Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 1133: Almost Withered (2)

Chapter 1133: Almost Withered (2)


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The man was in a good mood because he had solved the biggest problem he had in the past few days. His face was rosy and there was a smile on his lips.

Su Ji sized up his face with a meaningful expression.

The two of them were eating in their private dining room, so they were more free to talk. The servant served the last dish and bowed respectfully before leaving. Pei Huai tidied up his sleeves and pulled out the chair next to Su Ji to sit down.

He didn’t react at first, but when he met his wife’s slightly narrowed peach blossom eyes, the smile on his lips disappeared.

Pei Huai:

Su Ji picked up a mushroom from the plate of crispy mushrooms and cole. Her eyes narrowed even more. “You seem to have taken a long time.”

The veins on Pei Huai’s forehead were obvious. “It’s not what you think.”

Su Ji played with the slippery mushroom with her chopsticks while supporting her face with his other hand. She tilted her head to look at him and dragged her voice. I heard you talking on the phone inside…”

“It’s Lin Shen,” Pei Huai immediately explained. “He’s a man.”

Pei Huai:

Su Ji:

Little Tong jumped off the chair with a meow and left.

It was better not to explain.

This sounded even stranger!

Pei Huai was familiar with Su Ji’s gaze. When he saw the perverted man in the emotional fraud case on the legal channel last time, she probably had the same gaze.

Pei Huai was so angry that he laughed. The chair under Su Ji was suddenly pulled, and Pei Huai dragged the chair and Su Ji in front of him.

He leaned over and whispered into her ear, his calm tone filled with a threatening tone. “Su Ji, you’re going to give birth soon.”

Su Ji did not react the first time.

She was about to give birth, so she was very safe, wasn’t she?

Then, she repeated his words in her mind for the second time.

She was about to give birth, so…the death-exemption medallion would soon lose its effect…

The next morning, Su Ji woke up at six.

She didn’t sleep well last night and had a nightmare.

She dreamed that she had unloaded the goods and was in the confinement center. She did not even have the time to look at the baby’s face when Pei Huai entered her room that night.

Kneeling on the bed with his knees pressed against the side of her leg, he straightened his upper body and looked down at her from above. His eyes were scarlet like a wolf’s.

He seemed to be holding a black leather whip in his hand?

She was filled with a sickly feeling.

In the dream, Su Ji was on the verge of breaking down. She wanted to take the medicine on the bedside table, or else she was afraid that she would not be able to take it.

However, when she turned around to get the medicine, she lost her balance and woke up.

She slowly opened her eyes, and her field of vision expanded from a slit up and down.

When the scene in front of her became clear, she straightened her body and held her forehead.

Although the dream was very painful, when she woke up and thought about it seemed quite cool.

It was a pity that she could not see the child’s face clearly from the beginning to the end. The nurse stood in the distance, holding a swaddled baby in each hand.

She didn’t know which one was hers.

Su Ji looked to her side and saw that the bed beside her was already empty.

When she touched it, there was still a residual warmth on the bedsheet.

At the bedside was a note that Pei Huai had left for her.

He was worried that he would wake her up if he sent her a WeChat message, so Pei Huai basically left her a note.

[ “I didn’t go to the office in the morning. I bought you breakfast.” ]

Su Ji’s eyes froze.

The way he said it, it was as if he already knew that she would feel disappointed because she couldn’t see him when she woke up.

It was said that couples would understand each other very well after being together for a long time. Then, for someone who had known each other for thousands of years… How?

Su Ji’s lips curved. The morning sun was just right, and the girl was smiling brightly.

She didn’t want to go back to sleep, so she nimbly got out of bed and changed into loose clothes. Her long hair was tied behind her back, and her fingertips twirled a few times. She took out Pei Huai’s pen from the pen holder on the table and skillfully inserted it into her hair. A lazy and firm bun was formed.

She took out her headphones from the drawer and opened the earphone compartment. She took one out and stuffed it into her left ear. The earphone compartment closed with a click and she threw it back on the table.

Su Ji went out for a morning walk.

She couldn’t run in the morning now. Her movements were restricted.

Chef Qin of the Pei family would prepare a sumptuous breakfast every day, so why would Pei Huai go out and buy it for her?

The reason was that Su Ji had played a few games before she went to bed last night. Henry was either courting death or on his way to death, making Su Ji irritable.

This time, his account name was “Queen and Knight”.

The friend that Su Ji had once deleted was “King and Knight”.

Even though it was only one word…the flattery was wonderful.

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