Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 25

25 – Blood Bat Knights

Warriors were riding on top of those enormous bats, they had bizarre patterns painted on their bodies, they were holding spears and emitting formidable fluctuations of life force. Those warriors that rode the enormous bats were Fernandro Principality’s strongest military force Blood Bat Knights.

Blood Bat Knights was an aerial corps, the entire corps contained 5,000 members. Each member of the Blood Bat Knights was at least a Knight rank expert. Great Knight ranks were rarely seen in the outside world, but within the Blood Bat Knights, there were a lot of Earth Knight ranks and even their commander was a Sky Knight called Fernão.

Blood Bat Knights was an extremely formidable aerial corpse and it had already killed Official level-1 Warlocks many times, it’s one of Fernandro Principality’s mighty pillars.

Within the valley, above an enormous rock, sat cross-legged a 2m tall brawny man, his muscles were stretched taut, with countless knife scars on his body, and a head full of scattered blond hair.

A lark flew from the sky towards the brawny blond man.1

Just as the lark approached, the man opened his eyes, extended his big hand and let the lark land on it.

The lark opened its mouth and chirped: “Fernão, His Majesty Archduke has an order! He orders your Blood Bat Knights to immediately prepare for battle. The target is to occupy Black City that is under Steel Lord Yang Ye. Snake Evil Eyes and White Bear Fangs will attack together with you.”

Fernão’s eyes flashed with a whiff of a bloodthirsty radiance, he extended his tong and licked his lips like a beast: “A battle! My blood is starting to boil!”

Before long, a group of enormous Blood Bats formed a huge unit and then flew out of the valley, while almost covering the sky.

Black City’s Warlock Pagoda, on the third floor, within a command-center covered with screens, the screens, one by one flashed and displayed different images.

Nr.3796 stood within the control-center while possessing Robot Bonney, its eyes flashed with countless streams of data, it stood silently as if a sculpture.

Each screen displayed images of Fernandro Principality’s elite forces assembling from every region and moving like a flood towards Black City.

Nr.3796’s eyes flashed with red light, while it continuously analyzed: <The enemy’s forces are assembling! Should we attack? No! The current first priority is to defend the Owner, the troops cannot be divided!>

If Yang Feng were to be the one in command, he’d absolutely dispatch the mechanical legion to exploit the time period which Fernandro Principality’s forces take to assemble together and destroy the majority of their forces one at a time, and even take the initiative to attack Fernandro Principality’s capital. He’d stall for time and deplete the others forces.

One of the biggest advantages of Yang Feng’s mechanical legion is, unless the wreckage of the mechanical legion was taken away from the battle field, that the mechanical legion’s wreckage can be easily smelted and once again manufactured into new robots. In simple terms, as long as the energy is abundant, its absolutely possible to defeat Fernandro Principality’s mostly flesh and blood army.

But Nr.3796, even with his super processing ability, owing to Yang Feng being unconscious, can only make this unwise choice and allocate the entirety of the mechanical legion towards Black City.

Time slowly passed until it was ten days later.

In the underground floor of the Warlock Pagoda, above the altar, Yang Feng suddenly trembled slightly and then opened his eyes with some difficulty.

IVs (intravenous infusion) were inserted into Yang Feng’s veins, from every one of them continuously dripped saline or glucose solutions, as well as the most fundamental pills refined and turned into a restoring solution.

Yang Feng, after all, hasn’t yet begun to cultivate on his Warlock Path, his body was that of an earthling, its attribute was still that of a waste, it was weak and a complete mess. Were it not for the variety of pills that he consumes everyday, he would have already been long since dead.2

“So dangerous! Warlock’s items are truly strange! Without a sturdy body, one truly can’t afford to play with them. I almost didn’t wake up forever.” Yang Feng was somewhat confused, he had some lingering fears while he shook his head.3

<Owner! It’s me, Nr.3796, I welcome You on Your awakening. Of course You should go and take a good rest, however, currently we have an emergency. You need to immediately make a decision, do we fight or do we flee?!”

After Robot Bonney finished speaking, his eyes emitted a stream of light and an enormous screen appeared in the air.

A procession of several tens of li of a huge army advancing towards Black City was displayed on the enormous screen. On top of the huge army was soaring a dense flock of scalp numbing blood colored enormous bats.4

Nr.3796 said peacefully, while possessing Robot Bonney: <Fernandro Principality’s main forces are: 5,000 cavalry, 200 heavy cavalry, 40,000 infantry, 120,000 auxiliary troops and 5,000 Blood Bat Knights. Snake Evil Eyes deployed 1 level-2 Warlock, 5 level-1 Warlocks and 50 Apprentice Warlocks. White Bear Fangs deployed 1 level-2 Warlock, 3 level-1 Warlocks ad 50 Apprentice Warlocks. Fernandro Clan deployed 1 level-2 Warlock, 10 level-1 Warlocks and 200 Apprentice Warlocks. They’re currently advancing towards Black City and they’ll be here within thirty minutes.>5

Yang Feng couldn’t help but say: “Nr.3796! Why have you allowed them assemble their forces? With our mechanical legion’s flexibility, its possible to get rid of them before their forces assemble. We could even have counterattacked and threatened them by sending our mechanical legion towards their capital!”

The mechanical legion’s level-4 Bladed-troops, with a fully charged battery, can conduct military operation within a radius of approximately 200Km. But as long as they carry a replaceable high-energy battery, then they can continuously expand their radius of conducting military operations. With level-4 Bladed-troops’ movement speed and flexibility, they could have completely gotten rid of those human troops before they assembled.

If it were to be up to Yang Feng, he’d make use of the mechanical legion’s strength – additionally, copping with the only medieval-level mobility, excluding the Warlocks, of the mortal army would be quite easy.

Nr.3796 said: <My first priority is to protect You! As You didn’t issued any explicit orders and furthermore after you became unconscious, my only option was to gather all our forces to protect You. Please give an order, do we fight or do we flee?!>

“Of course we fight! Take the initiative to attack and get rid of them!” Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a cold light, he quickly assumed his position within the mechanical legion and issued a series of orders.

One after another, the mechanical legion pulled back into Black City and immediately mobilized, then as if a mechanical flood, it took the initiative and marched orderly from within Black City to intercept Fernandro Principality’s army.6

Within Fernandro Principality’s army, above an enormous flying Magic Carpet with a diameter of up to a 100m. On the Magic Carpet stood the 3 level-2 Warlocks, respectively from Snake Evil Eyes, White Bear Fangs and Fernandro Clan.

1 –

2 – Idiom: 一塌糊涂 – muddled and completely collapsing

3 – Idiom: 心有余悸 – trepidation remaining after a trauma

4 – li (Chinese mile) = 0,5Km

5 – heavy cavalry = Knight rank

6 – Idiom: 整齐划一 – to be adjusted to uniformity

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