Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 11 Part2

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After taking the card from Hong Zhu, she was so stunned by its highly targeted skills that she had failed to keep a clear mind.

But Tang Muzhou was more alert than she was.

Especially when he woke up at 5 pm, he considered problems more calmly and keenly than Xue Linxiang did.

Tang Muzhou didn't fear in the least that someone provoked him deliberately by making a highly targeted card. Because in recent years, major clubs had studied his set of playing cards and created a large number of cards to defeat him.

Not only his powerful cards, but also his extremely fast adaptability and exceptionally excellent competence to manipulate cards, enabled him to make remarkable achievements. Even if the skill of Daiyu Burying the Flowers could defeat one of his flower and plant trump cards, he still had other more powerful cards. In the compet.i.tion, players enriched their card pools with several alternative cards, which made it impossible for other players to conquer every card he had.

However, it was horrible that the card was created by coincidence.

n.o.body knew the creator of this card and how gifted he was in the least. He had unconsciously made a [Lin Daiyu] that could defeat some of Tang Muzhou's cards, what if he created other strange cards in the future? If he made a collection of cards that could beat flower and plant cards and sold them to major clubs, Tang Muzhou would undergo an exceedingly tough time in the next season.

Many of Tang Muzhou's flower and plant cards would be completely worthless if every professional player had a [Lin Daiyu].

While Xue Linxiang was depressed, Tang Muzhou asked her, "Who is the creator of this card? Sister Xue, have you found any clues?"

Regaining her wits, Xue Linxiang replied immediately, "Hong Zhu bought this card at the black market, but the stall owner forgot the name of the seller. The only clue to the ident.i.ty of the card's creator was the LOGO on the back of the card, you can take a look at it."

Turning the card over, Tang Muzhou noticed that there were no decorative patterns on its green back, instead, there were two characters in the lower right corner: 月 and 半¹.

Being confused, Shen An speculated while scratching his head, "What does 月半 mean? Half of the moon?"

Tang Muzhou smiled slightly, saying, "These two characters, 月半, forms one word '胖', which means chubby, the creator is not a fatty, right?"

“…” Shen An and Xue Linxiang looked at each other.

What the h.e.l.l! A chubby!

Who would stamp the unpleasant, ugly LOGO on the back of their cards? Were they serious?

Looking at the card with interest, Tang Muzhou smiled and said, “Looking at the base attributes, we could see that the designer knows nothing about how to make cards. But in the aspect of its originality, he is a rare genius. I conclude that he is a talented beginner who just started playing the game and the card may be his first work. He has no notion of balancing, so the card skills are very distinctive, but just as what we see, its numeral distribution isn't reasonable.”

As he spoke, Tang Muzhou opened his flat-panel optical brain and connected it to the card database.

Original translation from w.a.n.gmamaread.

The game stipulated the rules of copyright protection of cards, and the LOGO must be unique. So the number of cards can be retrieved from the official database, according to the designer's LOGO; only the number could be seen, and the specific cards would not be displayed for privacy.

Tang Muzhou entered the official database and typed “Chubby” to check the number of the designer's cards.

19 cards.

Obviously, Xue Linxiang also saw it and her eyes widened, “Hong Zhu said there were only nine cards! Why are there ten more cards?”

Tang Muzhou said, “Maybe Hong Zhu just got nine cards, and the other 10 were already sold in the market.”

Thinking of the possibility, Xue Linxiang broke out into a cold sweat.

The last thing she had wanted to see had happened. If the cards were bought by collectors, it was not too bad. However, once the cards fell into the hands of major clubs that were proficient in card functions and skills, they would be evolved into seven-star cards and strengthened with a 100% chance of instant death, used as a trump card against Tang Muzhou!

In the future PK, all opponents could use this kind of cards to instakill Tang Muzhou's ace flower cards…

Was the chubby a killer of Tang Muzhou?!

Xue Linxiang took a deep breath and immediately sent a video message to Hong Zhu, “Xiao ‘zhu, there may be another 10 [Lin Daiyu] cards on the market. Call on our club and make a thorough search of the black market and the commercial street. Get all the cards as soon as possible! In addition, once you find the card maker, you must bring him back to the club anyway you can – even if you have to intimidate or tempt him! "

Hong Zhu had realized the seriousness of the situation. She nodded vigorously, “Sister Xue, rest a.s.sured. I bought the card in the black market from stall owner Mr. Zhang. I'm on a stakeout of Zhang's stall. As long as the card maker comes to sell the card again, I will catch him!”


At the same time, at the black market.

Xie Mingzhe didn't go to Zhang's stall to sell cards. After all, he just sold 9 cards to Mr. Zhang. If none of them had been sold, then the cards would be slow sellers. Under this condition, Mr. Zhang would definitely not offer a price of 30 gold coins for each card.

So, witty as Xie Mingzhe was, he went to another stall.

The owner of this stall was a little girl who liked [Lin Daiyu] much. She said, “The card's data is terrible, but the picture is so beautiful. Well, I only need two of them, and I can offer a unit price of 30 gold coins. I won't sell these two cards – I will add them to my collection!”

Xie Mingzhe agreed without hesitation. Anyway, he was the owner of the copyright, so he could make countless [Lin Daiyu]. He just wanted to sell as many cards as possible.

After he sold two to the little girl, he walked up to a middle-aged man to promote the cards with his silver tongue.

The man said with a long face, “Character cards are not that collectable. This game has been in operation for ten years. There have been too many character cards, but… yours have a special style. I'll buy 5 at a unit price of 25 gold coins.”

The man was right. Character cards were not very popular in the low-end card market. So Xie Mingzhe, who knew to quit while he was ahead, sold 5 cards to the man. As for the rest, he sold them to another stall owner at a unit price of 25 gold coins.

Ten [Lin Daiyu] were all sold out, but Xie Mingzhe knew that this was not a long-term solution. Character cards with bad attributes were not very popular in this game. He could only create dozens of this card at most. Otherwise, no one would buy [Lin Daiyu] if he promoted it in the black market.

So, he had to think about what cards he should make and how to improve card attributes as soon as possible.

After returning to his single room apartment, Xie Mingzhe began to study how to make a new card. But he did not know that the black market in this game had descended into chaos!

Translator's Note:

1. 月 and 半 are two parts of the Chinese character 胖, which means chubby. In the future chapters, we will write Xie Mingzhe's logo as "Chubby"

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