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Chapter 12 - Qin Xingxuans Invitation

Chapter 12 Qin Xingxuan’s Invitation.

The engraving inscription technique may use tens of thousands of different materials, from the common to the incomparably rare. These materials could be combined in a variety of different ways, and when supplemented by an inscription master, they would then be able to draw a myriad of arcane and profound inscriptions!

The inscription techniques contained 3600 foundation lines and 4900 foundation symbols. This myriad of lines and symbols could then be combined into a variety of permutations to trace and engrave the ever-changing inscription technique.

The ‘shock’ inscription was only a single one of the 3600 kinds of foundation lines.

Lin Ming naturally knew the ‘shock’ foundation line. In fact, he knew that the foundations lines were not limited to 3600, but there were actually 6000 different types. It was almost double the foundation lines that the inscription masters of the Sky Spill Continent possessed.

However, just like the Sky Worm Silk, Lin Ming was not sure that the Sky Spill Continent’s ‘shock’ line was the same as the one in the Realm of the Gods. He could only hope that there weren’t too many differences. He stretched out his right hand and the true essence gathered on his fingertips. With his hand he drew a series of brilliant lines in the air. They glowed with a silent and gorgeous light and finally coalesced into a complex diagram that shone in front of Qin Xingxuan and the blankly staring Elder Senior Sister.

Lin Ming had been practicing these inscriptions every day, and the soul fragments memories and his finally began to harmonize. The results of this were in two words, quite handy.

Lin Ming asked, “Was this the ‘shock’ symbol?”

Qin Xingxuan stared dumbfounded, and the Elder Senior Sister looked at her and noticed her expression. She was instantly able to determine that this young hooligan was not just doodling with his fingertips, but had drawn the ‘shock’ line and there was no mistake about it! Sh*t! This young hick pervert actually unexpectedly understood inscription techniques?! Wasn’t this just too preposterous?!

In Qin Xingxuan’s heart she was truly surprised and was trying to not reveal her complex emotions. There were 3600 foundation lines, and it was absurdly difficult for an amateur to remember them completely. It wasn’t too strange to say that Lin Ming knew this one foundation line, but what startled her was the ‘shock’ symbol he drew was completely correct; the energy was placed in the right spots and it was simply astounding. This could only the results of painstaking effort during practice!

With a bit of depression in her heart, she startled, “It is…”

Lin Ming said, “The ‘shock’ pattern is a sign of the killing god, its use typically will have it placed on a weapon. When a martial artist uses a weapon he will generally concentrate his energy on the weapon, and the energy will be used in a battle to defeat the enemy, but the increased effectiveness is limited. If the ‘shock’ line is placed on the weapon, then when a martial artist concentrates his energy in the weapon, it will flow through the ‘shock’ pattern and create a high speed vibration which increases the penetrating power, effectively increasing the degree of weapon sharpness…”

Lin Ming easily explained the ‘shock’ pattern as Qin Xingxuan had expected. If he was able to draw the ‘shock’ pattern with such skill, then he of course had to know the principles behind it! It would only be strange if he did not!

Qin Xingxuan’s competitive spirit was also aroused! She couldn’t let this boy outdo her! She asked, “Then, this fellow student, do you also know the ‘flag’ symbol drawing technique and principle behind it? She had abandoned the relatively simple foundation lines and raised the stakes to some of the more complex foundation symbols. However, this naturally could not confuse Lin Ming! In fact, Lin Ming’s understanding of foundation symbols was far more deep and profound than anything that could be offered in the Sky Spill Continent.

He calmly drew the ‘flag’ symbol in the air. Although the foundation symbols were somewhat complex, Lin Ming’s finger did not have the slightest pause, and in the blink of an eye, the complex inscription symbol sparkled in the air.

Now, even Qin Xingxuan was completely awed. The foundation symbol was far more complex with double the lines and even more so difficult to trace the energy in the symbol, but Lin Ming had done so with ease. This had already far surpassed Qin Xingxuan!

My god, this was a genius! Unexpectedly this random kid turned out to be a genius among geniuses in inscription talent!

But who did he study with to learn this godly engraving inscription technique? His appearance indicated he was not from some big aristocratic family. Was it possible that he was apprenticed to some ancient sage or extraordinary hermit who liked to live in the remote and secluded mountains?

Qin Xingxuan found that Lin Ming was filled with riddles, and she continued to test him. The more they exchanged the more she was surprised! This Lin Ming was not like he seemed! There were 3600 lines and 4900 symbols which added to more than 8000 different kinds, and he casually listed them, as if he were familiar with each one!

Compared to Qin Xingxuan’s surprise, the Elder Senior Sister was already floored by their conversation and remained confused on the sidelines as the two inscriptionists spoke to each other in what seemed to be a different and completely heavenly language; she could only look on at Xingxuan who showed increasing amazement and admiration.

The Elder Senior Sister understood Xingxuan very well. Do not be fooled by Qin Xingxuan’s elegant and cool expression! She treated everyone with good manners and effortless grace, but the truth was that the natural sixth ranked talent and her immense strength had doomed her heart with the soul of arrogance. Before now, she had never given anyone of the same generation such a high appraisal.

Finally the Elder Senior Sister became numb. She only understood one thing; today it would be impossible to confiscate this boy’s Pass Card!

Sh*t! To think she would make such a big mistake! She stomped her feet on the ground! To think that this random hick kind could actually be some sort of inscription talent!

This Elder Senior Sister was really going to go mad!

Gradually, Qin Xingxuan’s expression grew increasingly respectful from the tone when the exchange started it became progressively humble. She found that by conversing with Lin Ming, her knowledge of symbols and energy structures insights had a broadened outlook due to his unique understanding and depth of knowledge. It was a great and rewarding feeling.

Qin Xingxuan was able to confirm her suspicions that Lin Ming was a rare talent that could only emerge once a century. But behind him was an even greater mystery! This shadow master who taught him could only be an Inscription Master of absolute knowledge and authority! Even if compared with her own teacher, it was like comparing a candle to the raging sun!

Exactly what kind of origin did this youth have?

Qin Xingxuan had great interest in Lin Ming, not mention the exchanges they had in which she just profited, but Lin Ming himself, and the mystery teacher behind him had extraordinary significance to the Qin Family!

With that thought, Qin Xinghuan said, “Fellow student, it’s about time to begin zither lessons, so I’ll have to excuse myself. It was very wonderful talking to you today. If possible, perhaps after the zither lecture ends, then little Xingxuan would like to ask you to go to the Great Clarity Pavilion for a quick meal, and… explore… the principles of inscription techniques together. Is this agreeable with the fellow student?”

Qin Xinghuan’s sweet and dulcet voice was very persuasive, and coupled with her sincere expression and heavenly appearance; it was hard for any male to refuse.

The truth was that Lin Ming did not want to reject her. Not only was Qin Xinghuan’s background impressive and she herself beautiful, she was also rare in that she treated others well and did not have any airs of superiority. In front of such a girl it was impossible to have any hint of malice.

However Lin Ming was too tight on time and the exam for the Seven Profound Martial House was only three months away. He needed to make money during this period with the inscription technique to purchase the medicines he needed, and then engrave the inscriptions on the medicines and further his own cultivation as quickly as he could, all in order to enter the Seven Profound Martial House.

Even if he entered the Seven Profound Martial House he would still need strength. There was still that slimy Zhu Yan that would undoubtedly be eyeing him for a fight. If he didn’t increase his strength then he couldn’t even be considered a worthy opponent for Zhu Yan, and would be stepped all over miserably!

Lin Ming was simply uninterested to stay in the zither class, then have lunch with a beautiful woman, and after lunch continue chatting with the day disappearing without any of them keeping track, and then exchanging contact information with the aim of meeting again. For Qin Xingxuan this was good and dandy, but for Lin Ming he would learn nothing! After all, just in the exchange right now, it was Qin Xingxuan who had picked up all the advantages and insights, and there was no new knowledge or inspirations that she could confer upon Lin Ming!

So Lin Ming somewhat regrettably refused and said, “I’m very sorry but today I have some things to do, so I must hurry back.”

“Oh… I… well, I should have known.” Qin Xingxuan said with regret and her cheeks flushed red. She had asked him and had not considered the possibility of rejection. In fact, Qin Xingxuan since her childhood days had never once invited a boy of the same age as her to eat a meal! But she has been asked out countless times! All of which she rejected as she ate together with her close friend. When refusing others time and feelings, she had absolutely no feelings towards it. But this time she was the one rejected, and her number one discovery was that the taste of rejection was also very bitter, as if she suffered from an injustice. After all even though she came from a large aristocratic family, in the heart of her heart she was still a 15 year old young girl!

To Lin Ming’s rejection, the Elder Senior Sister’s brain short-circuited and she almost ran up to slap him around. In her mind was only one thought! This guy… this guy actually refused the one and only Qin Xingxuan!

My god!

Is such a thing even possible on this beautiful world!?

Is he really a man!?

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