Master of the Stars

Chapter 8: The Devouring Flames (Part 1/2)

Chapter 8: The Devouring Flames (Part 1/2)

Drugs…… The manufactured drugs!

Xie Junping was not completely retarded. His brain had finally wound and turned to an understanding, but his mood turned even worse.

Quantum Corporation… especially wouldn’t let others survive!

It must be known that the Xie Family owns a portion of the industry in the field where the most cutting edge of drugs are produced and sold; their strength was strong. But they lacked the confidence to truly compare themselves with Quantum Corporation, a megacorp valued to be one of the top three in the entire world.

The Quantum Corporation rapidly erupted in power after the war. At the beginning of the 90’s, they proposed the concept of Burners using Archetype Formatting Theory as the foundation. They created the Deep Blue Platform by themselves, releasing the Deep Blue Walkers, and changing the methods of war between mankind and the Mutants. They immediately and effectively recovered a great deal of territory that was conventionally used by humanity.

Everyone with insight knew that Quantum Corporation appeared to exert their strength in their Weapon’s Platform. Actually their nature lies in performing sets of research, where really they made major breakthroughs in the life sciences. Their cumulative research in related fields was absolutely one of the very best in the world.

Nowadays this capital giant has at last extended their tentacles into the most cutting edge of the drug manufacturing field….. The several drug companies where the Xie Family has equity in might be in for a panic.

But Xie Junping carefully reconsidered things. According to any investor worth their salt, those who first receive reliable information will have received an astonishing amount of wealth.

Zhang Yingying looked at Xie Junping lost in thought. She crossed her arms and sneered:

“Sucker. Was the information worth the price?”

Worth it! Way worth it!”

Xie Junping had always used his face like a salesman. He lightly whipped out a happy and smiling face: “Yingying my friend, you’ve done me a huge favor. For all my life, I’ll remember your good……”

Zhang Yingying’s tiny face was so tender that water could be drawn with a pinch. Yet, her fundamental nature was that of an impervious lord. Her eyelids didn’t even rise: “Sounds good~ This year the fee will be raised by 50% then. I thank you on behalf of the boss.”

Xie Junping withered in a flash. He spoke hastily and messily: “Oh! That’s right! Quantum Corporation and Luo Nan. Is there a connection between them? That Archetype Formating Theory……”

Zhang Yingying responded lazily: “No matter what academic misconduct that Yan Hong had, the results that he sold to Quantum Corporation were final. Personal strength has no meaning when compared to an investment group. The Quantum Corporation wouldn’t pay any attention to these sorts of tiny ants. Don’t go about scaring yourself okay?”

Xie Junping wasn’t concerned about this point though. He had actually made a connection to a different problem. He mumbled for quite a while before finally opening his mouth: “If Luo Nan’s been brought onto a warship, do you think he will…..”

“Just speak plainly; you’re worried that others would sell you out.”

Zhang Yingying sneered: “Even though the most normal thing would be to sell you out, he has yet to do so at the present! According to reliable information, he hasn’t spoken a single word ever since he was brought in for custody.“

“Really?” Xie Junping was somewhat doubtful. According to common sense, Luo Nan didn’t need to carry him for his sake.

Zhang Yingying spread her hand open: “One who’s determined to leave his name in history as an Anti-Hero... You will never be able to guess what he’s thinking. For example, the recording……”


“Yep. That Phantom of yours that’s worth 500 million automatically recorded a security video. Did you really believe the police won’t obtain it?”

“Huh? AH!” Xie Junping only realized at this time. His face lost all color. “Then then then……”

Zhang Yingying sighed: “The police criminal records would have already turned to dust by the time you realize things! Relax, the records have already been deleted.”

Xie Junping’s hands clasped together. He repeatedly expressed his gratitude: “Thank-you for your thorough work Yingying.”

“Can you not credit me for someone else’s work…… This was another righteous deed by our Anti-Hero.”

“Dang! So virtuous!”

Xie Junping was really shocked this time. The car was under his name; this was an undisputable fact. All Luo Nan had to do was cooperate with the police by telling the truth. By using this together with a copy of the video recording, all suspicion towards Luo Nan would have been removed easily.

But Luo Nan had chosen to delete the recording and keep silent, giving Xie Junping a cushion of leeway. This was an extremely huge favor!

Xie Junping split his head thinking and was still unable to understand why Luo Nan was willing to go this far. In the end all he could do was sigh emotionally:

“Virtuous. Virtuous beyond compare!”

As Xie Junping spoke these words, he found himself deep in thought in an instant. Should he go with the flow and let this Anti-Hero carry him?

He could always discuss how to make it up for him later on…..

But he thought things over again. It would also be fine if he was carried. If he was implicated, there’s nothing he could do about it. The intermediate processes will surely increase in complexity, increasing the uncertainty significantly.

The flying car Phantom was under his name. It would be hard for him to wipe himself clean no matter what.

And he thought of Luo Nan, of the pair of bewitching heterochromic pupils. Xie Junpei’s heart slightly trembled inexplicitly. He was unsure of the cause of this.

“Oh Yingying. What do you……”

“What’s wrong. Did you sprain your head thinking?”

“N-no that didn’t happen!”

Xie Junping thought a bit. It would be hard to talk about these kind of things. He might as well just heavily set his foot down and forget it. Other people have progressed things this far already. He can’t be scared. He needs to first go fish some folks up before deciding what to do next.

Yep. He’ll let the Anti-Hero continue being righteous just as before!

At this moment Luo Nan the Anti-Hero was sitting alone in the corner. Ice cold metal plating was behind his back and beneath his body. No markings of any kind were on all sides of him. It was a rough cold-hardiness befitting a warship, obscuring his thoughts.

It was like a spiritual ghost that was soon absorbed by Luo Nan. The other people in the same room didn’t have things as easy as he did. Each one of them had restless appearances.

No one ever thought that they would actually be lifted into military warships and put in detention during what had been an ordinary security event.

At first this group of rich kids wailed about the procedures, about seeing lawyers. But after about an hour, not a single echo could be heard. The room was closed off from the outside. Only ice-cold warbots stood guard over them. Their bulky anti-riot guns looked to be terribly painful.

Later on, the dozen or so people could only look at each other in dismay. They gradually calmed down.

Luo Nan’s head hung low. His breathing was indiscernible.

It was exactly 8 o’clock in the morning right now. Normally Luo Nan would be already waiting in the classroom for class to start at this time. And, he would have eaten breakfast with a portion size for at least five people…...

At the present Luo Nan could only eat meals using the most traditional chemical method of humanity, taking food and transforming it to energy. Replenishment through consumption. Notably he had taken a few extra precautions. For instance, the energy bar he had inside his pocket.

But today’s mishap had caused him to use that energy bar early on. He no longer had a means to replenish himself. This, along with him missing his usual eating time, caused Luo Nan to feel as if an black hole had opened up in his stomach, squeezing the energy from his flesh and blood without limit.

Under normal circumstances, the feeling of hunger wouldn’t be as serious as it was now. But the causes behind Luo Nan being lifted onto the warship caused Luo Nan to be forced to expend a price.

Luo Nan was forcefully detained under suspicion of carrying illegal drugs. Even though the police didn’t have the time to go through the interrogation process, urine testing and related simple works had started shortly after boarding and were under way.

This was a necessary execution of procedure. There was no explanations needed.

Luo Nan could point to the sky and swear on the sun. He was 100% not a drug addict. He 100% never touched the drugs in the box. He 100% wasn’t part of Xie Junping’s no-good group of friends.

But the problem was the drug mixture he had injected in the morning before he left home. The mixture contained a proportion of illegal ingredients that was absolutely off the charts! If everyone else in the room had their quantities of illegal ingredients added together, their total probably wouldn’t even reach a fraction of his.

By following down this path of logic Luo Nan really was sh*tting himself. Anyway, he wouldn’t be able to reason his way out of this.

This was the exact reason why Luo Nan had deliberately activated his Appetite King skill immediately. He went all out in increasing the metabolism of his body.

Time turned fast from Luo Nan’s perspective.

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