Master of the Stars

Chapter 12: Out an Opening to Roam as a Soul (Part 2/2)

Chapter 12: Out an Opening to Roam as a Soul (Part 2/2)

Within a short several second time frame, the dark red alarm lights spread a grave and pressing atmosphere to every nook and cranny on the warship.

Although such situations were rare, the military always had procedures in place to follow. It would be enough for each system and each branch to just adhere to orders.

The problem was that there were non-military personnel aboard the ship at this time.

In Zone C of the transport ship, engineers from Quantum Corporation installed and calibrated equipment. They suddenly went stupefied from the ringing alarms.

They stopped their handiwork, looked at each other in dismay, and were clueless on what to do.

The “supervisor” present, Commander Lu, had the highest military ranking. He also had sufficient experience. He immediately said: “All non-combat personnel cease your work. Be on standby at your current location. Wait for further instructions.”

After temporarily placating the people’s moods, Commander Lu rushed to contact up the chain of command, verifying the situation. He had just barely received clear cut directions when he raised his head to find Quantum Corporation’s in-charge employee’s eye twitch.

Acting security work manager Yan Yongbo sat on the edge of the construction site. He never raised his head, but he kept on fiddling with his wristband. He appeared unaffected by the external changes.

Blow you! How can you be so calm!

Commander Lu never liked these high-and-mighty sorts, these fellows who think too much of themselves. He walked over with large strides and a stiff face. Just when he was about to voice out, a swift male wearing the sky-blue security uniform rushed in front of him to face Yan Yongbo. This male sought out instructions:

“Leader. We’ve entered into an emergency state. Should we warm up?”

“Warm up? Oh Old Hei…….”

Yan Yongbo still didn’t raise his head. He spoke dully, “Have you thought about how the military would feel if you were to wear an exoskeleton armor and rush back and forth on the warship?”


“You haven’t have you? Well you can go ask Commander Lu.”

Commander Lu had just walked over when he was suddenly stopped by these words in front of him, weakening his vigor. Then Yan Yongbo unexpectedly lifted his head to look at Commander Lu: “Your thoughts Commander Lu?”

Commander Lu’s pupils whipped between the corner of his eyes. In the end he forced himself to swallow his anger. He opened his mouth with great difficulty:

“The orders from command state that a Darksider life form has infiltrated the ship. There is a large possibility that this is related to incident that happened in the R&D district. Quantum Corporation’s burners will be participating in the hunting operation and are temporarily assigned a specific combat squad number, Squad 7. Here is the communications identifier number……”

Yan Yongbo received the relevant data and nodded his head: “That’s good. I’ll take a look at these orders. However Commander Lu, I suspect that this incident is related to the detained people aboard this ship. I hope that you will increase your surveillance capabilities in order to avoid any unexpected mishaps.”


Commander Lu was in charge of operational matters, so Commander Lu finally became angered when this issue was raised. He did not feel like going through any sort of superficial motions; he twisted his head and walked away with a dark face.

Yan Yonbo did not speak any further. He stood up, led Old Hei towards a different direction, and left. He transmitted some data to Old Hei along the way.

“I’m assuming that moron will need some time to vent his anger; the situation won't change that much. You go wait for the chance to remobilize to Zone A2. Excessive movements may produce something unexpected if you were to happen upon this person…...”

The data formed upon Old Hei’s retinas. The delicate, pretty, and calm face of a youth appeared.

Old Hei was expressionless. He just subtly nodded his head and deeply imprinted that young face into the bottom of his mind.

The alarm sounds and lights continued to alert without end. The flashing dark red glows were represented by lines within the Prison Building between reality and imagination. They began to collapse after a flash of brilliance, soon transforming to ruin to become nothingness.

After all, Luo Nan had not truly constructed a rational structure. He had implemented quite a few “future concepts” randomly within. It was quite the confirmation for these concepts to exist temporarily.

Of course the most important thing was that the burning wraith was completely unable to storm out at all.

“*Crack! *Crack!”

The chained crow continued its suppression without caring for the struggles of the burning wraith. The chains that bound the burning wraith’s body continued to dissect it, slice it, and perform analysis upon it. Layers of enforcement applications gradually targeted the core nature of the burning wraith.

A faint bloody glow could be clearly seen circulating on the base color of the chained black crow. The bloody glow flowed in a reversing direction to kindle a marvelous “heat”, feeding back continuously.

This heat came from the burning wraith.

The accumulated information and analysis started to display their effects. Part of the burning wraith’s operational mechanism of energy was decoded. The chains swiftly healed and replenished Luo Nan, giving Luo Nan further support while weakening the strength of the burning wraith.

This effect was what the suddenly-pulled-out-of-body Luo Nan needed the most. Energy was poured into Luo Nan’s soul like a mouthful of hot soup that flowed into an extremely starved state. Or it was like he was wrapped in thick clothes during the cold of winter. The results were instantaneous. The frigid blades of wind were blocked externally. There was even a corresponding response from his main body within the interval of two, three breaths. The approaching limit to the state of his hunger was alleviated completely.

The situation was changing and shifting. The burning wraith changed from a madly swinging wild bull into a naughty sled dog from the “large blood loss”. Then it would irreversibly change into a dying dog.

Luo Nan was greeted with this dying dog a few seconds later.

The burning wraith was truly cute. It floated in the air looking weak and sickly. It’s form hadn’t changed too much…… Any changes would be hard to tell. Only its outer flames had clearly darkened by quite a bit.

The most striking thing was at the back of this toy. It should be considered the back...It towed a long enormous “tail”...... The heavily chained crow was still unceasingly performing suppression, slicing, and analysis upon the burning wraith. It seemed that the crow still needed quite a bit of time.

Although Luo Nan was in Soul Form, he still let out a long breath from habit; he had finally resolved this ineffable annoyance. He could also bring this energy back to the plane of reality at last.

Luo Nan naturally took notice of the alarms that rang through the entire ship.

Without taking anything else into account, just the horrible and negative vocabulary term “Mutant” was enough to explain quite a bit of the situation.

But what was a Darksider life form?

Luo Nan searched his memories to no avail.

Right now his surroundings had clearly underwent a change in circumstances.

Not half the trace of a human could be seen down the long corridor. But the walls, floors, and several spots had already opened with narrow slits at some unknown time. A light white smoke could be seen emitting from the slits. Soon they pervaded the entire space.

Oppressive footsteps echoed from the end of the corridor. Three awe-inspiring exoskeleton armours assumed a combat formation. They advanced gradually within the misty smoke to push onwards.

The corridor was completely empty aside from the misty smoke. Those facing the completely hidden thing looked as if they were facing an enormous enemy. It was as if there was an incorporeal monster that could slaughter them at any moment!

Luo Nan suddenly formed a certain wonderful thought when he saw this scene:

Incorporeal and formless…… How could this group of people possibly deal with me?

The mist increased in density within the corridor. Luo Nan’s thoughts spurred a tiny action. He did not go about like a hurricane with a horse-racing style like before; he pulled the half dead burning wraith and avoided the corridor. He passed through the metal wall like a true ghost and entered the room next door. Then he rushed in the direction towards his main body.

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