bai Yi had no idea when Zhu Feng had settled down in that Sealed World, but she had followed him in and out of it several dozen years ago, so she knew where it was.

Half a day later, Bai Yi stopped at a certain place in the void.

On the surface, there was nothing out of the ordinary here, but Yang Kai could vaguely sense a hint of Space Principles pulsing in the Void.

In other words, this was where the entrance to the Sealed World was located.

Yang Kai was bound by Bai Yi’s Secret Technique, so his perception was not too clear. For that reason, he could not determine where exactly the entrance was.

However, after confirming the location, Bai Yi took out her longbow and lightly strummed the string three times.

There was a whirr, and ripples appeared in the void.

A few moments later, a portal opened up a short distance ahead of them, and from it came the clear aura of World Force.

Once the portal expanded large enough for them to pass through, Bai Yi grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and moved in with haste.

After their vision flickered, the two of them arrived inside the Sealed World.

Before Yang Kai could even take in the sights of this Sealed World though, he felt a huge surge of force coming over from the side. Shocked, he circulated his strength instinctively to resist, but he quickly remembered that he was bound by Bai Yi’s Secret Technique, so how could he still have any strength left to struggle?

Fortunately, Bai Yi’s reaction was also miraculously quick. With a twist of her hand, she moved Yang Kai behind her while quickly sweeping to the side at the same time.

However, their ambushers had caught them off-guard. The attack was so sudden that even though Bai Yi could react in time, they were still hit by the aftershock.

With a grunt, both she and Yang Kai rolled into a heap.

She quickly rose to her feet and knelt down on one knee. Like a cheetah ready to pounce on its prey, she held her longbow in front of herself and kept a wary eye on the tall figures at the front.

Behind her, Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood.

During that ambush earlier, Yang Kai was completely unable to defend himself. Though it was merely the aftershock, it was still enough to injure him.

Bai Yi moved slightly, clearly concerned about Yang Kai’s injuries.

Yang Kai reached out secretly to tap her on the waist, indicating that he was fine.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Bai Yi asked in a cold voice as she glared up at a Feudal Lord. Earlier, it was he who ambushed them, causing Yang Kai to sustain damage.

There were two other Feudal Lords standing by the first’s side. Each one of them was tall and imposing, looking Bai Yi up and down with mischief in their eyes.

As he observed the situation, Yang Kai had the feeling that what they encountered was not exactly what they expected.

His initial plan with Bai Yi was to have her offer him up to Zhu Feng; after all, Yang Kai was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even if Zhu Feng was a Territory Lord, he would surely be moved by this opportunity. He would surely wish to convert Yang Kai with Black Ink Strength then and turn him into one of his Black Ink Disciples.

Once Zhu Feng did so, it would give Yang Kai and Bai Yi the opportunity to stir up trouble. Even if they were unable to kill Zhu Feng, it would surely add to his injuries.

But who knew that once they entered the Sealed World, before they could even see Zhu Feng, they would be ambushed by the Feudal Lords who were watching over his safety.

[Could it be that Bai Yi’s circumstances were revealed?] However, that possibility was slim as both he and Bai Yi were the only ones who knew of the plan. Before using the Purifying Light, Yang Kai had specially checked their surroundings to make sure that nobody would see them.

In that case, there seemed to be some other reason behind this current situation.

The Feudal Lord who was being glared at by Bai Yi suddenly chuckled and spoke up “So it is Bai Yi. I thought that it was some Human who had come to disturb Sir’s recovery. Just an accident, an accident!”

That was clearly just an excuse. The Sealed World’s portal was equipped with a Spirit Array, which made it impossible to open unless the proper technique was used.

The Feudal Lords inside naturally knew Bai Yi’s identity if they were willing to open the portal and let her in, but they still tried to attack her, which made it obvious that they had done it on purpose. There was no such thing as an accident here.

However, the Feudal Lord did have a sense of proportion when he attacked and did not go all out. At the most, Bai Yi would have to suffer a bit of pain. They would not actually kill or severely injure her.

After all, Bai Yi was one of the Black Ink Disciples under Zhu Feng Territory Lord’s command, and she was clearly highly valued by him. They were still counting on Bai Yi’s efforts in order to down their enemies in this war zone. If they really did kill or severely injure her, then they would have no way of explaining it to Zhu Feng.

So, once the first attack failed, the Feudal Lord immediately put on a smiling face.

When he heard this, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed like Zhu Feng really was hiding in this Sealed World to heal. Bai Yi’s deduction was correct.

Bai Yi glared at the Feudal Lord for a moment before snorting, ‘There will be no next time!’

The Feudal Lord’s smile faded, and he coldly snapped, “A trivial Black Ink Disciple dares speak to me in such a way?”

No matter how strong a Black Ink Disciple was, they would still feel a sense of awe when facing an actual Black Ink Clansman. However, Bai Yi was so highly valued by Zhu Feng that she lost her instinct of respecting the weaker Black Ink Clansmen.

On the battlefield, Bai Yi was even allowed to use Feudal Lords as cover in order to kill Human Masters, killing friend and foe alike with a single arrow!

It was exactly because of that incident that these Feudal Lords became very upset with Bai Yi; after all, nobody was happy to have to watch their backs for attacks from their own allies while they were facing off with an enemy.

After that incident, some of the Feudal Lords went up to Zhu Feng to complain, but rather than punish Bai Yi, Zhu Feng reprimanded them for their poor performance in battle instead.

The unjust ruling of the Territory Lord further intensified the feud between Bai Yi and these Feudal Lords. If it were not for Zhu Feng, then these Feudal Lords would have united to kill Bai Yi already.

A Seventh-Order Black Ink Disciple was rare, but a Black Ink Disciple who was willing to kill even her own allies to fulfil her mission was not desirable.

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