Master of the Stars

Chapter 405: True Target (Part 2/2)

Chapter 405: True Target (Part 2/2)

It was common knowledge that all Burners were generally the same in terms of ability. However, through controlling the Deep Blue Platform and its equipped weapons, a Burner could achieve higher destructive power. Anyone would run when faced with a Burner allocated with a ten million ton nuclear warhead.

Luo Nan knew of this, but he didn't think further in this direction. A new train of thought popped up in his mind from Papercut's reminder. "I recall that Sister Yueyin said that B rank Burners hold officer ranks?"

"Yes, some hold considerable power, controlling quite a few special forces within the Wilderness Combat Force. For instance, there's Secretary He's father. He holds a post that's closest to Xia City. There's also a special forces within the Coastal Defense Force that Crag Burst was a part of. The commander back then was a high-ranking major general, his name Tian Bang. He is a really bullish character."

"Tian Bang?"

"Yes. He has the same last name as your senior sister, but they shouldn't be related. He's an orphan, part of the Deep Blue Platform project since childhood. He certainly has undergone deep alterations. This is internal information that's only circulated within the inner world."

Luo Nan nodded, "I understand."

If orphans and young children were involved in the Burner alteration procedure, than it would be hard not to suspect the lower limits of the government and the military. This was undoubtedly something that those in power wanted the commoners to avoid suspecting the most.

"Is the Burner here Tian Bang? The Coastal Defense Station isn't located that far from Xia City."

"It's hard to say. I haven't met the person before. I just heard that he's always floating out at sea all year round, engaging in one battle after another with ocean Mutants. He is a terrifying combat force. It's very troubling."

Papercut's eyebrows wrinkled as he spoke, "The branch's intelligence department had no reaction at all with such a powerful person entering Xia City. It looks like the man didn't come in openly."

"Oh really?" Luo Nan was quite calm. Whether or not it was Tian Bang, the person definitely didn't possess ill intent.

"Try contacting the Secretary again. The best thing to do is ask if her father knows of the matter. If it really is Tian Bang, then the situation is very taboo."

Luo Nan tried to call her, but he could only shrug his shoulders. He was unable to contact her, so he could only leave a message describing the latest situation and assessment.

At this time, Xie Junping also received details about the presence of Ju Ling through the phone. Ju Maoxun was still hoppity mad over there. He was stimulated quite emotionally, as if he was the one being bullied.

Mo Peng and Luo Biyao cursed at him a few times, for the people here could only watch with cool eyes of a bystander. Whether they were coming to a resolution or pressing charges, only Qiu Peipei's family was qualified to make the decision. Luo Nan and the others could only provide testimony as a party and witness.

With people and words coming and going, the more one became bored and gloomy. Papercut was really worried for Luo Nan not being able to deal with further issues arising. He pulled Luo Nan toward the sofa, talking as they walked.

"This is the reason why so many people don't like the normal world. When a conflict arises with authority involved, there's just a mass of clauses and rules. The more people you know, the more restrictions you have. Just look at Leister. He unleashed an awesome punch just then, but now he has to suffer for a very long time. He might even have to go to court."

Luo Nan became much more focused by the time they sat on the sofa. Papercut sat between him and Cat Eyes. Luo Nan asked him, "How do you normally handle such things, Brother Papercut?"

"Me? I get a pile of small paper men and send them to his house for a party. Yeah, something like that."

Luo Nan felt that his expression had to become very strange in this moment.

Papercut chuckled, "We possess all sorts of powers, how can we strictly follow the logic of the normal world in handling affairs? Unless this world has enough power to counteract us."

Cat Eyes swayed her glass of alcohol lightly as she sat down on the sofa. She cast a sidelong glance, "Retard!"

Papercut wasn't angry, "Aren't we just talking here? In any case, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When you deal with others using abnormal logic, others will use abnormal logic to deal with you. We're in Xia City, so things are a bit better for us. Just look at Red Fox. He was there rooting out evil, but look at what happened to him. Sometimes I really wish that someone would look after me. I would live a regular life and pass my days peacefully. Perhaps this could have been done at Headquarters in the past, but unfortunately, it's impossible thanks to that son of a bitch."

Luo Nan handed over a fruit platter as a gesture of comfort. He asked while passing, "How many ability users are there like you?"

Papercut picked up a few apples slices, "What do you mean by 'like you'?"

Luo Nan thought about it and said, "Like those in the Society; they have a legitimate career. They earn money for a living, and they follow the rules of the normal world most of the time."

Of the few ability users he knew, Cat Eyes was a dance teacher. Papercut owned an arts and crafts store. Octopus and Mr. Bai were doctors. Mr. Giant Arm owned a daoguan. And Her Majesty Empress Wu's firm kept a close distance with the normal world.

However, there were also those like President Ouyang, who wholeheartedly spent their time doing research. There was also those like Bamboo Pole, who were quite reclusive and only did service for those of the same 'profession'. Crag Burst and Red Fox didn't have steady work either, but they lived their lives quite comfortably.

The inner world and the normal world converged and split just like this. There were many complex intersection, and the corresponding pulses were hard to grasp. It made one quite troubled

Papercut opened his mouth as he sought to respond, but he suddenly remembered that there was one more task that needed finishing tonight. He turned with a smile, asking Cat Eyes, "How about you explain it?"

Cat Eyes's expression remained the same as she poured the peat-flavored whiskey down her throat. She gave a leisurely sneer, disinclined to pay heed to Papercut.

Papercut didn't push it. He just shrugged and said, "In this world, the barrier between ability users and normal society is truly becoming thinner and thinner. Some people are opposed to this trend, while some people approve it. There are also some who just go with the flow. Xia City has fewer regulations and restrictions. While there are many people who go with the flow, there is also a sizable number of people in other cities who feel strongly about assimilation. They want to realize the era of ability users. There's also a portion of people who are extremely firm on maintaining distance. To maintain lineage."

It was unknown which of the words he said evoked her interest, but Cat Eyes' suddenly spoke after taking a drink of her alcohol, "Actually, they are all one group. The group of supremacists."

Luo Nan understood instantly, "So they believe they're more advanced than normal people?"

"Purists or maybe those who want enslave others." Cat Eyes said. She laughed, minding to herself before casting a sidelong glance at Luo Nan, "Like a certain someone, boss. Boss Luo. What do you think?"

The subject had gone wildly off-mark, plus she didn't seem to be asking. It was more like mockery.

Luo Nan didn't want to respond nor did he feel a need to respond. Luckily, Xie Junping had finished his phone calls and walked over, "Nanster, I got some information. Ju Ling is the son of Ju Maoxun's uncle. He served in the military for many years and just recently transferred from the the City Defense Force to the Wilderness Combat Force and Coastal Defense Force. He already holds the rank of lieutenant colonel. I hear he's a Burner."

Burner? Coastal Defense Force?

Luo Nan and Papercut locked gazes for a moment. They immediately thought of the two upstairs. No matter how many Burners there were in Xia City, No matter how abundant the soldiers there were in the Coastal Defense Force, one just couldn't pick out a B-rank bigshot at random, right?

"There's an eighty percent chance it’s him! This god damn luck!"

"Who?" Xie Junping wasn't willing to go on bickering with Ju Maoxun. He sat on the sofa, leaned back, and groaned. This was the first time he gave off the air of a silk pants young master since the day began.

Luo Nan did some more observing through the living starry sky. He felt that there were truly some subtle changes to Xie Junping's projected constellation. However, there was something more important to do right now, and that was to observe the suspicious character known as Tian Bang.

There weren't really any grievances right now, but what if a situation were to occur due to the relationship between Ju Maoxun and Ju Ling? Now that would be a headache to handle.

Right when he was about to go investigate, a person's voice sounded out by the entrance. Everyone had sharp ears. They heard the words, “Tian Si, are you here too? Great, gather everyone. We will discuss how the handle things."

Who the heck was this?

The voice sounded a bit familiar, but the arrogant and bossy attitude given off left a greater impression. It made one believe that it was President Ouyang, Her Majesty Empress Wu, or someone personal on a big boss level at first.

Luo Nan couldn't think of who it was at the first instant, but Xie Junping, who had just relaxed, suddenly sat up straight, "What the hell did he come here for? It's bad luck with him coming here. It'll be hard to stop this bro from acting and seizing this chance to talk to Tian Si."

Xie Junping hurried over as he spoke.

Luo Nan and Papercut locked gazes. They put their heads together and soon ascertained the person's identity. It was Chen Weican, the vice president of Acumen College's Student Council and chair of the Mutual Assistance Gathering. He was an elite face, but also a fellow who gave off bad vibes.

Chen Weican wore a casual suit not really compatible with the atmosphere of Frost River Reality, but he stood tall and straight and every movement of his was formal. He really did draw people's attention as he entered the room.

It was just that Xue Lei, whose heart might be still harboring troubles, might give him an iron punch if Chen Weican continued to walk into the crowd of people while still maintaining this attitude.

Chen Weican didn't notice Xue Lei. It could be said that he didn't take heed of anybody. He just stood there like a tree. He couldn't be compared to the quick-witted Tian Si, but he wasn't superfluous. He just waved his hand, strengthening his body language. He also made a call to someone through his wristband at the same time.

"I also hope that Frost River Reality will handle things in a timely manner. It isn't worth it for the existence of a certain trouble maker to affect the good praises from the numerous students. Manager Yin, you're almost here right? Okay, we will chat again once you arrive."

A light exhalation, and Chen Weican expression loosened a bit. He turned his eyes and saw that Tian Si was still standing in the same spot. He was a bit surprised, "Everyone's all summoned?"

"Everyone's already here. The police are here. Who else is there to summon?" Xie Junping drew close and chuckled, "Vice President Chen. It's rare to see you at a place like Frost River Reality. Which rich family are you entertaining?"

Chen Weican's gaze flitted across Xie Junping's face. He didn't show any emotion nor did he express hostility. The sense of being ignored was stronger, but it would be incorrect to say he was arrogant. It seemed that he was a bit distracted.

Luo Nan observed using his senses, a bit baffled, but what drew his attention the most was who Chen Weican talked to on the phone: Sister Yin. So she was still acting as manager at Frost River Reality. How unexpected.

Before this thought could finish, Luo Nan confirmed that this familiar target had entered the edge of his sensing range; she had drawn closer, and she was rapidly decreasing the distance between them.

Luo Nan didn't pay attention to the following exchange between Chen Weican and Xie Junping. He sat on the sofa with a furrowed brow. He was locked onto the target, and he observe her walk ever closer.

It didn't take long for him to observe the clear sounds of footsteps through deliberate filtering via his mental senses. She was about thirty meters way, and her footsteps stopped for a moment before soon picking back up again. A knock on the door occurred several seconds later, and a white collar beauty with an outstanding bearing strode into the room.

She had a refined appearance and a bearing that was out of the norm. She was the example of perfection amongst her age of light maturity. Her glowing eyes swiveled as she entered, drawing in the situation of the room.

The cold gaze paused for a slight moment when it rested on Luo Nan's face, but then it continued to scan Papercut, Cat Eyes, and Xue Lei. She hid it quite well. If Luo Nan wasn't expecting her, he might have neglected who she was.

The directive nature of her gaze was due to not only them being of the same profession, but them being enemies. There was no other possibility.

Sure enough, she was Yin Le!

Luo Nan was baffled. Shouldn't this sister be holed up at home, properly nurturing the Human-Faced Arachnid clone? What did she come out for?

The thought instantly formed and perished. To say that there weren't any omens lurking deep in his mind was incorrect. There was an omen, and it clearly appeared within the living starry sky.

In this moment, the B rank Burner separated several hundred meters away at Chief Liu Ge suddenly bubbled forth with an enmity that could not be detected before.


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