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Chapter 27 Examination, Start!.

Chapter 27 Examination, Start!.

Lin Ming exhaled slowly in relief. He had already long reached the peak of Body Transformation’s First Stage, and was only a small step away from reaching the Second Stage. Even without the Golden Deer Pill, it would only have been a matter of days before he reached the Second Stage.

Body Transformation’s First Stage was strength training where true essence mainly concentrated in the in the muscles, and with the advent of the Second Stage of Body Transformation, it began to proliferate and spread throughout the body. Not only would one's strength increase, but the body’s fortitude would also rise a notch. Although one wouldn’t become invincible, it wouldn’t be difficult to say that the sword that would have easily pierced you before would only give you a slight injury. The combat effectiveness would also increase by a small margin.

However, Zhu Yan had only been at the peak of Body Transformation’s Third Stage half a year ago. He had only reached the Second Stage of Body Transformation, and even though it was with the power of the potent ‘Primal Chaos Formula’, compared to Zhu Yan, there was just too large a disparity between them. And this was discounting the half year that Zhu Yan had been training. He was a fourth grade talent, so his practice speed was similarly quick.

Although he had not slept yet, Lin Ming had just broken through and was feeling refreshed and not tired or drowsy at all. He immediately ran outside and headed towards the Zhou Mountains.

The Great Clarity Pavilion was a few miles distance from the glade that Lin Ming usually practiced at. Even running there at breakneck speed, it would have taken the time to burn two sticks of incense to cross the distance. But now that he had broken through to the Second Stage of Body Transformation, the time it took was less than half. Lin Ming was exceptionally happy at this moment.

After he reached his usual spot, Lin Ming tossed his knapsack on the ground. In it was the materials for medicines and also bandages. The medicine was not the cheap stuff; they were all rare and precious medicines. Even the bandages had been steeped in black bone grass juice which provided an extra healing effect. With this kind of luxurious medicine, he did not have to worry about internal injuries. Lin Ming was able to enjoy practicing with all his heart.

Lin Ming ate a soul gathering pellet to increase the rate he absorbed true essence. Lin Ming began to practice both the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ and the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians'.

In Sky Spill Continent, within those that practiced martial arts, having the strength of a 1000 jins was considered a small accomplishment. Then the martial artist would go through Altering Muscle, Bone Forging, and Pulse Condensation. By the time the Body Transformation was completed, a martial artists strength could amount to 8000 jins, in which a small percent who were born with divine heavenly strength, their strength could amount to 10,000 jins.

This was the limit of strength. Even if one were a houtian master, their strength would not grow; they could only raise their true essence.

Then the after reaching xiantian, including the levels above, they would understand the true essence, and cultivate the soul. This was considered the correct path of martial arts.

But recorded in the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’, having a strength of 1000 jins was only a beginning. Those who just entered should reach 10,000 jins, and those with a small bit of accomplishments could reach 100,000 jins of strength. As for the strength of the highest cultivators, there was no way to estimate. If they opened the Eight Gates of Hidden Celestial stems after the Nine Stars Palace, the body could borrow power from the heavens and earth. Their feet would crack mountains; their fists would break the sky. That sort of strength was not even describable with a strength of 100,000 jins, it could only be at least a million jins or above.

When Lin Ming saw this in the memories, he could hardly believe it. If it had been two or three times stronger than normal then perhaps he might have, after all this was the legacy of countless millennia from the Realm of the Gods.

But this difference of several thousand times was just too unbelievable. He was able to recall in his memories that in the sects, the custodians that swept the entrance and the little children that ran amok would have the strength of several tens of thousands of jins of strength. As for the true disciples, their strength would be above 100,000 jins.

The memories were so detailed that Lin Ming was forced to believe them. Even if Marshal Qin Xiao was compared, he would not even be able to compare with a simple floor sweeper.

However this sort of strength was very remote to Lin Ming, because if it was said that the step from Tempering Marrow to Pulse Condensation was difficult, then the step from Tempering Marrow to opening the Eight Gates of Hidden Celestial Stems and the Nine Stars Palace was even more so. Let alone Lin Ming, from his memories he knew that these sects had many disciples that were stuck at this stage. Compared to the Sky Fortune Kingdom, it could be said to be more difficult than ascending from Houtian to Xiantian.

Lin Ming thought all this and took a deep breath. It was premature to consider these possibilities. What he had to do now was practice the basic abilities of the ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’, and at least achieve strength training’s stage of ‘Flowing like Silk’.

‘Flowing like Silk’, where one could punch a tree and leave the bark untouched while turning the inside to pulp!

However the elder’s memories were a bit blurry here, Lin Ming had not yet reached this stage and could only attempt to decipher the secrets behind it himself.

In the southeast of Sky Fortune City, there was a squad of armed guards that stood on alert. A youth dressed in the finest silk clothing and with a fine long sword strapped to his waist stood in the corridor and looked around as if he were waiting for someone.

As soon as an incense of time passed, another young man wearing a mail armor and helmet walked down the end of the hallway. He seemed to be a bit over twenty years old. Although his stature was not princely, his step was calm and his breath relaxed; he appeared to be a master.

The young silk-robed youth saw this man and smiled joyfully. He immediately welcomed him, “Elder brother, you’ve returned. Father will surely be happy. He was very satisfied with your successes on the frontier these past three years.”

The silk-robed youth was all smiles. He was the man who had lost 1000 taels of gold to Lin Ming and had his name read in reverse, Wang Yigao.

Wang Yigao had been pitiful. Although he had tried to suppress the news and prevent it from spreading, his father had still found out. Regarding this matter, General Wang was furious.

He was not angry that Wang Yigao made a gambling bet, but that he has lost. Not only did he lose, but he had lost to a boy at the First Stage of Body Transformation and had his name called in reverse! He was simply a great shame to the family name.

Wang Juzhu had issued an order that he be confined for two months, and had just exited.

The two month confinement had been rough on Wang Yigao’s life. He could not eat meat, he could not go to the brothel, he could not lead his little minions to terrorize others, and had to read military classics and complete daily schoolwork.

Wang Yigao hated these things with a passion, and all this was due to Lin Ming. He simply could not swallow this aggrievement.

But Wang Yigao didn’t know of a way to deal with Lin Ming. He did not have any real power with the army, nor could he defeat Lin Ming himself. As for those scoundrels that were his friends, not one of them was Lin Ming’s match. Moreover his father had cut off his purse so he did not have the means to hire someone. Simply put, there was nothing he could do to Lin Ming.

Until today that is. His elder brother came back And Wang Yigao almost cried. He felt that his opportunity had finally come; therefore he waited a long time for his brother to arrive so he could complain.

Wang Yiming looked at the pitiful Wang Yigao. The two were both sons of the main family, and had the same father and mother. Naturally he understood his little brother. He said, “You waited for me to discuss the matter of that bet you lost.” General Wang had admonished and punished Wang Yigao about this, so naturally he was very clear about it.

Wang Yigao looked up, “Elder brother is perceptive of the smallest details, truly fierce!…you do now know, that boy is just too arrogant. First he hit my servant and then cheated in the bet. Not only that but he insulted our army family….”

Wang Yiming listened and knew that his little brother was shameless and concocting irrational explanations. He impatiently said, “Cut the crap. You think I don’t know what you want? You want me to take revenge for you?”

“Elder brother is truly an unparalleled hero; taking care of that guy is just like lifting a small finger…”

Wang Yiming said, “I am a dignified military commander, and you want me to help you get rid of some kid at the First Stage of Body Transformation. Is this a joke that I should laugh at?”

Wang Yigao smiled a little. “Yes it is a bit overkill. One must not use the oxen knife to kill a chicken. Elder brother do you not have four strong armed guards? Letting them go is also the same…”

“My father is the captain of Sky Fortune City’s armed forces. The throne is about to be passed down, now is a sensitive time. You want me to use the armed forces’ guards to make an arrest in the national capital? You actually want to commit this sort of absurd matter? What do you think the results will be? I think your two months of confinement were not long enough!” Wang Yiming yelled these words and paid no more attention to Wang Yigao. With a turn of his heel, he departed.

Wang Yigao was left standing there to stew in his resentment. He had not thought that even his own brother would so loudly upbraid him! He clenched his fist and teeth until he was shaking. “F*ck! Never have I suffered such an injustice in Sky Fortune City. Lin Ming, if I do not cripple you then my last name is not Wang!”

Sunrise, sunset, fifty cloudy days quietly passed….

In the Zhou Mountains, a young boy was shadowboxing in a glade. The mountain wind howled, but the sounds coming from the young boy's fists overshadowed the mountains.


As soon as the youth punched the wooden pillar in front of him, a ‘peng’ rang into the air. Even though the wooden pillar had been infused with special medicines to make it more durable, it broke in half with that single fist.

As the punch finished, not even waiting for the dust to land, he whipped his leg downwards and split the wooden pillar in half.

“Although I still haven’t been able to figure out ‘Flow like Silk’, I still have reached some small success with the first stage of the ‘True Primal Chaos Formula’ and my Body Transformation’s Second Stage has consolidated very well; my strength should be at least 2600 jins.” This youth was Lin Ming. In these fifty days, Lin Ming had been constantly training in the mountains. He had unlimited precious medicines and had taken twenty of the Soul Gathering Pellets. Because of this massive gold consumption, Lin Ming had also sold an inscription symbol to pay for them.

However, even with so many medicines, Lin Ming had still not been able to break through to the Third Stage of Body Transformation, Viscera Training. ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ focused on building a solid foundation; it wasn’t something where one hastily progressed.

“It’s been fifty days. Tomorrow will be the Seven Profound Martial House's entrance exam. I should have no problem in passing.” Lin Ming said as he picked up his clothes from a large rock. He also took a quick wash in the river.

Under the shining sun, Lin Ming’s muscles were symmetrically solid. The light made his skin gleam with luster, and it was filled with an aesthetic strength. He was like a supple cheetah at the peak of his power. Just from looking at this back, it was hard to believe that this was the physique and spirit of a young fifteen year old boy.

After washing himself, Lin Ming put on his clothes and left the mountain. He launched himself quickly like a falcon chasing after a rabbit, his speed like a flash of light, and in a few breaths he vanished into the boundless forest.

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