Master of the End Times

Chapter 1074 - Framing

Chapter 1074: Framing

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Xue Xingfu’s anger surged in his heart. Since when did Cannibals become a wisdom tribe in the Human Alliance?!

Shao Dongfeng was looking for trouble for no reason.

However, Xue Xingfu had no way of resisting.

After all, he was an S-tier ability user, while the other party was an SSS-tier. In terms of strength, he was an ant that the other party could easily crush.

Right now, Xue Xingfu was only hoping that Shao Dongfeng would not kill him so quickly. It would be fine as long as Bai Li appeared.

However, at this moment, shao Dongfeng opened his mouth and said, “However, this matter isn’t impossible to accommodate. Hand over the realm cores from before and pay a fine as well. Then, I’ll let you go.. In the future, if you want to purchase a realm and extract the ability core, you must hand over half of it.”

When Xue Xingfu heard this, he finally understood how today’s matter had happened.

A man with wealth would be guilty if he did not commit a crime.

Xue Xingfu had made several large-scale acquisitions, and then the realms were shattered. Not everyone could have such means.

Using the Prime’s ship to go down and absorb the realm core was completely different from taking it out. There was still that violent energy liquid.

However, when Shao Dongfeng noticed Xue Xingfu’s actions, he immediately felt that there was probably an existence in Xue Xingfu’s hands that was not afraid of the violent energy liquid. It was very likely that he had contracted a divine level spatial beast.

If possible, Shao Dongfeng would naturally want to snatch the other party’s spatial beast, but that would not be easy.

If that was the case, Shao Dongfeng could only choose another method. He intended to blackmail Xue Xingfu.

Ever since Ahn Ping Prime and Shao Dongfeng had made the final deal, Shao Dongfeng had no way of getting any benefits from Ahn Ping Prime. Fortunately, Xue Xingfu, this fat lamb, had delivered himself to his doorstep. This was like a pie falling from the sky.

In order to appear imposing, Shao Dongfeng had even brought over a dozen subordinates. This kind of lineup had indeed caused an impact on Xue Xingfu.

However, at this moment, a white shadow flashed beside them, and a devastatingly beautiful woman appeared beside Xue Xingfu.

“Lady Bai Li!”

Xue Xingfu immediately cried out as if he had found his savior.

At this moment, Shao Dongfeng also looked at Bai Li, and his heart began to race.

It was not Bai Li’s appearance that made his heart race, but because of Bai Li’s aura.

Because of Bai Li’s consciousness, it was very easy for people to ignore her. However, when she treated the other party as an enemy, that person would also feel her terror.

“Spatial beast!” Shao Dongfeng said with his consciousness.

This was a humanoid spatial beast, and its strength was definitely no weaker than Shao Dongfeng’s.

“Shao Dongfeng, are you here to court death?” Bai Li said indifferently.

“Do you know me?” Shao Dongfeng did not know Bai Li.

Shao Dongfeng only personally went to make things difficult for Qin Feng after Qin Feng had received the peace contest reward, but Bai Li never made an appearance.

However, Qin Feng would naturally tell Bai Li about these things. Bai Li had seen Shao Dongfeng’s appearance before.

As for Xue Xingfu, he had always concealed his identity. Qin Feng also did not deliberately talk about the grudge between him and Shao Dongfeng. Otherwise, if Xue Xingfu were to act like he cared, it would only bring danger instead.

Therefore, Xue Xingfu did not know Shao Dongfeng, but Bai Li did.

“You don’t know me, but you should know Qin Feng, right?” Bai Li said indifferently.

Qin Feng’s current strength was already enough to defeat Immortals. Although he would not go so far as to kill Ahn Ping Prime, he was no longer afraid of the other party.

Perhaps it was time to return to the Human Alliance.

Therefore, Bai Li did not plan to hide it.

Shao Dongfeng’s expression immediately changed when he heard Qin Feng’s name.

“You know Qin Feng?”

“Of course. Qin Feng is the human who signed a contract with me.”

Shao Dongfeng naturally understood when Bai Li said that.

“He isn’t dead?”

Shao Dongfeng immediately understood.

Bai Li was a spatial beast. Most people would probably sign a slave contract with such a beast. Moreover, if the human were to die, the beast would definitely die. Shao Dongfeng also thought so, so he deduced that Qin Feng was not dead.

Although Shao Dongfeng’s guess was wrong, the result was correct.

Bai Li sneered. “Yeah, even if you die, Qin Feng won’t die.”

Shao Dongfeng’s face immediately contorted.

It was all Qin Feng’s fault that he had fallen to such a state. If it was not for Qin Feng, how could things be over between himself and Ahn Ping Prime? Most importantly, Ahn Ping Prime had taken back some of the benefits he had given him in the past. However, Qin Feng was not dead yet.

At the thought of this, Shao Dongfeng immediately raised his communicator and sent a message to Ahn Ping Prime.

Bai Li also sensed Shao Dongfeng’s actions. With a sneer, spatial runes appeared.

Shao Dongfeng felt a hair-raising aura. He instinctively retreated, but a pitch-black rift appeared on his wrist. Shao Dongfeng retreated, but it was as if he was seeking his own death as his wrist was instantly cut off by the spatial rift.

“Ahhhh!” Shao Dongfeng let out a miserable cry. Seeing his wrist fly into the air, his communicator was naturally destroyed as well.

Not only that, the palm was swallowed by the spatial rift before it closed back up. Shao Dongfeng had no idea where his palm had gone to.

Bai Li, this spatial beast, had the ability to flatten space. Even Immortals probably would not be able to discover it.

This meant that Shao Dongfeng could only use natural treasures to recover his wrist.

He was already at SSS-tier. With such physical strength, he would need even more treasures to recover.

Moreover, such injuries made Shao Dongfeng extremely furious.

“Vile creature, you actually dare to hurt me!” Shao Dongfeng roared angrily.

Bai Li’s expression was as cold as ice. Originally, she merely wanted to teach Shao Dongfeng a lesson. This time, she was also furious.

“You go first!” Bai Li raised her hand and pushed Xue Xingfu into a spatial passage. This passage was directly connected to the Blue Star Realm, and Xue Xingfu was then sent back.

Xue Xingfu’s strength was too low after all. If they really fought, she would not be able to care about the other party.

Xue Xingfu was pushed back to the Blue Star Realm by Bai Li into Fengli City. He instantly became anxious.

Although Bai Li was at SSS-tier, the other party was also an SSS-tier ability user and an official of the Human Alliance. If this person summoned other members of the Human Alliance to attack Bai Li, would Bai Li not be in danger?

With this thought in mind, Xue Xingfu’s perception swept across the entire Fengli City. He immediately sensed that Qin Feng was in the villa.

He condensed his internal energy and roared loudly.

“President, things are looking bad. Lady Bai Li is fighting with an SSS-tier ability user named Shao Dongfeng.”

Qin Feng, who was originally sleeping soundly, suddenly opened his eyes.

After sleeping for seven days and seven nights, he had completely recovered his spirits. He continued to sleep because he was cultivating the Godwill Atlas to strengthen his own consciousness.

Xue Xingfu’s words immediately woke him up.

Then, anger exploded from within him.

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