Master of the Stars

Chapter 19: Period of Withdrawal (Part 2/2)

Chapter 19: Period of Withdrawal (Part 2/2)

“It’s done!”

Upon completing this task, Susan waved her hand in indication for Zhang Yingying to stop interfering with her work and to get lost immediately.

Zhang Yingying shamelessly didn't leave: “Hold up girl. Let me see who’s participating in the practical evaluations.”

“What the hell do you care about that for? Don’t y’all from the business office need to be at the Awakening Ceremony anyway to exert your influence?”

There are three observation stages for newcomers, which are internal to the organization. These three stages consist of the Entrance Evaluation, the Awakening Ceremony, and Professional Delineation in total. Zhang Yingying had to wait until the latter two stages before she could truly exert influence on the newcomers in order to pull them into their group.

Zhang Yingying replied with laughs and giggles: “We’re quite optimistic for this newcomer.”

“You say that every time.”

Susan’s eyebrows wrinkled, “Yingying. Is there a point in polishing newcomers day in and day out? And you only do it for these non-combat type personnel. Their Awakening is simpler than others. Your family’s Wu Huang really does have specialized skills to be able to guide quite a decent number of people into becoming personal family members with the boss. Indeed, this is the number one position in our circle.”

The plump fist smashed down lightly in the interactable region, ringing out with a muffled echo.

“The more riches one has, the more thieves one attracts. A powerful person attracts criticism like a tall tree attracts the wind. There become more concerns with recruiting people as the family becomes bigger. Look here. 70% of people in Hidden Indigo Business Office are non-combat personnel. How can you maintain your security? You need to know that some people aren’t willing to talk and chat business with you internal and external to the society.”

Zhang Yingying’s eyebrows jumped up: “Humph! That group of jealous pink eyes. They thoughtlessly shout their way to the top upon being awakened as combat types from the ceremony. And it was only a few years ago……. Hehe, Susan my dear. I know you mean the best for me.”

She revealed a smile as she spoke and was about to embrace Susan’s plump face with a kiss.

Susan pushed away from her in a bad mood: “Little girl, are you just pretending to be stupid or are you truly stupid. I remember you used to be quite opinionated. How did you become a yes-man right underneath your boss in the last two years? I remember the society ranking evaluations of the last two years. You haven’t made any headway. Has your Baihong (White Rainbow) stunted?”

Zhang Yingying saw that Susan was really angry; her smile shrunk a bit. She shrugged:

“I merely approve of the boss’s words. A person who possesses a heavy fist that can smash the world won’t have any effect on the continuing existence of the society. To smash the world is to suppress nature. Those who dominate society are ultimately those who maintain the existence of resources and production. As abstractly described, it can be likened to dealing with economic and other various high-level forms. Efficiency will increase if we allocate manpower to this aspect.”

Susan rolled her eyes: “I just feel that you’ve been brainwashed by his ma Wu Huang. Through mastery of power and might, one can also suppress others and seize everything they want.”

Zhang Yingying crossed her arms: “We can use gentler methods to achieve our goals, and achieve them more perfectly.”

Susan smashed another fist in the interactable region: “You guys just can’t let things turn into a match of power. To be completely relied upon by one’s fist! Then other people would be able to suppress you guys and it would be far easier for them to take everything!”

“Says who?”

“This proves everything!”

Puffy pig eyes and almond eyes stood in opposition. No one would budge an inch. Only when the two people’s wristbands vibrate with information did they snort at the same time and look down at their respective wristbands.

An informative priority notice was flashing on the screen:

“Emergency meeting?”

“All Awakened currently present in Xia City must attend? No virtual forms of communications allowed?”

“Feels like a plotted gathering.”

“Screw you. I admit the omens don’t look good though.”

“I feel like it will be quite decent if 50% turn up.”

“The most it will be is 50%.”

After three to five skillful exchanges, Zhang Yingying and Susan had reached a common understanding once again. Then they had verified something simultaneously.

Susan shook her head. She no longer paid heed to her uncompleted task. She stood up with her fat body in order to turn off the machine and get going.

“Hey hey hey. I need to see if there’s a reply yet?”

“See sh*t! That kid probably forgot to reply. Go go go. Let’s go to your car.”

“He’s clearly very impatient…… Ah, forget it! Let’s first get the meeting out of the way! But first, screw the car. You need to play Wilderness with me! For at least ten days and ten nights!”

“I’ll screw you for ten days and ten nights!”

The two people walked away laughing and giggling, tossing the few disputes they had into the empty air of the research institution.

Zhang Yingying was still thinking something over when she started up the sports car; should she give Luo Nan a call? But she had second thoughts. That kid was extremely paranoid. Too much pressure would make things worse. So she let the matter go for now.

The sports car set off out the institution’s gate and just happening to brush past the prestigious and luxurious car Titan.

The Titan was the number one car for hardcore car enthusiasts. And this was the top edition, Sky’s Fury. It was simply an imposing flying tank.

At present, Lian Yu sat by herself in the spacious back row seat of the car. Even if the arm rails and pedals were lifted up, the car would still feel absolutely spacious. But right at this time, Lian Yu felt an inexplicable feeling of danger.

She had promised Li Xuecheng that she would take his car to go back to school. But right now her current circumstances were completely different from what she imagined.

Li Xuecheng typically had a slimy temper. He sat by himself in the first row and didn’t speak a single word to her for the entire way so far. Instead, he made several repeated calls. It was unknown what he was tormented with.

Lian Yu had an ominous premonition, but she didn’t want to think too deeply of it. She could only force herself to remain calm, bringing out some cosmetics.

From within the vague flow of time, a noise suddenly leaped into her ear: “It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the school locker rooms. Especially the males’.”

Lian Yu’s hand trembled upon suddenly hearing these words. Her cosmetics mirror dropped to the floor. She stooped to pick it up, but the spacious seat in the front row revolved over right at this time. The commonly thin Li Xuecheng sat upon it. At first glance, he looked to be a teenager who hadn’t finished growing up yet.

Lian Yu forced herself to laugh. She reached out to pick up the cosmetic mirror. But Li Xuecheng also stooped down in front of her, looking as if he wanted to help, but really grabbing onto her hand.

“Jie Lian. I’m sorry. Today I’ve made you disappointed.”

Disappointed your ass! What qualifies you to say such things?

Li Xuecheng had spoken extremely tenderly, but Lian Yu did not feel any sympathy at all. Instead, it made all her hair stand on end. She thought about the fact that she was the hidden fantasy of this fellow and she nearly slapped him across the face.

But she could only struggle. She looked at Li Xuecheng’s gloomy and pasty face. Her just-ignited fury was extinguished in a flash like a flame that had icy water poured onto it. She could only do her best to open her mouth gently:

“Xuecheng. Calm down first……”

“I’m very calm. I’ve already prepared a present for you as we drove. Although it’s not very pleasing nor delightful……”

As he spoke, the projector had already cast the location of a stream of bustling people to the empty space on the left side of the car. Just as Li Xuecheng had mentioned before, this was a school locker room. Those coming and going were all young students.

Lian Yu noticed that the projection was in a first-person view. It was like some immersive-type game. However, the controlled character revealed the ‘props’ in his hand on his own accord.

A stun gun. A needleless syringe.

And in front of this character was a barely-considered-familiar back that just happened to be standing in front of a locker, changing clothes.

That was…… Luo Nan.

Lian Yu’s throat trembled unconsciously: “What are you up to?”

Li Xuecheng lightly kneaded Lian Yu’s knuckles. He laughed in a low voice: “I heard from our people on the inside that he managed to pass the urine test; he’s like a pure white lotus flower. Our brothers can’t accept this result of course~.”

Lian Yu couldn’t help raising her voice: “The police have already reached a verdict. What’s the point of drugging him now?”

Li Xuecheng was amazed: “Don’t people say that there’s always a withdrawal period after taking drugs? Relapsing or something like that?...... Come, let’s play together...”

“Let’s go!”

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