Master of the Stars

Chapter 14: Siege Hammer (Part 1/2)

Chapter 14: Siege Hammer (Part 1/2)

It must be stated that Luo Nan had heart-felt thanks towards this fierce soldier who had charged in head-first. This was because the soldier made a lapse in judgement, giving Luo Nan a chance to react.

Luo Nan made a decision in the instant the shriek sounded out. He stimulated the burning wraith telepathically through the heavily chained crow, forcing the burning wraith to be stabbed awake from its dying-dog state. The wraith stayed in place.

Luo Nan’s soul body left, following its original path, back to where Luo Nan had his soul separated from his main body.

Luo Nan’s decision was based on the worst case scenario with no luck factored in. As it turns out, his decision was made in the most timely manner.

The military responded at lightning speed. As soon as they saw the nature of the screaming group of no-good rich kids, they completely lost hope that the rich kids would cooperate and they immediately moved to action.

In the room, the “Fierce Soldier” who had thrown himself in head-first lifted up the large weapon in his hand. Dazzling electric flashes sprayed out amidst a booming sound.

This was more effective than any order. All the rich kids immediately went prone even though the shriek was all the more ear-piercing. There was no longer any one standing up within the room aside from the Fierce Soldier. Everyone rushed towards the just-opened fence-like door, striving to be the first to leave and fearing to be the last. They rolled and crawled, squeezing over.

The Fierce Soldier had taken control of the situation at last. He lifted his head that was enclosed by a completely sealed helmet. The translucent faceplate faced towards an empty space in the upper portion of the room.

A typical person would see nothing in their field of vision save for the churning mist.

But the Fierce Soldier clearly did not believe nothing was there. His right hand swept to the mode-switching button on his firearm, changing from a blank-firing mode, which he had just used to scare people, to a single-shot mode.

The muzzle of the gun rang muffled. Then a large flaming cloud rose up in the next moment within the semi-enclosed room; it enveloped practically the entire upper half of the room. It seemed like a miniblaze-shell was shot hazardly and impulsively.

Right now Luo Nan was already at a distance of two rooms away. The straight-line distance was also over ten meters. Anyway, since the chains and the burning wraith were integrated as a single body, it would be very hard to separate himself from the information over there. He had no choice but to continue heading back to his main body.

Luo Nan’s soul mind shivered the instant the flaming cloud leapt forth. The force of this attack contained actual substance. It followed the chains and conducted into Luo Nan. Even though Luo Nan was an incorporeal soul body, it was actually as if he was struck by a fist to the chest; it felt super horrible.

He could confirm that the true destructive force absolutely did not stem from the brutal flames. This was because Luo Nan did not feel the conduction of heat at this moment, but rather a direct assaulting force arriving on the soul plane.

Since these things happened to Luo Nan in this manner, it would be needless to say what would happen to the burning wraith that stayed idle within the room. It had just awakened from its dying-dog state and was still somewhat sluggish. The red cloud exploded in its face, crossing over the divide between reality and the imaginary to affect its body.

In an instant, the burning wraith’s body was actually bombed to shrink by a factor; it had clearly taken damage.

This sort of blaze-shell type ammunition was clearly produced specifically to target the Darksider life form; the effects were instantaneous. However, reloading the ammunition wasn’t necessarily easy. After the Fierce Soldier had unleashed his attack, he retreated backwards and began to reload at the same time. He was unable to complete this task even though a bit of time had already passed.

But if things weren't as it seemed and if Luo Nan would believe that there was an opening, then that would be far to naive of Luo Nan.

A single poorly skilled man would be unable to withstand the great force of many men.

After the first blaze-shell attack was unleashed, shells arced inside the room from outside one after another. At least five of the same type of shell ammunition entered and exploded within the room. Flaming clouds surged and raged for a moment. The temperature of the entire room had to have increased by twenty degrees or higher at the very least.

The sudden increase in temperature appeared to be quite frightening. Actually, it was in fact meaningless. It further proved that the destructive capabilities of the ammunition was diverted more to the place outside the normal plane.

The left-behind-in-room burning wraith provided ample information.

This storming “Blaze-shell” not only directly assaulted on the soul plane, it even had a viscous function.

The burning wraith tried to escape when it suffered the attacks. But it was as if a jar of glue had been toppled in the surrounding space, causing the wraith to move with great difficulty.

Perhaps it was a strong and invisible magnetic field?

Luo Nan continued to ponder as he continued to retreat. Right now he could clearly see that the military had already developed an entire process of effective methods in order to deal with the Darksider life form. He really didn’t know how things would end if he had stayed behind.

The manner in which Luo Nan made his retreating route showed that he put some consideration into it. He had an approximate explanation from Liu Tao’s introduction. The Shadow Mist’s capturing mechanism towards the Darksider life form wasn’t completely accurate; it was a kind of computational method that lies in probability.

In other words, there was a high likelihood that the military didn’t know the Darksider life form’s true shape, true mass, and its relationship between people.

Luo Nan had ditched the just-captured burning wraith without the slightest hesitation. With the burning wraith attracting fire, Luo Nan could be considered safe, at least so far.

However at this moment, the bound-to-room burning wraith was finally pushed to its vicious nature upon receiving repeated attacks.

Thousands of holes were already made in its devilish body when it suddenly pulled back. It’s originally-incorporeal body increased its degree of substance. There was even a split second where a clearer silhouette could be seen.

The heavily chained crow was still fastened together with the burning wraith. However Luo Nan was unable to distinguish what it was out of the information that the crow sent back. He did not know what it was; he just felt that it was a certain terrible beast.

The incorporeal and fierce beast faced the sky and roared in the next moment. Several spirit waves containing actual substance rippled forth, filling the room in a flash and penetrating the metal walls to rapidly spreading.

From the moment the gunshot rang, the burning flaming cloud above the group of rich kids heads simply scared the rich kids into pissing their pants. All of them were shrieking “SAVE ME!” right now. Some people even completely lacked the strength to crawl.

Luckily the support soldiers outside the room saw through their nature. They changed their tactics, promptly reached out their hands, and hauled the kids out of there.

But the burning wraith had howled out right at this time.

Actually no one heard anything, but each and every person was unable to suppress a deathly fear from exploding in their minds under the engulfment of spirit waves.

In this instant, at least three people pissed their pants and some people even directly passed out.

But on a different plane, through the chains, through the burning wraith… Luo Nan could actually see something strange begin to ooze and spurt out of the pores between the nose and mouth from this group of rich kids that had collapsed when faced with fear.

Countless dark red glowing dots floated up looking like the downward-drifting dust under the light of the sun. Luo Nan could clearly see a marvelous energy within the dark and dim glimmer.

This was like a strange “spore”. And its source was none other than the dozen or so shivering and trembling rich kids outside the room.

Practically each of them had this kind of dark red spore spurt from their body to interweave amongst each other. The spores formed, as a whole, an airy glowing mist that covered the entire room.

The glowing mist increased in concentration at extreme speed. Great quantities of spores exited and interweaved at all times from inside and outside their bodies. The density was simply a burning flame of doom.

Finally the glowing mist reached its certain limit in density. It surged forth on its own accord, drowning the burning wraith within. Only a vague outline could be seen.

At first glance its inverted form was the same as the sketch upon which Luo Nan had initially drawn it. The outlines and the like were only more detailed. There were many places that had already departed from the composition of Luo Nan’s drawing to become extremely abstract. For instance, a strange symbol seemed to be increasing in size upon its body.

The burning wraith locked onto a target the instant the symbol emerged.

The Fierce Soldier, who had always stood on the front-most line, was suited in an exoskeleton armor.. It was as if he had suffered an electric assault. The Fierce Soldier immediately fell backwards, violently twitching. A faint “smoke” leapt forth from the material body, then the “smoke” immediately dissipated.

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