Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 11

11 – Level-1 Warlock Bonney

In the center of the huge manor was a three storey tall, altogether up to 60m, Warlock’s Pagoda erected. That Warlock’ Pagoda was made of tough steel-like hard rocks.

Hard rocks are one of the most common materials used in building a Warlock’s Pagoda, though like steel, and after being enchanted by a Warlock, will possess extraordinary capabilities.A brick-sized hard rock costs up to 1 Gold Coin, that 60m tall Warlock’s Pagoda, solely the hard rocks, would require several millions of Gold Coins to be spent.Coupled with all kinds of other materials, to build this Warlock’s Pagoda, would likely require up to 10 million Gold Coins to be spent.

Even though the construction of the Warlock’s Pagoda is exceedingly costly, but it also possesses all kinds of magical properties. A level-1 Warlock inside a Warlock’s Pagoda, coupled with enough Apprentice Warlocks, could even contend against a level-2 Warlock. Additionally, the Warlock’s Pagoda can also gather the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, resulting in a greatly accelerated rate of cultivation within the Warlock’s Pagoda.Furthermore, some powerful Warlocks are also capable of using the Warlock’s Pagoda to change the weather within a limited area.

Some don’t follow the trend of joining big forces, such as the wandering level-2 Warlocks, resulting in them not owning a Warlock’s Pagoda.The Black Cottage is capable of owning its own Warlock’s Pagoda, only because it’s rooted in Fernandro Principality and annually collects large amounts of wealth.

A Warlock wearing grey Chang Pao, cuffs with three threads of copped, appearing 35 or 36 years old and male, is within the garden beside the Warlock’s Pagoda. Inside the garden is an ordinary-looking cat on a tree trunk watering some strange blossom.1

The gray Warlock’s Chang Pao represents that the 30 something male is an Apprentice Warlock. The Cuffs with three copper threads identifies him as a level-3 Apprentice Warlock. Level-1 Official Warlock, is the rank just above level-three Apprentice Warlock.

Between a level-3 Apprentice Warlock and a Level-1 Warlock exists an insurmountable gulf. Level-3 Apprentice Warlocks in Black Cottage are not that rare, but as for level-1 Warlock’s, there’s only the Black Cottage’s Master.

“Zoro, today’s water is too light!I want to drink water with honey!Don’t use sugary water to skimp on me!”That ordinary-looking cat on the tree trunk was facing the blossom while its body swayed, then it bared its fangs to speak.2

Zoro said with a smile: “The honey is finished!I’ll buy it again in the afternoon!”

“No, go now!I’m going to die of thirst!I’ll die without honey!” The cat was facing the blossom as it argued with Zoro.

“Wait a minute, the white raven came back!”

Zoro raised his head towards the sky.A white raven fell from the sky, then flew on top of his right arm.3

“Zoro, Giant-Stone City came across some trouble!” The white raven fell on Zoro’s right arm, then twittered Viscount Harley’s message away.

Zoro calmly listening till the end, then turned and walked to the Warlock’s Pagoda.4

Zoro came to the third storey of the Warlock’s Pagoda, only stopping in front of the door of the innermost room, then knocked on the door: “Teacher, it’s Zoro.”

“Come in!”A conspicuous aged voice was transmitted from the other side of the door.

Only then did Zoro pushed at the door.

In the room an old man with white hair, wearing a black Pao with a silver thread embroidered on the cuff, while quickly writing something on the table.5

This black Pao wearing old man is precisely Black Cottage’s Master, the level-1 Official Warlock Bonney. Black City and the fate of its 200,000 inhabitants, are all in his grasp.

Bonney didn’t raise his head, as he somewhat impatiently said: “Quickly say what’s the matter!”

“Teacher! Black-Rock Town was invaded by a Warlock’s forces …… ” Zoro respectfully reported to Bonney the news that he heard from the white raven, without leaving anything out.

Bonney said somewhat impatiently: “Let Rooney, Pocker and Jaime to bring several level-2 Apprentice Warlocks to support Giant-Stone City.”

Rooney, Pocker and Jaime, those three level-3 Apprentice Warlocks, plus the several level-2 Apprentice Warlocks can completely defeat a thousand strong ordinary army.

“Yes!Teacher!” Zoro complyed in a respectful voice, withdrew himself and prior to departing, carefully closed the door.

Not long after, a cavalry set out of Black City, moving towards Giant-Stone City.

Three days later, the cavalry entered the Giant-Stone City.

At night, Giant-Stone City’s aristocrats held a sumptuous banquet within the palace, to welcome the arrival of Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks.

After an entire night revel, Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks rested then for an entire day.

On the third day, a two thousand strong elite army departed from Giant-Stone City, and moved in the direction of Black-Rock Town.

“This is Giant-Stone City’s main army? So many people!”

Yang Feng dispatched four Small Reconnaissance Satellites to keep a constant surveillance on Giant-Stone City’s affairs. Giant-Stone City’s army just recently set out, and he already obtained news of it.While sitting in Black-Rock Town’s newly build command-center, he checked on Giant-Stone City’s main army’s movement via the big screen.

This time the Giant-Stone City dispatched two thousand strong elite army, as well as, five thousand auxiliary troops carrying a large amount of supplies, stretching out in a spectacular fashion, while going forward.

In order to be truly able to capture the Black-Rock Town, Giant-Stone City mobilized a lot of heavy siege weapons, only to be certain that the attack will be fatal, and the Black-Rock Town, this strategic ore town, will be captured.Within the two thousand strong elite army, there is still an assembly of fifty Knights wearing a knight’s heavy armor.That assembly of fifty Knight can even besiege and kill a level-3 Apprentice Warlock.

In the center of the heavy army, next to an officer, are ten plus young males and females, wearing gray Pao with a copper thread on the cuffs. They are Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks.

“Are those Apprentice Warlock? Let me see what you’re made from!” Yang Feng put on the Awareness Transmitting Helmet.

In the next moment, in a barracks, a Liquid-Metal Robot opened its eyes. Its eyes flashed with a red light, as its body twisted and changed into Zhao Jiang’s likeness.

Yang Feng walked around the barracks, as he saw the barracks already filled with level-4 Bladed-troops, level-4 Gunned-troops and level-4 Cannon-troops.

Densely packed 4-level robots numbered more than 3000. During this whole time, Autumn-Leaf Town and Black-Rock Town were transformed into two huge Arsenal Factories by Yang Feng. As long as there’s enough iron ore, it's even possible to produce 1000 level-4 robots in a day. This terrifying force can easily destroy Giant-Stone City. Were it not for the apprehension towards Giant-Stone City’s backer Warlock Group Black Cottage, Yang Feng would long ago dispatched his main army in an attack against Giant-Stone City.

“Move out!”

Following Yang Feng’s command, soon after, the 3000 level-4 battle robots’ figures flickered. They closely followed behind him, sweeping at a great pace, towards the direction of Giant-Stone City’s main army.

Unlike humans, the 3000 battle robots can move up to a speed of 150Km/h, and as long as the energy supply is sufficient, they can continuously go at that speed. This is the gap between robots and humans.

The road in the surroundings of Black-Rock Town isn’t smooth, limiting the battle robots movement speed. Only the Bladed-troops can still maintain a terrifying movement speed of 80Km/h.

Half an hour later, the 3000 battle robots led by Yang Feng stopped above a small hillside 40Km to the north of Black-Rock Town to lie in ambush.

1 – Chang Pao – traditional Chinese men’s robe

2 – Idiom: 张牙舞爪 – to bare fangs and brandish claws

3 – Idiom: 从天而降 – to drop from the sky

4 – Idiom: 心平气和 – tranquil and even-tempered

5 – Pao is a Chinese-style gown

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