Master Pei’s Wife is a Devil Concubine

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: All the Treasures in the Mausoleum were Confiscated?

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After the family doctor bandaged Su Ji’s wound, she covered the square bandage on her forehead with her bangs.

 In front of the mirror, she touched the face that was 90% similar to her, but it still felt unreal.

To be able to be known as the infamous devil concubine, her appearance was of course not ordinary. Her lips were red, and her skin was creamy. The only difference was that the current body looked sickly. She was 170 cm tall, but only weighed about 80 pounds.

She was bullied by her stepmother and her siblings at home. Two years ago, she managed to get into an art school and was chosen to enter the entertainment industry in her first year. She thought that her life would be different, but she was still a nobody. Not only did she get a lot of bad press, she could barely graduate from art school. Her boyfriend used her fame to become a director, and once he gained power, he dumped her.

 The Pei family was the richest family in A City. At Old Master Pei’s birthday party, she finally got the opportunity to perform, but before she could step out of the door, her stepmother beat her up.

 Fortunately, Su Ji still remembered the location of her tomb. All her belongings were hidden there. Any one of them was enough to help her regain control of her life.

 She took out her phone and familiarized herself with it. She opened Baidu and entered her previous title and name in the search bar, but there were no results.

 She thought of something and changed her search keyword to ‘Concubine Su’.

 In an instant, more than 2000 query results were displayed.

She was a devil concubine who destroyed the country, a femme fatale. There were even people who fabricated her history.

 In the eyes of the world, the devil concubine was associated with disaster, but they did not know the real devil concubine.

 She was good at martial arts and ruthless!

 In the past, she would have punished those who slandered her, but now, Su Ji had more important things to do.

 She had to find out how to get to the imperial mausoleum. As long as she could get the treasures there, she didn’t need to care about her fame in the entertainment industry at all.

 She would just enjoy her life.

 Just as she was thinking about it, a huge headline came into her sight.

 [This morning, the tomb of the infamous devil Concubine Su has been uncovered!]

 She clicked on the content.

 [This is the largest tomb in the country’s history. A total of 88 kilograms of gold and 10 tons of copper coins were unearthed… More than 10,000 cultural relics have been sent to the National History Museum…]

 The phone fell to the ground.

 Su Cunyi came over and looked at his clumsy daughter, “can you still perform if you’re injured?”

She must be in a lot of pain.

 Su Ji gritted her teeth. She was just thinking about getting back her treasures, but she changed her mind suddenly, “it’s a rare opportunity, I must do it.”

 All the treasures in the tomb… were confiscated?

Seeing that his daughter was insistent, Su Cunyi didn’t say anything more, “alright then. Don’t feel pressured. If you can’t survive in the entertainment industry, come home. I will support you.”

 Su Cunyi initially didn’t agree when his eldest daughter wanted to enter the entertainment industry, but later he felt that his daughter finally found something she liked and couldn’t bear to stop her.

 In order to get her into the most famous art school in A City, Su Cunyi used a lot of connections and spent a lot of money, so Ning Lihua was particularly annoyed.

 “Okay, dad,” Su Ji felt her heart ache.

The original owner was so unpopular that during the summer break when other members of the team were busy, she was idling at home.

 But it didn’t matter. Don’t forget, she was a devil concubine.

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