Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1760: Injuring a Primordial Chaos Battle Puppet With His Bare Hands!

Chapter 1760: Injuring a Primordial Chaos Battle Puppet With His Bare Hands!

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A fiery red dragon instantly burst forth.

The might of Universe-level war machines bloomed in that moment.

Flames engulfed the entire cabin of the flying ship.

Be it level eight or level nine, sage or divine level, armor masters or puppet masters, they could only struggle for their lives within these flames.

Eighth and ninth levels turned to ashes in an instant.

Sage-levels persisted for half a breath longer.

Dozens of divine levels shattered after three breaths, leaving a dozen or so shrouded in smoke and fire, escaping from the wreckage of the flying ship.

The entire flying ship shattered into nothingness in an instant.

This strike was the true might of the Heaven Splitter Battle Spear.

“This is a Universe-level battle puppet!” The expression of the divine level expert, who was about to turn around and fight, changed drastically. He spat out a mouthful of blood and flew away, abandoning his divine level battle puppet.

The other divine level experts flew into the void with gloomy expressions.

Though the void was perilous, it was still preferable to facing Universe-level war machines head-on.

The armor masters who were fighting against the divine level experts of Cold Moon City also hurriedly pulled back and fled.

If they didn’t leave now, no one would be able to escape.

Only when all the god-grade before them had fled with severe injuries, and the god-grade war puppets had fallen due to lack of control, and the two primordial-grade war puppets had thunderously crashed down, did a hint of satisfaction finally appear on Han Muye’s spear.

After such a long time, his Sky Splitter Battle Spear finally had its moment of glory!

The Sword of the Divine Soul, the Universe-level longsword, those three divine beasts, and the armor surpassing Primordial level. Han Muye’s majestic Universe-level war machine seemed so suppressed!

This time, he saw how powerful his Universe-level war machine was, right?

Sensing the emotions coming from the battle spear, Han Muye smiled.

“We won! ”

“Haha, so the powerhouses within the Void Great City are also so easily dealt with!”

“Battle puppets, Primordial battle puppets!’

The divine level experts who had rushed out of Cold Moon City were all shouting excitedly.

This battle had been too easy.

“City Lord is mighty!’

Jin Hui looked up at Han Muye, who stood with his hands behind his back in the void, and roared loudly.

The others also looked at Han Muye excitedly.

After so many years of falling into the wilderness, Cold Moon City had encountered formidable enemies upon their return.

They had thought this battle would be bloody and arduous, but unexpectedly, it went so smoothly.

This battle boosted their confidence greatly.

Cold Moon City really had the ability to return to the void!

Han Muye shook his head, his figure moved, and he retrieved an ownerless divine-level battle puppet, then looked at the two Primordial-level battle puppets falling toward the bottom of the void.

“You want to leave?” He shouted softly and flew over.

Even if they lost control, the consciousness and intelligence of

Primordial-level battle puppets were extremely strong; they could fight on their own and traverse the void to return to their own city.

Primordial-level battle puppets were much stronger than divine-level armor masters and puppets masters.

Those divine-level powerhouses from Azure Eagle City who had escaped weren’t worried about the two Primordial-level battle puppets.

Although there were many strong individuals in the world, there were few who could detain Primordial-level battle puppets.

A newly ascended great city into the void couldn’t possibly possess such strength.

They had been defeated because they were too careless, not expecting to be ambushed, and certainly not expecting a newly ascended city to have a

Universe-level war machine.

This time they had figured out the details of this city, and next time, a large

army would come to attack.

But they didn’t know that this time, Han Muye was determined to keep at least one of the Primordial-level battle puppets. Even if he couldn’t keep both, he would keep one.


He flew in front of a Primordial battle puppet clad in battle armor, and punched out.

The Primordial battle puppet’s path was blocked, and it swung a long saber, slicing open the void directly ahead.

Rather than engaging with Han Muye, it cleaved open the void and fled directly.

Since it had already been defeated, staying here was useless, and further conflict was meaningless.

Such decisiveness was not something an ordinary ownerless battle puppet could achieve.

As this battle puppet rushed into the crack in the void, leaving only the other battle puppet lifting its hand to tear open the space in front of it.

This was the void. They could fight to the death here, but if they wanted to leave, they could easily break open a passage and step out countless miles away.


The pale golden battle puppet holding a black battle spear had just taken a step forward when it was blocked by a faint stream of light. Countless lights converged in front of it, forming a web.

A golden eye gleamed, locking down the entire void.

“This way is blocked.” A faint voice sounded from the Golden Bead.

The golden armored battle puppet raised its hand, thrusting the black spear forward, shattering the web in front of it.

But in the next instant, the web restored itself.

The transition between reality and illusion was extremely smooth.

This was not only Chaos’ innate magical technique but also the blessing of the great array power after its incarnation as an array spirit.

Standing before the web, the golden armored battle puppet hesitated slightly, changed direction, and thrust its spear into the space.

A Primordial-level battle puppet didn’t intend to engage in a direct confrontation; its sole aim was to escape.

This was the combat consciousness cultivated by countless years of high-level war puppets in the Galaxy Universe.

Since the controller had fled, the battle puppet’s only choice was to leave the battlefield quickly.

Because no matter how strong the battle puppet’s strength was, it needed to be controlled to unleash its full power.

Without the control of a puppet master, a battle puppet’s battle prowess and endurance were greatly reduced.

Another spatial rift was torn open by the spear, and the golden-armored battle puppet charged in.


A golden flame enveloped his body and dragged him out of the crack.

The Golden Crow spread its wings, covering tens of thousands of miles of heaven and earth. There was majesty in its eyes..

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