Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 10 Part1

Xie Mingzhe reckoned that the Additional Skill of the [Lin Daiyu], as its name suggested, to trigger off instant death of flower and plant cards, was automatically created by the system in accordance with his imagination as he was thinking of the story of Daiyu burying the flowers while picturing the [Lin Daiyu] that was designed to overcome most flower and plant cards. Unfortunately, its Defense was low and the chance of using its skill was only 10%. In other words, its data was terrible.

What should he do with this card? To sell it for several gold coins? He was too badly off. Thinking of it, Xie Mingzhe concentrated attentively on producing the [Lin Daiyu] cards again.

He had the right to produce the cards as he had its copyright, while others were prohibited from doing the same thing.

Xie Mingzhe had used up the Nebula paper to make 9 [Lin Daiyu] cards.

The reason why he had made 9 same cards was that he hadn't made any cards before. He wanted to learn the techniques and gain more experience of creating cards. He had noticed that the more he focused on the cards, the clearer the picture and the better the data would be. For instance, the last [Lin Daiyu] card he made had different data from the first card. Although its Defense was 16, it was indeed improved.

Xie Mingzhe collected the 9 [Lin Daiyu] cards and took them to the black market with optimism.

After arriving at the black market, Xie Mingzhe walked around it first, because he knew he would be cheated easily as a newbie if he didn't know the market clearly in the game. Studying the market first was the habit he developed through years of playing online games. The black market was a suitable place to do market research as it had all kinds of cards.

After investigating, he had a basic understanding of the market.

The original one-star cards that had good data and powerful skills would be sold at auction or leveled up to seven stars and then sold at a high price. In the black market, the one-star cards with the ordinary data were sold for 50 gold coins (it was equivalent to 5 RMB in the real world), the cards with terrible data but a beautiful surface were sold for 20 to 30 gold coins and other cards having bad data and ugly surface were sold for less than 10 gold coins.

A lot of upgrading materials were needed for a one-star card to be leveled up to a seven-star card, so the one-star cards were cheap in general, especially those having terrible data were sold at a very low price. Players bought those one-star cards in the black market mainly because they were originally created. Such a card was valueless and players dealt in it as a collection.

Having known the price, Xie Mingzhe walked to a large stall, whose signboard read 'Purchasing original cards'. He asked politely, "h.e.l.lo, I have some original cards. Do you want them?"

The stall owner took his card and looked at it, “The image on the card is pretty good, but the data is too low.”

Xie Mingzhe had already prepared himself for being laughed at. He smiled and said, “I'm just an inexperienced beginner. The data is indeed terrible. How much can I sell it at?”

The stall owner rubbed his chin, poring over the card. He felt that this card was somewhat strange.

The image on the card was quite beautiful – a delicate and touching girl whose face was bathed in tears, as well as realistic petals and trees as auxiliary decorations – it was just like a painting. He had never seen such a pretty card. But the terrible data was no match for the beautiful image. That's weird.

The stall owner asked confusedly, "Are you the maker of this card? Are there any more?"

Xie Mingzhe took out the remaining eight, “That's all. Do you want to buy them?”

The stall owner thought for a moment and said, “These cards are really beautiful, but the data is so terrible. They are pleasant to the eye but of no use. Besides, they are character cards, not cute animal cards, which are not very popular in the market. I can only sell them to players who like collecting character cards. Well, nine cards for a total of 30 gold coins, how about that?” Original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

“30 is too low for such a beautiful card.”

“30 is not a low price. You can ask other stall owners nearby. Only one-star cards with good data can sell 50 gold coins each. Cards having pretty images only are sold for 20 gold coins each on average. This card is quite beautiful, so I offer 30 for it. Maybe I will fail to sell the cards to other players!”

What the stall owner said agreed with the market prices Xie Mingzhe had known. After all, this card's Defense was too low. Actually 20 gold coins or so was what he had expected, and 30 was higher than that. Xie Mingzhe replied without hesitation, “Well, then 30 gold coins for each. 9 cards total 270 gold coins. They are all yours!”

“OK!” Cash on delivery, they made a deal.

Xie Mingzhe got 270 gold coins and went to the stall selling Nebula papers again.

The stall owner greeted Xie Mingzhe as he saw the latter, “It's you, Uncle Chubby. Want to buy more Nebula papers?”

Xie Mingzhe said with a smile, “I'm a regular customer, so still 10 gold coins for one paper, is that okay?”

The stall owner seemed to be depressed. He lowered his voice, “You must not tell others about this price, or I will lose my money.”

Xie Mingzhe gave a smile showing “I know”, then he said, “OK. Then I can buy papers at your stall every day.”

The stall owner, “………”

Give me a break! You said that you were a novice without money, but why did you get money in a blink of an eye? You went back to bought Nebula papers in just half an hour. Did you really have no money?

Suddenly, the stall owner believed that if this guy went into business, he must be a profiteer.

Xie Mingzhe felt very happy because he bought some Nebula papers at a low price.

To buy the Nebula paper for 70 gold coins and sell 10 [Lin Daiyu] cards for 300 gold coins. Every time, he could make a profit of 230 gold coins, equal to the real currency 23 crystal coins, which was enough for a meal.

When Xie Mingzhe got proficient in making cards, to make 10 [Lin Daiyu] cards only took him half an hour. To earn more than twenty crystal coins in half an hour was economical. As long as he persisted in making cards, his life would get better gradually. After all, penny and penny laid up will be many.

After Xie Mingzhe made up his mind, with a good mood, he went back to his personal apartment and continued to make the [Lin Daiyu] card.


As soon as he left the black market, a customer came to Boss Zhang's stall.

The ID of the player was “Hong Zhu”. The figure with a long ponytail was about 1.6 meters tall, wearing a red tight dress and a pair of black high-heeled sandals. She said in a clear voice, “Boss Zhang, do you have new original cards these days?”

The boss replied respectfully, “Sister Hong Zhu, pick whatever card you want.”

Hong Zhu said, “Due to the preparation for the new season, our guild only collect cards with high Attack.”

The owner handed her a stack of four-star cards with high Attack, “If there are cards you like, 500 gold coins per card. As a regular customer, an affordable price.”

With bowed head, Hong Zhu picked cards carefully but only selected three good cards. Obviously, she was a little disappointed. When she gave the other cards back, she asked, “Anything else?”

The boss said, “All cards with high basic attributes are here. Would you mind having another look at these cards?”

Hong Zhu ran down the whole stall, and suddenly, a stack of special cards caught her attention. She squatted down and watched the card carefully. The card was named [Lin Daiyu], on which depicted a beauty who threw petals gently to the ground, with tears on her face and in her eyes and petals in her hands. The drifting petals were scattered all over the ground, the scene of which made Hong Zhu heartrending.

“Eh? This card is really beautiful.” Hong Zhu picked up the card and looked at its data —

Health 100, Attack 0, Defense 15. Apparently, it was a failed original card with extremely low attributes.

Its additional skill was “Daiyu Burying the Flowers”. What a strange skill name!

Hong Zhu looked further down. The description of its skill – to inflict severe damage on flower cards, with a 10% chance for instant death.

Instant death? Did it mean to destroy the target in an instant?

She had never seen this kind of compulsory judgment in online games before. Was the card a kind of tactical cards that could seckill the enemy, which was put forward by legend Tang?

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