Master Of Trading Star Card Game

Chapter 43 Part1

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Chen Xiao tossed and turned on the bed. At 3 am, he finally slept.

In his dream, he was sent back to the day when his brother left. Chen Qianlin's eyes were cold as if he was looking at a total stranger. He just looked at Chen Xiao in this way and said in a calm voice, "Since you are already 18 now, I won't take care of you from now on. And I don't want to see you again. This house and the deposit in this card is my coming-of-age gift for you."

He dropped the key to the house and a bank card with several million in it, then took his luggage and left without a glance behind.

Chen Xiao rapidly ran to him and pulled his arm with great force. In a state of agitation, his face was pale and his voice was trembling, "Brother, I'm sorry. I was drunk last night, so you can't take the crazy stuff I said seriously. Please don't leave me. Now I realized how insane I was last night. I'm so sorry……"

Chen Qianlin interrupted him, "All these years, I've always treated you as my own brother. I didn't expect that you would have thought like this. I've discharged my responsibility as an older brother to bring you up. Chen Xiao, from today onwards, I'm done with you. Do not contact me."

His eyes were the winter lake frozen over. Chen Xiao went rigid. His Adam's apple bobbed, yet he couldn't say anything.

Chen Qianlin left.

If losing the case was a huge setback for him, his younger brother saying that he fell in love with him was the last straw, which made him completely give up hope.

Originally Chen Xiao didn't have the guts to tell him. However, that day he was upset and had drunk wine, which made him lose his reason. Seeing that his older brother was sad, he hugged him and said that he liked him……

His feelings for him were real. He had liked him since the day he was adopted by the Chen family and Chen Qianlin squatted in front of him and said in a gentle voice, "Don't be afraid, this is your family now. I'm your brother, and we'll have the same surname. From now on your name is Chen Xiao. Do you like it?"

As a kid who was smudged with dirt, he was numbed from seeing such a beautiful and decent person for the first time.

When they first met, he was only seven, and Chen Qianlin was fifteen.

The clean teenager carried the filthy child to the bathroom and bathed him. Then changed him into brand new clothes. He blinked his eyes, seeing the angel-like teenager in from of him. Then he tried to call him, "Brother?"

Chen Qianlin petted his head, with a smile, "Yes, I'm here. I'll protect you."

He had always liked his brother during childhood. After he grew up, the feeling gradually went bad and turned into a secret love. Chen Xiao hid his affection in the depths of his soul and never had the courage to reveal his feelings to him. Now he started to feel remorse for telling him the truth by means of Dutch courage——he could have kicked himself. Chen Qianlin sincerely treated him like his own brother, and it was obvious that he had hurt him by boldly revealing his affection. Now his brother left because of him. He just felt like he was a disgusting idiot!

After waking up, Chen Xiao washed his face casually and took a cold bath. Then he carefully shaved his beard in the mirror. In addition, he combed his hair to make it neat.

As expected, after dressing up, his strong handsome features became visible. And he looked more spirited than before.

Chen Xiao turned around and walked onto the balcony. It was five in the morning and it was still dark outside. He had only slept for two hours and was awakened by the nightmare.

There was a pot of succulents on the balcony. A tiny sprout even appeared from the root, which was really cute.

Previously he barely knew how to grow flowers, and he thought that regularly watering them was very tiresome. After his brother left, Chen Xiao specifically looked up the strategies for growing each kind of plant. He watered them on time and took good care of them.

It had been almost five years, the ten pots of succulents left by Chen Qianlin hadn't withered. On the contrary, they became more and more exuberant.

At first, Chen Xiao planned to set up a studio to acc.u.mulate resources, then he would partic.i.p.ate in the game during the next season. His brother might want to see him if he made a great achievement. At that time he could have the chance to apologize to him, which may bridge the gap between them. Nevertheless, changes always go beyond plans. Xie Mingzhe accidentally joined his studio, and his talent was as good as Tang Muzhou when he was a teenager. He brought forward his plan since it was good for Xie Mingzhe. On the other side, he needed an excuse to meet Chen Qianlin as soon as possible.


The next morning, Xie Mingzhe got up at eight and went to the living room after washing his face.

He saw a young man walking down the stairs.

The man had a pair of straight and long legs. He stood straight and it looked like he was over 1.85 meters tall. He was wearing a pair of tailored suit pants and spotless black leather shoes. His shirt was as perfect as a new one after being ironed. He undid the topmost b.u.t.ton at the neck and revealed his healthy skin color. Looking up, his neat short hair came into view. He had shaved his face until it was smooth, and his handsome and strong features finally emerged, especially his bushy eyebrows which were very masculine.

How come the man appeared from the second floor?

Xie Mingzhe stood there, "Excuse me. Who are you?"

The man looked at Xie Mingzhe unpleasantly, "Seriously? I'm Chen Xiao."

Xie Mingzhe's still looked confused, "Brother Chen?"

Even though people always say that clothes make the man, it was a world of difference! Earlier Brother Chen's hair was a ma.s.s of tangles. Dark circles of many years' standing made him look like he could use some sleep. He liked smoking and his clothes were crumpled as if they were made of rags, which was not a pretty sight. In summary, the image of him was a dispirited and hopeless failure. However, the man currently standing in front of him was aglow, handsome and energetic. It was like he was reborn!

Xie Mingzhe rubbed his eyes, still not being able to connect together the charming man in front of him to the dispirited young man in his memory.

At this time, Xiao Pang and Jin Yue came downstairs too. They kept rubbing their temples because of a hangover. When reaching the landing, they suddenly saw a total stranger wearing a suit, which almost made Xiao Pang fall from the stairs. Xiao Pang didn't regain his balance until Jin Yue caught him, then he rubbed his eyes and asked, "Who is this gentleman? He came here to find people early in the morning?"

Jin Yue asked too, "Xiao Xie, is this your friend?"

Chen Xiao was p.i.s.sed off, "I'm Chen Xiao! What's wrong with you guys? Have you lost your memory?"

Jin Yue lifted his with one push and immediately ran downstairs to carefully see him, "Brother Chen? I recognize the voice, but you dress like a different person."

Pang Yu ran downstairs too, he said excitedly, "Oh my G.o.d. You're Brother Chen?"

Xie Mingzhe, Pang Yu and Jin Yue stood abreast, observing Chen Xiao who felt that he was a gorilla that had just gotten released from the zoo.

Facing the three men's curious looks, Chen Xiao coughed out of embarra.s.sment and explained, "Guys, I concede that I was a little bit …… slovenly at ordinary times. But, come on. I just changed my clothes and incidentally shaved this morning. Why are you so surprised?"

Please don't insult "a little bit slovenly." It was "give up dressing", Xie Mingzhe thought inside.

"Brother Chen, you look so good. Have you gotten a date?" Pang Yu asked, being nosy.

"To meet a person." Chen Xiao's ears slightly turned red, but he rapidly recovered his poise and said, "A'Qing and Yingying will come later. Today I will take Xiao Xie with me. You four stay in the studio and help Xiao Xie with his store."

"Rest a.s.sured, Brother Chen." Jin Yue was obviously more reliable than Pang Yu and he didn't ask who he was going to meet. When Pang Yu was just about to ask, Jin Yue poked his back with great force, so he had to shut his mouth.

The four men had a light breakfast around the dining table. Chi Qing and Chi Yingying arrived. Seeing Chen Xiao dressed formally, Chi Qing asked skeptically, "You are neat today. Are you going out for something?"

Chen Xiao nodded, "Yes, Xiao Xie is with me."

After they left, Pang Yu sighed, "I've known this guy for two years, and I've never seen him dressing formally like this!"

Jin Yue sighed too, "Turns out that Brother Chen has great potential. Previously he was neglectful of his appearance. Now I can barely recognize him since he is quite handsome after dressing himself up."

Chi Qing said calmly, "Stop gossiping. Now go online to help Xiao Xie organize his store!"

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