Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 14 Part1

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After dinner, by 6:30 p.m. all boosters had entered the game together. As soon as he arrived at his personal s.p.a.ce, Xie Mingzhe heard a system notification: “You have new emails. Please check them using the LCD screen in the living room.”

Xie Mingzhe heeded the notification prompt and opened his mailbox —

Official Mail: “The 10th Star Card Professional League Nationals will be officially launched on August 10. Ticket booking channels are now fully open…”

Official Mail: “In order to welcome the coming season, anniversary cards can be obtained after signing into the game for five days during Aug. 1 to 10…”

A sea of official emails dazzled Xie Mingzhe.

Recently, it was a critical period for the new season, so there were many official activities. Looking at the pile of notification emails, Xie Mingzhe didn't bother to read them and simply turned off the mailbox. The moment Senior Brother Qi sent him a party invite, Xie Mingzhe joined his team and continued to gain experience on Egret Star.

At this time, in the black market.

“Hasn't Uncle Chubby answered you yet?” Can Yang looked at Shuang Shuang and asked.

“I have sent him an email. Maybe he's offline?” Shuang Shuang looked depressed.

“…” Can Yang frowned and kept silent for a moment, saying, “If he replies to you, tell me straight away. If you find him in the black market, contact him immediately and tell him that I want to buy his cards in bulk, then let him take up the matter with me personally."

“OK, Vice President.” Shuang Shuang felt guilty about it and anxiously watched as the vice president left. Up until now, she had barely played the game for more than a month, and only had a limited knowledge of the battle cards. In the Adjudication Club, it was her Shifu who should have set up the stall in the black market. But because her Shifu had something to deal with today, she had been asked to act as a temporary replacement. She didn't realize how special the skills of the [Wu Song] card were, and if she had thought more carefully at that time, she wouldn't have let Uncle Chubby go so easily.

But now she couldn't get in touch with Uncle Chubby. Shuang Shuang clenched her teeth and turned around to send emails to Uncle Chubby again.

At the end of the street, because Hong Zhu didn't see the person who she had been waiting for, she became a little impatient and called some senior members for a private meeting, “From now on, everyone must thoroughly search the black market. Pay attention to the back of all original cards. The moment you find a card with the original LOGO "月半", track the seller and find out who he is as soon as possible!”

All the people looked at each other – 月半? How did this guy offend sister Hong Zhu? Looking at sister Hong Zhu, with hatred in her eyes and gnashing her teeth in anger, they were really worried that that guy would be cruelly exploited.


Can Yang took the [Wu Song] card back to his club base, giving it to Huan Yue, the president of the Adjudication Club.

Actually, Huan Yue had studied a lot about card data and was a card expert in the Adjudication Club. Seeing this card, his eyes instantly brightened and his first reaction was to take the card to his personal s.p.a.ce immediately. Can Yang followed him as a matter of course.

They went to the Card Console in the study. Huan Yue withdrew a number of Exp Star Stones of various levels from the display case, using them to upgrade the card to level 20, and then he used two-star fragments on the card to evolve it to a two-star card. He proceeded to continually upgrade and evolve the card…

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In an instant, millions of Exp Star Stones and 600 evolution fragments of differing levels were fed to the [Wu Song] card.

The one-star card at level 1 continued to rotate above the Card Console, and gradually the appearance of the card's back changed color. In the end, the card became a glossy pure black, with its back covered in gorgeous fire-red patterns.

It had risen to level 70 and become a seven-star black card!

Picking up the card, Huan Yue read its data.

Wu Song (Fire)

Card Level: 70

Evolution Level: ★★★★★★★

Available Times of Use: 7/7

Base Attributes: Health 19200, Defense 19200, Attack 19200, Agility 80, Critical Strike Chance 90%

Additional Skill: Wu Song Slaying the Tiger (Wu Song throws punches at the tiger's head to cause huge damage to it. Has an 85% chance of triggering the instant death effect.)

While reading the data, Huan Yue asked with his eyebrows furrowed, "Do you have Legend Nie's [White Tiger]?"

Can Yang nodded, "Yes. Legend Nie asked me to repair it after it was damaged due to his frequent use in the last season. I have just repaired it."

Huan Yue replied, "Let's go to the Arena and test its power."

They glanced at each other and transferred from the galaxy map to the Phoenix Galaxy, creating a private battle arena.

The battle had begun. Can Yang summoned the seven-star [White Tiger] that leapt forward and pounced on the Wu Song hologram aggressively. However, Wu Song briskly clenched his fists and punched the tiger on its head when it had just approached him, which knocked the giant tiger down to the ground.

It was an instant kill!

Being frightened, Can Yang browsed through the battle record.

[Wu Song] used its [Wu Song Slaying the Tiger] skill, triggering instant death and killing the [White Tiger].

That was all on the record.

It was too simple to be evaluated.

Huan Yue had also seen the battle record, saying thoughtfully, "Triggering the instant death effect can kill the other card in one round as expected. Is this the first time it's happened in the game?"

Can Yang was shocked, “I have never seen such a strange skill like ‘trigger instant death'!”

Huan Yue thought for a moment and said, “Do you have any other high-level cards? Try another one.”

Can Yang said, “Legend Lan's [Fire Phoenix].”

The seven-star [Fire Phoenix] summoned a phoenix coated in a flaming red. Its huge wings spread out, almost covering the sky. Fire Phoenix suddenly opened its wings and let out a shrill cry. It quickly swooped down to Wu Song on the ground, just like a huge ball of flame!

Wu Song immediately fought back by punching it, but his Defense, less than 20,000, was too low. Fire Phoenix's AOE skill with the fire attribute, Dance in the Heavens, instkilled him!

Looking at the hologram of Wu Song burned into ashes, Can Yang and Huan Yue then looked at each other, speechless.

After a moment of silence, Huan Yue a.n.a.lyzed, “This instant death skill is a very limited skill, which means that it only works for tiger cards and has no effect on other types of cards. Its Attack and Defense can only be regarded as third-rate, but it's not a useless card, because once it meets Nie Yuandao, it will be a trump card.”

“Why would someone create such a card against Legend Nie's [White Tiger]?” A weird look appeared on Can Yang's face, “Was there enmity between them?”

“Who created this card?”

“A level 15 newcomer called Uncle Chubby.”

Uncle Chubby? What a strange name. Huan Yue groaned to himself, and turned the card over, looking at the “月半” LOGO in the lower right corner of the black card. He suddenly felt a little uneasy, and then immediately called out the database, saying, “I want to know how many cards Uncle Chubby has made.”

He searched the LOGO, and the database quickly gave the result: 20.

Huan Yue felt a shiver down his spine, “Are all the remaining 19 cards [Wu Song]? Have they all been sold out at the black market?!”

Can Yang's face fell, "If other clubs have bought this card, will Legend Nie's [White Tiger] become useless?"

“………” They exchanged knowing glances.

As the long-standing president of the Adjudication Club, Huan Yue had always been very calm, but now he couldn't maintain his composure.

– f.u.c.king instant death effect!

This kind of card effect had never appeared in the game before. Many players may not understand what “trigger instant death” meant. They thought that “instant death” was similar to the “instant disablement” effect of the Metal attribute card. Therefore, players who bought and sold cards at the black market were not very clear about the value of [Wu Song].

However, professional players and senior executives of major clubs knew about this type of skill effect.

Because, this was a brand new skill effect that had only been added into the database recently!

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