Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1280: Fighting Redstone Lord

Chapter 1280: Fighting Redstone Lord

All-Eyes Great Holy looked at Redstone Lord in the universe channel with a grave shade in his eyes: “Redstone Lord is really ferocious!”

The solver-white box was obviously a broken Eternal grade secret treasure. In order to pass through the universe channel, Redstone Lord went so far as to detonate a broken Eternal grade secret treasure. At the same time, he suffered a terrible backlash. His origin was severely damaged.

It is extremely difficult to injure Warlock Emperors. Furthermore, with their perfect grade immortal body, they can easily heal ordinary wounds. However, when it comes to origin wounds that resulted from the universe channel’s backlash, even a Warlock Emperor will find it hard to heal it.

Back in the day, Time Lord was invincible and suppressed the universe. But because he suffered a serious origin wound, he ultimately died prematurely.

In the universe channel, the blood-covered Redstone Lord looked at the other side defiantly, smiled contemptuously, and continued to stride forward.

But in the next moment, Redstone Lord’s smile stiffened.

In the void, ripples surged, and a large number of Seal Rulers and Space Rulers appeared.

The Seal Rulers resonated with each other and radiated seal light that illuminated the hole.

Shrouded by the seal light, the hole began to be sealed bit by bit.


The scarlet rhombus crystal embedded in Redstone Lord’s forehead flashed, and a scarlet beam slammed into the seal barrier.


The strike smashed the seal barrier, and 1,000 Seal Rulers exploded and turned into ashes.

In the starry sky, there are a total of 500,000 Seal Rulers. On an individual basis, they are far from being a match for the 100 Holy grade Seal Rulers in therms of seal force and endurance.

The 500,000 Seal Rulers look like there’s no end to them. Although 1,000 units were destroyed, but it seems like their numbers weren’t reduced at all. Countless rays of seal light poured into the hole, sealing the hole’s entrance bit by bit.

In the universe channel, Redstone Lord’s eyes flashed fiercely, and a scarlet beam ejected from the scarlet crystal embedded on his forehead and slammed into the barrier.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huge explosions rang continuously. Every time, 1,000 Seal Rulers would blow up and turn into ashes.

Every time Redstone Lord launched an attack, a wound would burst open on his body, and blood would spill.

“How fierce!”

“So this is the universe devour war! Even Empyreans are forced to fight with all their might.”

“Only the life forms of one of the two universes can survive.”


The spectating Holies and Great Holies felt a chill go down their spine when they saw the miserable appearance of Redstone Lord.

In the world of Warlocks, a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse is an overlord of the universe that can suppress an era. In Gumana Universe, they are an important figure that even Eternal Sovereigns cannot look down on, a big shot at the pinnacle of the universe. Even so, during the universe great tribulation, they must fight with all their might for themselves and the race standing behind them.

During the universe great tribulation, some Holies may be able to hide in a corner of the universe together with their race and survive. But if that happens, the decline of the race is inevitable. At the same time, if there’s an Eternal Sovereign keeping an eye on them, then even hiding in a corner of the universe is but a pipe dream.

It feels like there’s no end to the Seal Rulers. No matter how the Redstone Lord attacks, he can’t destroy them completely.

Standing in the void, Yang Feng watched the 500,000 Seal Rulers being destroyed with an indifferent look on his face face.

As long as Redstone Lord can be killed, then even if all the Seal Rulers are destroyed, it is an acceptable sacrifice.

In the universe channel, Redstone Lord released a long sigh: “It’s really hard! As expected of the universe great tribulation! Sure enough, it’s not that easy to break through.”

This time, in order to send Redstone Lord, Gumana Universe detonated a Tier V Hive while the universe laws of the world of Warlocks were changing. Furthermore, it dispatched seven quasi-Empyreans were dispatched and deployed the newly developed barrier insects. It paid a very painful price, nearly allowing Redstone Lord to enter the world of Warlocks without a hitch.

If it were not for the warning from the Blue Mirror of Fate, Yang Feng wouldn’t have guessed that Gumana Universe had another Empyrean force their way into the world of Warlocks.

“However, in the face of absolute strength, the resistance of you ants is like a mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

Redstone Lord’s eyes glimmered icily, his hair rose into the air, countless runes surged, and his blood combusted. As if an invincible god, he began to sprint in the universe rift.

Boom! Boom!

Tremendous vibrations transmitted from the channel, and explosions erupted on the sprinting Redstone Lord’s body.

Redstone Lord brandished the spear in his hands continuously and pierced through all obstacles barring his way.

Originally, the barrier between the two universes could only permit Empyreans to pass through when the the world of Warlocks’ Empyreans have resuscitated.

If Gumana Universe’s Empyreans want to forcefully break through the universe barrier, they must pay a huge price.

At the time, Boyan Lord paid a huge price and even harmed his origin in order to come to the world of Warlocks. The universe channel opened by the barrier insect was unstable to begin with. With him speeding along in the channel, Redstone Lord triggered backlash of the universe laws and suffered sever damage.

Scarlet light slammed into the hole’s entrance and blasted apart the seal barrier the Seal Rulers just set up.

Shrouded by terrifying backlash force, Seal Rulers exploded continuously.

“How awful!”

“He’s gone mad!”

“Can anyone stop a mad Empyrean?”


The spectating Holies and Great Holies felt their blood run cold when they saw this.

With a flash of resolve in his eyes, Myriad Stars Great Holy smiled faintly and uttered: “Gumana Universe is not the only one with hot-blooded men. Firmament Holy, I would like to seal the channel. So long as I put my life on the line, I can seal the channel for 500 years.”

Yang Feng responded flatly, “No Need! Follow my instructions!”


Seeing that Yang Feng is calm, Myriad Stars Great Holy’s eyes glimmered with a peculiar shade, and he smiled and said no more.

Seeing this scene, All-Eyes Great Holy nodded and mused, “As expected of the future lord of the human race! Indeed, he has the bearing of a lord in charge of people!”

“We finally reached this stage, you bugs? Are you ready to die?”

Standing in front of the universe barrier, Redstone Lord is covered in blood, his left eye missing, yet he still has a domineering air about him. He stared coldly at the Yang Feng and company and revealed a fierce smile.


Yang Feng showed a mocking smile and waved his hand.

Ripples surged in the void, and 1,000 Holy Spirit Battlestars emerged.

Countless lights flashed, and Holy Slaying Artillery beams barreled towards Redstone Lord like raindrops.

When he saw this, Redstone Lord’s countenance changed dramatically. If he were outside, he has countless secret methods to evade the Holy Slaying Artillery beams. But while in the universe rift, he fundamentally cannot evade them at all.

Redstone Lord silently recited an incantation and combusted his blood, and the scarlet crystal embedded in his forehead flew out, radiated dazzling light, and formed a semi-circular scarlet shield in front of him.

When the Holy Slaying Artillery beams slammed into the semi-circular scarlet shield, they distorted and blasted into the universe channel.

The rain of light exploded in the universe channel. Each beam can severely wound a Great Holy or wipe out a star.

After the rain of light disappeared, a perfectly fine scarlet shield appeared in front of everyone.

“How dreadful! What terrifying defense!”

“No quasi-Empyrean would be able to block the bombardment of Firmament Holy’s fleet. Redstone Lord is really terrifying!”

“That’s an Empyrean for you!”


When the spectating Holies and Great Holies saw this scene, they drew in a sharp breath.

No quasi-Empyrean, not even a powerhouse second only to Empyreans like Heaven’s Devourer Tyrant Dragon, can withstand the bombardment of thousands of Holy Slaying Artillery beams.

“Firmament Holy, is that all you got?”

The scarlet shield flew into Redstone Lord’s hand. With a fierce shimmer in his eyes, he thrust the spear in his hand forward, stabbed a membrane, and pierced through it.

The scarlet spear pierced through the universe barrier at once, and wisps of Empyrean might reverberated in the area.

With a glimmer of red light, the universe barrier was broken by the scarlet spear.

Redstone Lord looked around, an unequaled Empyrean pressure diffusing from him.

“Amazing! Redstone Lord!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and waved his hand.

Ripples flickered, and the semi-finished level-7 stronghold flew out. A 10-kilometer-long Devastator Cannon protruded from the level-7 stronghold.

Devastator Cannon is the most powerful artillery the xizu have developed. Even if it’s a Warlock Emperor, they may die if hit by the Devastator Cannon.

Countless runes shone. In an instant, a terrifying pillar of light replete with destructive power, capable of destroying everything, barreled towards Redstone Lord.

Redstone Lord’s expression flickered. The scarlet shield appeared once more and blocked in front of him.

When the terrifying pillar of light slammed into the scarlet shield, it smashed the shield, and then swallowed Redstone Lord.

“How scary!”

“What weapon is that?”

“What sort of weapon is that? How is it so terrifying?”

“Apart from Empyreans, is there anyone in the world who can withstand a strike from this weapon?”


When the spectating Holies and Great Holies saw this scene, their eyes shimmered with incredulity, and a chill diffused from their soul.

The Devastator Cannon can severely injure a Warlock Emperor with one strike. Unless the Empyreans wake up, no one in the world of Warlocks will be able to withstand this terrifying artillery.


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