Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 22

22 – Allen1

The Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks, while trembling with fear, one by one put on the black collars and the silver head rings – only the heads of three people were blown away, the rest were lucky to pass the test.

Yang Feng said somewhat unexpectedly: “It really takes me by surprise! I thought that half of you would have their heads blown away. I haven’t anticipated that your loyalty towards Black Cottage would be so little!”

The eyes of many Apprentice Warlocks flashed with a whiff of shame.

“Oh mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye Daren! Although we were Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks, but besides the few disciples treasured by Black Cottage’s Master, the rest of us had to pay an acceptable price in order to obtain the access to Black Cottage’s knowledge. Large amounts of Gold Coins and Magic Stones had to be spent in order to access each knowledge. Moreover, every year we had to run errands for Black Cottage, and acquire Magic Stones and Gold Coins in order to exchange for Warlock’s knowledge. Our relationship with Black Cottage was only that of interests, so naturally, there wasn’t much loyalty involved.” A level-2 Apprentice Warlock with short golden hair, average height and ordinary appearance – stepped out from within the group of Apprentice Warlocks, knelt on the ground and explained to Yang Feng.

The level-2 Apprentice Warlock prostrated himself on the floor and said respectfully: “We have already exhausted our duty towards Black Cottage! And now that it got defeated, we only want to survive! Please be magnanimous and grant us a way out. We’re willing to serve You.”

As the remaining Apprentice Warlocks watched this scene, they cursed at him within their hearts for being shameless – but then also followed his example, prostrated themselves on the ground and said respectfully: “Please give us a way out, we’re willing to serve You!”

Yang Feng slightly smiled as he said: “Interesting! What’s your name?”

Allen raised his head and looked at Yang Feng, in his eyes flashed a whiff of burning ambition and he respectfully said: “Oh mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye Daren, I am called Allen!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a whiff of scorching radiance and he unhurriedly said: “You go to Warlock College Antalya to represent me! Tell them that I will destroy the Fernando Clan within a month and will dominate the entire Fernandro Principality. Simultaneously, I’m willing to succeed Fernandro Principality’s power and duty!”

Although Fernandro Principality can’t compare with a great empire, however, it’s also very rich in resources. It’s especially very rich in mineral resources. Once Yang Feng becomes it’s master, his power would than quickly expand. Given time, it’s entirely possible to contend with Warlock College Antalya and the other six Great Warlock Groups.

What Yang Feng currently needs the most is land, resources and time. Therefore, temporarily joining Warlock Collage Antalya really isn’t that bad. Additionally, in order for him to tread on his Warlock Path, he also needs the support of Warlock College Antalya.

Allen said somewhat concernedly: “Daren, Fernandro Clan and Warlock College Antalya have a deep relationship. The first generation Lord of the Fernandro Clan was a student of the Warlock College Antalya. Additionally, the consecutive generations of Fernandro Clan would send their most talented geniuses to join and study within Warlock College Antalya. Many Warlock College Antalya’s tutors also received Fernandro Clan’s care through difficult times. The relationship between both parties is extremely close. I’m afraid that You’ll enrage Warlock College Antalya.”

Yang Feng said coldly: “Tell them that if they don’t agree, then I’ll choose to join Savage Claw and I’ll act as a sword to chop at them!”

Allen sighed in admiration: “Joining Savage Claw! That’s an excellent idea! As expected, the mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye Daren is brilliant!”

Savage Claw and Warlock College Antalya have a feud between them, they have already been struggling with each other for more than a thousand years. Both parties have blood belonging to the other party’s countless experts on their hands. Among the six Great Warlock Groups, Warlock College Antalya’s power was slightly inferior to Savage Claw’s – if one of their Warlock Pagodas was to be captured by a powerful Warlock, who then would join Savage Claw, then Warlock College Antalya would be under an even bigger pressure.

After Allen was done with his boot-licking, he then somewhat worriedly said: “However, Fernandro Principality is a member state of Southern States Coalition! Warlock Collage Antalya’s roots lie in Southern States Coalition, and they won’t easily renounce they’re control over Fernandro Principality.”

Although Allen’s strength is weak, only at level-2 Apprentice Warlock, but he’s been all along helping Black Cottage to deal with all kinds of worldly matters, he’s completely in the clear regarding affairs of this world.

Yang Feng indifferently said: “If it really doesn’t work, then have Fernandro Principality cede Golden-Sand City and Hard-Wood City to me! In exchange, I’ll send my only direct heir to Warlock College Antalya to cultivate and tread on his Warlock Path. The direct heir is the Young Lord whom you’ll all going to serve from now on. You must serve him as if you were to serve me. If he dies, you’ll all follow him! Therefore, you must protect him with your own lives! Do you understand?”

“Yes! Mighty Steel Lord Daren!” The Apprentice Warlocks’ hearts tightened as they respectfully complied.

Yang Feng swept Allen with a glance and said indifferently: “Allen, I have never mistreated competent subordinates. If you accomplish this task, after you come back, they’ll all become your subordinates! Additionally, there’s also a chance that I’ll help you become an Official level-1 Warlock!”

“Yes! Mighty Steel Lord Daren! I’ll definitely accomplish this task!” Allen’s eyes shined with excitement as he spoke in a somewhat shaky voice.

The rest of Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks watched Allen, as they showed traces of jealousy and envy in their eyes.

The gap between an Apprentice Warlock and an Official Warlock was like a chasm. As an Oficcial level-1 Warlock within Turandot Subcontinent, regardless where one goes, one would be received with respect. As long as one joins a state, one can obtain the status of nobility, then no matter to which state one goes, one’s aristocratic status would receive recognition.

To become an Official level-1 Warlock is extremely difficult. Within the entire Black Cottage, only Bonney was an Official level-1 Warlock, but the number of Apprentice Warlocks exceeded a hundred.

Once Allen becomes an official level-1 Warlock, his status will go through an earth-shaking change. The rest of the Apprentice Warlocks were naturally extremely envious of Allen.

Because of the pursuit of formidable strength, many Warlocks have already went to other planes co conduct business with powerful beings, such as fiends and devils – there were more and more Warlocks conducting those businesses. In order to get formidable strength, Bonney even transplanted a fiend’s blood-meridians into himself.

Once the Apprentice Warlocks possess the strength to conduct business with fiends and devils, they also would definitely conduct business with those monsters, so that they can promote to level-1 Warlocks, obtain formidable strength and a long lifespan. Merely handling some affairs for Yang Feng might result into one promoting to Official level-1 Warlock, that’s why the rest of the Apprentice Warlocks were full of envy and jealousy towards Allen.

1 – The name makes me think about D.Gray-man’s Aren Woka!

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