Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1403: Subduing the Three Demongods

Chapter 1403: Subduing the Three Demongods

Yang Feng quickly calculated his strength: “Now my strength should be at the pinnacle quasi-Empyrean realm! Only a step away from the Empyrean realm.”

“Someone is coming!”

Yang Feng suddenly raised his head and looked into the distance.

In the west, a sun, a moon, and a star tore the void, radiated Demongod might, and flew over.

After a few breaths of time, Moongod Temple’s temple master saw that the sun is a sun chariot inscribed with countless mysterious Demongod patterns. On the sun chariot sat a burly man with long, blond hair, full of dignity.

The moon is a moon chariot similar to the sun chariot. On the moon chariot sat Moonlight Demongod.

The star is a star chariot. On the star chariot sat a devastatingly beautiful woman dressed in a star battle gown, with waist length, dark hair, snow-white skin, and extraordinary temperament.

Moongod Temple’s temple master is the No. 1 beauty of Southern Province. But when compared to the devastatingly beautiful woman on the star chariot, she is still a little inferior.

“Sun Demongod, Moonlight Demongod, Star Demongod!”

When Moongod Temple’s temple master saw the moon chariot with Moonlight Demongod, she trembled and knelt on the ground unconsciously, and her beautiful eyes filled with fear.

Moonlight Demongod is the Demongod that Moongod Temple has served for countless generations as well as its master. The power and terror of Moonlight Demongod are deeply ingrained in the minds of the powerhouses of Moongod Temple.

The Demongod force inside Moongod Temple’s temple master has been eroded and turned into Yang Feng’s Demongod force. However, when faced with the Demongod she has worshiped for many years, she still couldn’t mount any resistance.

“Gong Ling is my Apostle, my favorite toy, and my spokesperson in the Realm of Mortals. You’re really daring. You actually eroded her Demongod force. You deserve to die!”

Moonlight Demongod glanced at Moongod Temple’s temple master with disgust, and then looked at Yang Feng and Devour Ram Demongod with intense killing intent in his eyes.

In the Realm of Demongods, to erode another Demongod’s Demongod Apostle is regarded as provocation and insult.

If Yang Feng had killed Moongod Temple’s temple master instead, it wouldn’t have enraged Moonlight Demongod as much.

“Kneel and release your Demongod soul brand! Or die!”

On the sun chariot, Sun Demongod’s eyes flickered with a fierce shade, and Greater Demongod realm fluctuations of power diffused from him and spread in all directions.

Within 1,000 kilometers, the temperature rose to 1,000 °C, with strange flames burning everywhere.

Star Demongod creased her slim eyebrows and asked slowly, a look of surprise in her eyes, “Wait a moment, where’s the Demongod Blood Sea?”

“The Demongod Blood Sea? It has been refined and become a part of my strength of course! Since you three have come to throw away your lives, then become a stepping stone for my evolution!”

Along with a ferocious glimmer in his eyes, Yang Feng broke out with Demongod patterns and spread the fingers of his hand, and terrible Demongod force gushed out, formed a black hole, and surged towards the three Demongods.

“You dare attack me! How brazen!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Sun Demongod flicked his wrist, the Demongod artifact Sun God Sword emerged, and he slashed at the black hole.

Nine suns emerged at once, formed a straight line, and barreled towards the black hole.

Sun Demongod scoured the universe and found 36 suns. Coupled with a tremendous amount of resources and countless precious treasures of heaven and earth, Sun Demongod forged the Sun God Sword. It is an extremely powerful Demongod artifact. As for this sword strike, it contains the terrifying power of nine suns.


Along with a fierce flash in his eyes, Moonlight Demongod pointed with his hand, and the Demongod artifact Moonlight Shrine emerged directly.

In an instant, endless moonlight gushed out of the Moonlight Shrine. Thousands upon thousands of gorgeous female Apostles emerged and prayed piously, and tremendous power poured out of them and flowed into the Moonlight Shrine.

The Moonlight Shrine radiated endless moonlight, surged with mysterious and devilish charm, and barreled towards Yang Feng.

The Moonlight Shrine is a wicked Demongod artifact Moonlight Demongod refined from 18 moons and 360,000 Demongod Apostle realm beautiful female mortals. Even if it’s a Greater Demongod, if they are careless, their mind will be stirred by the Moonlight Shrine.

When the two Demongods launched their attacks, the devastatingly beautiful Star Demongod extended her hand, and the Demongod artifact Star Bow engraved with mysterious Demongod patterns appeared in her hand.

The Star Bow is a bow Star Demongod refined from 72 stars. The Star Bow comes with star arrows, each of which is a treasure refined from a star mixed with an enormous amount of Demongod force and can crush a star.

With a cold glimmer in her eyes, Star Demongod locked on Yang Feng, channeled a tremendous amount of Demongod force, and fired a star arrow containing endless star force shooting towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled faintly, a cold glimmer in his eyes. All of a sudden, the black hole expanded, surged with countless Demongod patterns, and swallowed the nine stars in an instant. Next, the black hole swept towards the Sun Demongod and drew him inside.

After the black hole swallowed Sun Demongod, it continued to extend outward and swallowed the Moonlight Shrine and Moonlight Demongod one after another.

The star arrow containing tremendous Demongod force shot into the black hole and disappeared silently.

The black hole just trembled slightly and stopped expanding. The star arrow evidently wasn’t ineffective.

After just a breath of time, the fearsome black hole surged towards Star Demongod.

“Sir, the three of us are willing to release our soul brands and submit to you. I myself am willing to serve you as a slave. Please spare our lives!”

Star Demongod’s pretty face turned pale. She decisively gave up all resistance and knelt on the ground, and a Demongod soul brand containing her true spirit emerged and radiated endless starlight.

“You’re clever! Fine, I’ll spare the three of you!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with the shade of surprise. He looked at Star Demongod, pondered for a while, and pointed with his hand, and countless Demongod runes intertwined and disappeared into Star Demongod’s soul brand.

Yang Feng too control of Star Demongod’s soul brand. No matter where she goes, her fate will be at the palm of his hand. This is the method Greater Demongods use to control other Demongods.

Along with a violent gust of wind, Sun Demongod and Moonlight Demongod flew out of the black hole, a dispirited look on their faces.

If it were not for the decisiveness of Star Demongod, the two Demongods would have their origin force devoured in tens of breaths of time and turned into dust.

“Sun Demongod, Moonlight Demongod, your younger sister Star Demongod has released her soul brand and submitted to me. All in order to save your lives! Release your soul brands and submit to me. Otherwise, go to hell!”

Yang Feng looked at Sun Demongod and Moonlight Demongod with cold eyes and spoke frigidly.

“Yes! Sir!”

Sun Demongod and Moonlight Demongod looked at each other helplessly and smiled wryly. They never imagined that they would meet a terrible enemy such as Yang Feng that can easily crush the three of them.

Sun Demongod, Moon Demongod, and Star Demongod are fearsome powerhouses of the Realm of Demongods. With the three of them working together, few people in the Realm of Demongods is a match for them. This time the three came out together to quell Yang Feng, yet were easily quelled by him in return. This shattered their pride and confidence.

Countless sun patterns intertwined and formed a sun soul brand and countless moonlight patterns intertwined and formed a moonlight soul brand above the heads of the two Demongods respectively.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and Demongod patterns entered the two soul brands.

When she saw this, Gong Ling’s pretty eyes flashed with an absent-minded shade, “Ye Cheng quelled three Demongods just like that! How is this possible? Who the hell is he? Is he the reincarnation of a legendary Demongod Emperor? No! Even if he were the reincarnation of a Demongod Emperor, it would still be impossible for him to evolve at such fast speed!”

Sun Demongod, Moonlight Demongod, and Star Demongod are Demongods of ancient mythology whose deeds have widely spread in myths since ancient times. Many Greater Demongods had died at the hands of these three Demongods.

Yet now these Demongods of legend are kneeling in front of Yang Feng’s incarnation of Ye Cheng. Gong Ling can’t believe her eyes.

It should be mentioned that not long ago, Yang Feng’s incarnation of Ye Cheng was just a mortal with advanced martial accomplishments. If she released her Demongod Apostle aura, Gong Ling would be able to poison countless such mortals.

Moonlight Demongod took a deep look at Gong Ling, and his eyes flashed with rancor. Then he bowed his head and didn’t dare to look at her anymore. If it weren’t for Gong Ling, he wouldn’t have provoked a terrible powerhouse like Yang Feng.

“Ye Cheng is my only lifeline now! If he stops being fond of me, my end will be miserable.”

When Moonlight Demongod looked at her, Gong Ling felt a chill well up in her heart, and then there was a flash of determination in her beautiful eyes.

“Follow me!”

Yang Feng turned around and walked towards the core area of the Demongod Battlefield.

The resources outside the Demongod Battlefield’s core area are no longer enough to meet Yang Feng’s needs. Only the battlefield where legendary Demongod Emperors fought may have resources that will move Yang Feng’s heart.

Gong Ling stepped forward and hugged one of Yang Feng’s arms, pressing her ample bosom against his arm.

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