Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 1027: What If…1 Beg You to Wear It?

Chapter 1027: What If…1 Beg You to Wear It?


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“If one day…’

In the dressing room backstage, the trophy that was supposed to be used for photoshoots was now left on the dressing table. Jiang Chu and Su Ji stood face to face.

“If…” Jiang Chu gulped. “If one day, you find out that your good friend did something…something that will make you unhappy…but…it’s for your own good, will you forgive him?”

Su Ji asked directly the next second, “what did you do?”

Jiang Chu’s heart rate instantly shot up to 170 beats per minute!

When Su Ji took a step closer to him, Jiang Chu subconsciously took a step back.

After a few moments, his back was pressed against the makeup table. The trophy swayed and almost fell. Jiang Chu’s fingers nervously scratched the edge of the table.

He could not think normally in front of Su Ji. He also knew that Su Ji would not believe that the person he had just said was not him.

He pursed his lips tightly and suddenly swore to Su Ji sincerely, “no matter what happens! I will take responsibility for your child!”

The two of them fell silent after hearing the shocking remarks.

The strange silence lasted for three minutes. Su Ji raised her finger and pressed it between her eyebrows.

A moment later, she opened her eyes again, her gaze so cold that it was terrifying. ‘What did you do?”

Jiang Chu’s back was instantly drenched.

He reached behind his back in a panic and immediately ran out of the door when he found the trophy.

“Believe me! I’m really doing this for your own good!”

Looking at his fleeing back, Su Ji had a premonition.

Every time something bad happened, she would always have the same feeling.

In the next few days, the things that Jiang Chu mentioned did not happen for the time being, but there were two strange things happening on Su Ji’s side.

The first strange thing was that Su Ji’s diet was balanced, and her figure was well taken care of. After she stopped eating supper with Nan Miaomiao, no paparazzi could take pictures of Master Ji’s slightly chubby face.

Although her body shape did not change, Su Ji’s weight had increased.

It was reasonable for her to gain weight during pregnancy, but the last time Su Ji went to the central hospital for a prenatal checkup, her actual weight gain was more than twice the amount that the hospital’s experts had calculated for her fetus.

Dr. Gu looked at the data in his hand and felt that it was strange.

By right, Su Ji should have gained weight, but looking at the slender girl sitting in front of him…

It really didn’t look like it?

Everyone found it strange, but they could not give any reasonable explanation.

Dr. Gu was in charge of Su Ji’s pregnancy, so he paid special attention to it. Although the weight gain was not much, he still asked Su Ji to come back to the hospital for a check-up in a few days.

Beside Su Ji, Pei Huai agreed on her behalf.

When they returned to the apartment that night, Pei Huai took Su Ji’s pulse, and Su Ji also took her own.

The results were stable and there were no abnormalities. This made the other two feel at ease at the same time. However, a second strange thing happened immediately after…

While Su Ji and Pei Huai were taking the pulse, they simultaneously checked the baby’s gender.

Although the two of them had agreed that whoever checked in advance would be the dog, they both knew that the other party would break the contract.

Pei Huai was very calm in any matter, whether it was work or anything else.

However, Pei Huai could not keep his cool when facing Su Ji and the child in her stomach.

Su Ji always thought that having a son was better, but she also knew that Pei Huai was a little obsessed with having a girl.

She was just halfway through her pregnancy, and he had already bought a house full of supplies for their baby. They were all pink!

Worried that Su Ji would think he was exaggerating, he ordered Shen Mu to transport all the baby supplies to a seaside villa in the suburbs of A City.

At first, it was piled up in the warehouse, but later, it was placed in the bedroom when the warehouse couldn’t hold it.

Su Ji did not know about it at first, but Shen Mu revealed it once.

At that time, Shen Mu knew that he was done for!

Su Ji wanted a son, and Pei Huai wanted a daughter.

Su Ji felt that having a daughter was not bad especially when Mrs. Du sent her a photo of Pei Huai being forced to wear a dress when he was three years old after she drank too much one day…

She was looking forward to it…

In the photo, Pei Huai was wearing a pure cotton white dress and a white sun hat that covered his short hair. The gaze that he used to look down on the camera was 70% to 80% similar to Pei Huai’s, but it did not affect Su Ji’s urge to pinch his face at all!

Her delicate and pretty appearance, coupled with the cotton white dress, was extremely pure.

Jiang Chu lost miserably in front of Pei Huai’s cross-dressing photos.

Su Ji asked Pei Huai to wear it for her to see.

After Pei Huai saw the photo, he pressed the space between his eyebrows and said that he wanted to talk to Madam Du.

He remembered reminding Madam Du to destroy this photo when he was four years old, but the final result was obvious…

“No?” Su Ji confirmed with a raised eyebrow in his arms. Pei Huai said, “I can do anything else but this.”

“No.” He was very determined.

Su Ji drew circles on his shirt. “Then what if…l’m begging you to wear it?”

Pei Huai’s expression froze.

The second strange thing was the baby’s gender.

On Su Ji’s side, the results showed that the scale was still leaning towards her.

Then, when Pei Huai took her pulse, she kept observing his expression.

Looking at the pink baby products in the villa, she knew that this man was determined to get his daughter.

Su Ji had already thought of how to comfort him.

For example…in the future, she could let their son wear girls’ clothes, just like what Madam Du did to him when he was young.

Anyway, she would definitely make the best use of the pink tutu dresses he bought.

However, three minutes later, Pei Huai withdrew his fingers from Su Ji’s wrist, but a very comfortable smile appeared on his lips.

He was not disappointed at all, as if the results of the examination were very satisfactory.

Not only did he not need Su Ji’s comfort, but he also wanted to comfort Su Ji.

Obviously, his examination results were completely different from Su Ji’s.

This made Su Ji suspicious.

Pei Huai’s medical skills were on par with hers. It was impossible for him to make such a low-level mistake in checking the gender of the baby.

The next day was the day Su Ji made an appointment to go to the hospital for another checkup.

Pei Huai still changed all the social events and cleared an entire morning to accompany her to the hospital.

Before leaving in the morning, Su Ji took her pulse again in the bathroom.

She tested it three times.

The result was the same as yesterday.

There was a knock on the door, and a man’s tall figure appeared through the long rainbow glass in the bathroom.

She had been in for a long time, and Pei Huai was worried.

“I’ll go out now.” Su Ji composed herself.

She opened the bathroom door. The man outside had a warm and reliable smile. “The car has already stopped at the entrance of the unit. It’s cold today, so I picked out a jacket for you..”

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