Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 27

27 – Divination

After those level-4 Gunner-troops pressed those Blood Bat Knights out of the shooting range, they then immediately turned their muzzles towards those 3 level-2 Warlocks sitting on the Magic Carpet, and once again shot in a frenzy.

Sparks flashed and countless bullets, as if raindrops, fired at the 3 level-2 Warlocks.

“Warping Force Field!”

Arbane extended a hand and pointed in front to cast a level-1 defensive spell.

In front of the Magic Carpet suddenly appeared a Warping Force Field, countless heavy machine-gun bullets shot at it, shortly after, their trajectories were warped and they were flicked away.

Merely, under the practically endless hail of bullets, the Warping Force Field could only persist for five seconds and then collapsed. Forcing Arbane to once again release the Warping Force Field in order to defend against the bullets.

Arbane’s eyebrows creased tightly as he said in a deep voice: “We should leave! Like this my spirit power will soon be exhausted!”

Level-2 Warlocks can easily cast level-1 spells. However, level-2 Warlocks’ spirit force isn’t endless. Originally, when Bonney was within the Warlock Pagoda, he could employ terrifying strength with its support – that’s why he could force those thousands of mechanical Bladed-troops to stay outside of the Warlock Pagoda. Arbane’s strength still can’t compare to Bonney’s within the Warlock Pagoda. If the consumption continues as is, than he’s going to be soon at death’s door.

Kenny was gloomy as he took a glimpse downwards.

After loosing the aerial bombardment of Blood Bat Knights, the densely packed level-4 Bladed-troops immediately swarmed and cut a pitch-black vine into broken pieces.

The Apprentice Warlocks have been continuously releasing a variety of level-0 auxiliary spells, weakening the fighting prowess of those Bladed-troops. However, the level-4 Bladed-troops were truly to many, and those Apprentice Warlocks even though they did their utmost in casting a variety of level-0 spells, a pitch-black vine was till chopped into broken pieces.

Before long, those mechanical Bladed-troops would kill their way into Fernandro Principality’s main forces. Even with the help of level-1 Warlocks, Fernandro Principality’s forces won’t stand a chance against those level-4 Bladed-troops.

Even if those mechanical Bladed-troops were destroyed until there only remained 1, as long as it doesn’t receive the order to retreat it still wouldn’t take a step back and would fight to the end. However, as for the side of the human warriors, once the casualties surpass 10,000, then their forces would immediately collapse.

Jamt’s eyebrows creased as he spoke in a deep voice: “We should retreat! And ask Warlock College Antalya for their help. This Steel Lord Yang Ye himself perhaps isn’t a big deal, but his mechanical golem legion is truly too formidable.”

A level-2 Warlock’s strength is much more formidable than that of a level-1 Warlock. Additionally, they’re the most troublesome, as whenever they perceive their situation as being discouraging they’ll choose to escape.

In theory, a 10,000 strong mortal army already has the power to kill a level-2 Warlock. However, a level-2 Warlock wouldn’t stand there and tenaciously fight against a mortal army face-to-face. A level-2 Warlock can choose to strike at the leader, guerrilla warfare, poison – anyway, one has plenty of means to gradually eliminate a mortal army.

Jamt perceived their situation to be so discouraging that he wanted to retreat. He was unwilling for tens of thousands of Magic Stone to decide his fate.

Kenny’s complexion was gloomy as he spoke: “Jamt, I know you have a level-1 Divination Scroll. Sell it to me for a handsome price.”

Divination Systems, they’re Warlock Systems that are among the most difficult systems to cultivate. And the most typical among them are Warlock-Astrologists and Warlocks-of-Destiny, they were formidable Warlocks’ Divination Systems and extremely difficult to cultivate. The requirements were exceedingly outstanding talent as well as great luck, countless resources, and hard work – only then could one succeed in ones cultivation. Excluding those two types of formidable orthodox Warlocks, the remaining Warlocks’ Divination Systems numbered a great amount, however, their accomplishments weren’t too outstanding, so very few people cultivated them. Therefore, Divination Scrolls were extremely rare and everyone of them was extremely precious.

Jamt said with a grin: “I want your level-2 Mysterious Treasure Green Revolving Ring!

Arbane’s eyelid’s jumped and he firmly stared at the green bracelet on Kenny’s right arm.

Mysterious Treasures were exceedingly powerful alchemy treasures refined by Warlock-Alchemists from all kinds of precious materials. Every Mysterious Treasure is extremely precious. Especially those defensive Mysterious Treasures that can defend one’s life.

The level-2 Mysterious Treasure Green Revolving Ring was Kenny’s best defensive Treasure and was also one of Fernandro Clan’s 5 great defensive Mystic Treasures. Under normal circumstances, exchanging a level-1 Divination for a level-1 defensive Mystic Treasure was already extremely fortunate, Jamt wanting to exchange a level-1 Divination for the Green Revolving Ring is the same as trying to profit from somebody’s misfortune.

Kenny had a gloomy complexion as he said in a cold voice: “A level-1 Divination can’t divine a level-2 Warlock’s position. If Yang Ye is a level-2 Warlock, or if he knows a spell to resist Divination, then the Divination Scroll would be a waste.”

Divination was extremely strange and mortals simply couldn’t resist it. As long as Divination was employed, unless mortals were hiding within an area with an extraordinary masking ability, otherwise there was nowhere to hide.

Mortals couldn’t withstand Divination, but Warlocks possessed various methods and Mysterious Treasures to withstand Divination. Of course, it’s necessary to possess a formidable Official Warlock’s inheritance in order to possess a method capable of resisting Divination. If the level-1 Divination were to be used against a level-2 Warlock, it basically wouldn’t have any effect.

Jamt grinned as he said: ” Kenny, don’t be angry! If you don’t want to make the exchange, then forget about it! We’re ready to retreat! If we don’t retreat, then your pitch-black vines will be easily disposed of.”

After Kenny’s gaze underwent a number of changes, he finally gnashed his teeth and took out the Green Revolting Ring from his right arm and threw it at Jamt: “So be it! Lets do the exchanged!”

Jamt had a pleased smile after he caught the bracelet, he took out a golden scroll and threw it at Kenny.

Kenny caught the golden scroll, and at once poured an enormous quantity of spirit force into the golden scroll. That golden scroll at once glimmered with golden radiance, which then took shape of an arrow and pointed straight towards Black City’s Warlock Pagoda.

Within the Warlock Pagoda.

As Yang Feng saw the image of the golden arrow displayed on the screen, his heart sunk slightly, then he said: “What spell is that?”

Robot Bonney said: <It’s Divination! Owner, You’ve been already locked down by Divination! Before the effect of Divination is lost, Your position will be known by the caster of the spell. Currently, we don’t have any countermeasures. Unless You upgrade to a level-4 Fortified Stronghold, only than can the appropriate mechanical isolation against Divination can be manufactured.>

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