Master of the Stars

Chapter 18: Job Seeker (Part 2/2)

Chapter 18: Job Seeker (Part 2/2)

Luo Nan remained bowed for a few seconds while Zhang Yingying continued to remain silent.

Only when Luo Nan stood back upright and his line of sight was looking straight ahead did Zhang Yingying smirk a little. She slowly opened her mouth to display a slightly deeper voice:

“I can understand your thought process. Even though you possess such a wonderful ability, you don’t know how to delve into its mysteries. You can only use questions after questions to run in circles without getting anywhere. You look up and around, and you can’t find anyone who you can talk to. You don’t know what attitude the world takes towards a ‘different kind’......There are many people in my circle who once had this look.”

She took a gentle step forward, placing her hand on Luo Nan’s shoulder once more. However this time the hand was placed extremely softly: “You have determination. This is very good. But you need to understand what you shall face. You shall face……”

Zhang Yingying suddenly choked on her voice. Luo Nan looked at her stunned, only to see the female lawyer’s eyebrows, eyes, lips, and even her tender cheeks shudder and twist. In the end she couldn’t hold any longer; she burst out laughing:

“Pffff…… Ah I’m sorry!”

Zhang Yingying had accidentally spat some saliva on Luo Nan’s face. She reached out her hand to wipe it away in a hurry. But halfway through she saw Luo Nan display his best expression of all, causing her to erupt with a second bout of laughter. In the end she could only rest her hand powerlessly on Luo Nan’s shoulder to support herself, laughing in great delight the entire time:

“Hahahahahahahaha! Oh my god! You must have really believed it! Am I right? I had only heard of chicks like you. This time I ended up meeting one……”

Zhang Yingying was laughing so hard she was huddled over. Her chin drooped all the way onto Luo Nan’s shoulder; it would have fallen to the ground without it.

Luo Nan was enveloped by the fragrance and tenderness of a woman right now. How could he expect that this sexy beautiful woman would toss her curvy self over?

Obviously Zhang Yingying knew that this was excessive of her, so she later apologized without end. But each time she apologized, she couldn’t help but break her restraint upon seeing Luo Nan’s expression. This happened over and over until the military came to urge them to leave the ship. Only then did she recover to normal.

Nearly twenty four hours had passed and the government, military, and Quantum Corporation’s investigation had finally come to an end. They didn’t have a reason to keep so many people detained, so they began to chase them out.

Zhang Yingying continued to hug Luo Nan’s arm the entire time on their hasty way out of the warship, speaking gently in search of forgiveness. Although there were people who raised their eyebrows at this behavior, she never had any intentions of letting go.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Macho macho man. One must open his heart wide in understanding right? At the very most I’ll never say that your small dick isn’t that big ever again……”


Luo Nan finally shouted things to a halt. He understood now: She wasn’t using her special charms, she was using embarassment to pressure him!

Luo Nan had to admit defeat against Zhang Yingying’s brazenness. He had been pulled around in circles down alleyways to uncomfortable topics, causing him to feel vexed:

“Fine then Lawyer Zhang. Miss Zhang. Right now I just want to know relevant information on this circle. The important information. Then I’ll let the rest go okay?”

Zhang Yingying was finally satisfied. She let go of hand with laughs and giggles:

“Sure thing. Let’s talk in the car.”

Bidding farewell to the transport ship, bidding farewell to a night of trouble, Luo Lan sat in Zhang Yingying’s sports car. He sat by himself in the back, intentionally keeping some distance between him and this shameless gal.

Zhang Yingying turned her head to look at his expression, nearly exploding with another speil of laughter when doing so. Only when Luo Nan’s cold and menacing gaze looked up did she restrain herself a bit:

“Okay, okay. Let’s cut to the main topic…… First of all I am positive that you’ve read a lot of novels for sure. You believe that our group of people are seeped from head to toe with mysticism. That we’re some sort of secret society, some dark organization?”

Aside from the fact that he didn’t read novels, it was all on the dot!

Luo Nan was left speechless for some time.

Zhang Yingying chuckled while she started the car: “What decade do you think we are living in. If the upper class don’t flaunt their wealth, if the best of the best don’t show off their skills, then they might as well be dead. Those in our circle have really gone to the next level. The reason why you haven’t discovered other special people is because of one reason: The numbers are too few.”

The flying car already had the route to Acumen College set up. The car cut into the superconductive roadway to coast in a uniform velocity state.

“The proportion of ability users to the rest of the population has continued to increase and rise in recent years. But according to the latest and the most extensive of statistical results that don’t include the vagrants in the wilderness and the military’s burners, only one ability user will emerge for every 20,000 people on average. There are less than 600,000 of them in the world. The number of people genuinely recognized in our circle as an ‘Awakened’ is far fewer. According to the latest statistics by our society, we’ve had approximately 70,000 of them emerge. And this is from the last twenty years. This is the result of cultivating new people under the continuous efforts and push of the ‘Awakening Project’.

“Society?” Luo Nan captured the crucial point once again.

“Our professional society Luo Nan. We also need to keep our best interests in mind right? Of course since our scale is too small, we operate under the affiliation of the International Science Expedition Society in name, classifying ourselves as Professional Explorers. You can directly go to our city’s Expedition Society in the future if you wish to resolve many miscellaneous matters.”


“Let’s continue talking then: 70,000 Awakened, whether it be through lineage, inheritance, or radiation as their root origin of power, are all scattered around extremely unequally. Of the 88 existing giant metropolises, some metropolises only contain three or two little kittens. Like Xia City is one of the more lively places, but we only have 1000 Awakened. And among these, a large portion of Awakened like to adventure and train in the wilderness. The number of Awakened who stay in the city is far fewer.”

“You need to understand that the majority of these people are prideful and stuck up, untamable and unsubduable, eccentric and perverted. To try to conform them together to form some secret society…… Ha. Sorry. I have to laugh at that.”

Luo Nan listened in great concentration, receiving a set of practical data from Zhong Yingying’s mouth. Images were shaping one by one within his heart to gradually build a strange yet fantastical world.

Half an hour passed. The flying car was approaching Acumen College. The flying car accessed the light guide rails and began to line up to enter landing platform.

Luo Nan asked a few crucial questions when Zhang Yingying finished with her explanation, then he immediately resumed back to his quiet and reserved state, writing and drawing in his notebook. However, most of what he drew was a mess of chaotic lines that was impossible to make heads to tails of; it wasn’t a new piece of work that was being created and it made the constantly sneaking-peaks Zhang Yingying be quite disappointed.

With her eyes on the landing pad, Zhang Yingying interrupted him: “Nervous? To the point that you can’t draw anything?”

“Isn’t it natural to be nervous when applying for a job? I mean, you mentioned that there would also be a live interview test……”

“Relax relax. This circle is quite thirsty for new blood. Since you already have a set ability, you’ll have a one hundred percent chance of passing when you apply to the society. The only variation you will see lies in your starting rank…… Does this macho macho man care about this empty title? Oh. We’re here.

They entered the landing pad. Since the vehicle wasn’t allowed to linger for more than a minute, Zhang Yingying no longer spoke wasteful words. She bid him farewell casually and freely:

“You already have my contact information. We also have a common understanding regarding matters about psychics. And so, I wish you the best of luck for a smooth interview.”

“Many thanks for your help.”

Luo Nan gave a deep meaningful glance at Zhang Yingying. He nodded his head while getting out of the car in a straightforward manner.

Zhang Yingying sent him off with a smile, bearing an easy-going attitude the entire time. However when Luo Nan had left, she laughed with a “ha!”. She swung her snowy white and long slender beautiful legs, flinging her high heels off onto the dashboard. Then she immediately dialed a number. She shouted noisily when the call went through:

“Boss! I discovered a super duper tender young sapling! You have to give me a bonus this month!”

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