Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 663

Chapter 663

663 – Fenghuang [1] Holy Armor and Fenghuang Spear

Yu Tianling looked at the planar passageway that appeared out of thin air and showed a satisfied smile . Before the Planar Lighthouse was completely repaired, she could only open an unstable planar passageway that could only teleport Great Warlocks to God Blood Plane .

Now that the Planar Lighthouse has been repaired, a complete planar passageway has appeared . With enough magic crystals, even Infinity Warlocks can easily traverse the planar passageway and freely travel between the two planes . It showcases the enormous value of this complete planar passageway .

In Great Cloud Dynasty, there are no more than 30 complete planar passageway, and most of them lead to some grade 3 planes or grade 4 planes . Great Cloud Dynasty only has three complete planar passageways leading to the 36 primary material planes, and this is the fourth .

The planar passageway controlled by Battle Demon Sect leading to Feisuo Plane is an unstable planar passageway . At most, it can only send Bright World Warlocks into Feisuo Plane . It’s not in the same league as complete planar passageways .

The complete planar passageway has just appeared, when a bloody moon suddenly appeared in the air and endless darkness enveloped the land . The bloody moon radiates bloody light .

A swarm of kindred powerhouses flew out of the bloody moon and flew towards the Planar Lighthouse .

Looking like he has never seen the sun, a handsome, pale man with bat wings specific to kindred on his back and fascinating red luster in his eyes smiled gracefully and said: “Yu Tianling, you have worked hard! Thank you for repairing the Planar Lighthouse . From today on, this planar passageway belongs to us kindred!”

A series of fluctuations of blood energy at the Transcendent rank rolled out, and one powerful kindred after another flew out of the bloody moon . The male Transcendent rank kindred are all handsome and the female Transcendent rank kindred are all beautiful . They all exude a fearsome charm, which can make you fall for them at first sight .

Red Rock Fortress has already activated a very powerful barrier . However, there are still many human Warlocks who were charmed by the handsome and beautiful kindred powerhouses in the sky, and revealed looks of adoration in their eyes . They even forgot that the kindred are the enemy .

In Cangzhi Plane, there are kindred powerhouses hidden in many places . They don’t even need to use spells . Using their charm alone, they can easily confuse many human Warlocks to willingly become their food .

Among pinnacle human Warlocks, there are some powerhouses who like to raise beautiful kindred as pets .

Inside Red Rock Fortress, the human Warlocks looked at the kindred powerhouses suspended in the air with dignified looks in their eyes .

The number of kindred powerhouses that flew out from the bloody moon has already exceeded 500,000 . Although most of them are vampire and untitled kindred cannon fodder, but the huge number plus the never ending flow of kindred powerhouses already have the power to threaten Red Rock Fortress .

Yu Tianling sneered, and then commanded indifferently: “Marquis Joseph, if it’s just you, then capturing Red Rock Fortress is wishful thinking! You came here just to die in vain! Begin!”

The Warlock towers atop Red Rock Fortress radiated light, and then brilliant beams swept towards the kindred powerhouses .

Vampires and untitled kindred are being decimated by the beams

Many kindred turned into bats in an attempt to escape the bombardment . But in the end, they were still crushed and annihilated .

The regeneration of kindred is extremely fearsome . For ordinary vampires, as long as the head hasn’t been cut off and the heart hasn’t been stabbed, they will slowly regenerate no matter how serious the injury is .

As for pureblood kindred, as long as the true blood inside them isn’t destroyed, then even if their head is shattered and their heart is stabbed, they can consume blood energy to regenerate quickly . They are a frightening enemy .

However, Yu Tianling is a major general of Cangzhi Plane . She has extremely rich combat experience, and her subordinates are elite Warlocks who have experienced countless battles . The spells released from the Warlock towers are all fire spells . With the power of countless fire spells stacking up, they turned an area into a sea of fire .

Burned by the sea of fire, countless kindred powerhouses turned into ashes . As their pure blood was purified, pure blood kindred issued miserable screams and died one after another .

“Extinguish!” A kindred earl shouted loudly and waved his hand, and a tremendous amount of blood energy turned into blood flames that covered the countless fire spells and forcibly suppressed them .

Formidable titled kindred powerhouses channeled blood energy to bombard the barrier of Red Rock Fortress .

Kindred powerhouses with the viscount title or higher are comparable to Transcendent rank powerhouses . Every time they bombard the barrier, they will set off slight ripples on the barrier .

The two Glorious Sun Warlocks and eight Moonlight Warlocks suddenly flew out from behind Yu Tianling, conjured secret methods, and locked in combat with kindred with the viscount title or higher .

The two Glorious Sun Warlocks and the eight Moonlight Warlocks are equipped with many formidable secret treasures . By relying on those secret treasures, they have blocked the Transcendent rank kindred who are twice as many as them, all the while holding a faint upper hand .

Red light flashed on Yu Tianling’s body, and a gorgeous red armor engraved with Fenghuang patterns formed from countless runes covered her entire body . At the same time, a spear carved with countless runes appeared in her hand .

Infinity Warlock rank aura emanated out from Yu Tianling and spread in all directions .

When Marquis Joseph saw the two secret treasures, his countenance suddenly changed dramatically, and he exclaimed: “Holy grade secret treasures Fenghuang Holy Shield and Fenghuang Spear! Only members of the fifth Warlock Dynasty’s Yu family who have Fenghuang bloodline can operate these two secret treasures . Yu Tianling, it seems that you are the No . 1 powerhouse of your Yu family, not your sister Yu Yan . ”


Fierce flames burning in her beautiful eyes, without saying a word, Yu Tianling turned into a fire Fenghuang that can burn everything and shot towards Marquis Joseph .

A flash of red light in his eyes, Marquis Joseph erupted with pinnacle Bright World Warlock rank fluctuations of power, and a copious amount of blood energy poured out and formed bloody seals .

The bloody seals superimposed and formed a nine-layered bloody hexagram barrier that blocked in front of Marquis Joseph .

The nine-layered bloody hexagram barrier is the strongest barrier Marquis Joseph has mastered . Even junior Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses require to cast two spells to break this barrier .

Yu Tianling’s avatar fire Fenghuang slammed into the bloody hexagram barrier, and the bloody hexagram barrier distorted and collapsed layer by layer, unable to stop the fire Fenghuang .

Seeing this scene, Yang Feng inhaled a breath of cold air: “Incredible . Is this Yu Tianling? She clearly hasn’t formed a virtual world, but she still has such frightening combat power . Those two Holy grade secret treasures are truly extraordinary! In this state, without equipping the Ruler Armor, Alexia may not be her opponent!”

Yang Feng just glanced at the bloody hexagram barrier, and the level-4 optical computer performed trillions of calculations and analysis . From the feedback, Yang Feng realized that Alexia would have to attack the bloody hexagram barrier at least ten times before she could break it . .

Yu Tianling’s avatar fire Fenghuang shattered the nine-layered bloody hexagram with a single strike . That kind of power far exceeds the limit of power that a Bright World Warlock can exert .

“Stop!” At this moment, a roar came from inside the bloody moon, Infinity Warlock rank fluctuations of power rolled out, and a tremendous amount of blood fire formed a giant hand that blocked in front of Marquis Joseph and swatted at Yu Tianling .

Yu Tianling’s avatar fire Fenghuang stabbed into the giant hand formed from blood fire, forcibly pierced through it, appeared in front of the Marquis Joseph, and stabbed her spear into Marquis Joseph .

A great amount of flames welled up inside Marquis Joseph, causing him to release heart-wrenching screams .

Marquis Joseph’s heart shot out from his body burning inside crimson flames and flew towards the bloody moon .

An arrow formed from blood energy shot towards Yu Tianling .

Wielding the Fenghuang Spear in her hands, Yu Tianling thrust upwards and struck the arrow formed from blood energy enveloped in flames .

The two powers detonated . Yu Tianling shot down like a meteor, slammed into the ground, and blasted open huge cave in the ground, and a large mouthful of blood sprayed out from her mouth .

Equipped with the Fenghuang Holy Armor and the Fenghuang Spear, even though Yu Tianling possesses destructive power beyond the junior Infinity Warlock rank, but she isn’t an Infinity Warlock herself . She is far from being the opponent of a true Infinity Warlock .

Inside the bloody moon, the figure of a handsome kindred boy with an arrogant look on his face flickered, and he appeared behind a Moonlight Warlock subordinated to Yu Tianling and stabbed his hand into the body of the Moonlight Warlock . Within just a breath, the Moonlight Warlock lost all his blood and became a dry corpse at a speed visible to the naked eyed .

The kindred boy tossed the Moonlight Warlock aside and showed a cruel smile: “That was delicious . The blood human Warlocks at the Moonlight Warlock rank and above is really delicious . Hello everyone, I am Grand Duke Antimo . ”

[1] – Fenghuang

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