Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 827 – Star Heavenly Maiden

Chapter 827 – Star Heavenly Maiden

Yang Feng’s eyes shook slightly: “I’m as strong as the severely injured Warlock Monarchs! Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses sure are impressive!”

Yang Feng chiefly cultivates the Empyrean grade secret method Primal Chaos Imperishable Body the Taboo Lord created and he has set up nine small worlds inside him, on each of which he spent countless resources. Additionally, he has strengthened his fleshly body by consuming Light of Eternity fruits. Yet he is still only equivalent to a severely injured Warlock Monarch in terms of strength. From this, it can be seen how formidable Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are.

The branch floating continent, in a luxurious palace, Yang Feng is sitting on a sofa. Dressed in a professional attire, the astonishingly beautiful Eunice gave him a report, a stack of documents in her hand.

“In this year, the resources I obtained from this continent are ten times the resources of other territories. However, it’s still not enough to support my cultivation. In addition to soul aptitude and secret methods, resources are also a factor that restrict Warlocks from becoming stronger.”

Yang Feng tapped with his fingers on the armrest and frowned, lost in thought.

Originally, with his wealth and the resources produced by his various territories, it was fully enough for Yang Feng to practice cultivate. But in that strange world, time flows 1,000 times faster then in the Cangzhi Plane. For 1,000 years, he not only spent much more resources than he obtained, but he still has to nurture geniuses like Wu Meiying and Regina. This sort of consumption is naturally terrifying. Even though Yang Feng is extremely wealthy, but he still cannot bear it.

An enigmatic ray shimmered in Yang Feng’s eyes: “Most of the forces in the Cangzhi Plane cannot be messed with lightly. It looks like I can only go look for the Black Emperor’s treasure trove. I hope that the resources of that treasure trove won’t let me down!”

A ray of light gleamed, and Yu Yan appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Yu Yan bowed to Yang Feng and said respectfully: “Greetings, master!”

Yang Feng looked straight at Yu Yan and uttered unhurriedly: “I want the Black Emperor’s treasure trove!”

Yu Yan looked at Yang Feng with a smile that isn’t a smile and asked: “Master, didn’t you say at the time that I am more valuable than the Black Emperor’s treasure trove?”

“Yes, you are indeed more valuable than the Black Emperor’s treasure trove. So I chose you back then. But I am also determined to get the Black Emperor’s treasure trove. This is for you.”

Yang Feng smiled and flicked his hand casually, and a jade box flew towards Yu Yan.

When Yu Yan opened the jade box, endless light burst out from inside, and a refreshing smell filled the area.

Yu Yan took a closer look, and then trembled and exclaimed: “This, this is a legendary Light of Eternity fruit!”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “That’s right! With this Light of Eternity fruit, your little sister Yu Tianling can break through the bottleneck and advance to an Infinity Warlock in one fell swoop! This way, she’ll have a greater chance of survival during the great tribulation.”

Yu Tianling, who has fenghuang bloodline, has reached the pinnacle Bright World Warlock realm a long time ago. But unfortunately, much like many geniuses, she is trapped in this realm.

If Yu Tianling obtains a Light of Eternity fruit, she can definitely break through this bottleneck and promote to an Infinity Warlock.

“Thank you, master! This is all the information on the Black Emperor’s treasure trove I have.”

A dignified ray flashed in Yu Yan’s beautiful eyes. She pointed with her fair hand, and a ball of light suddenly emerged and flew toward Yang Feng.

Yang Feng touched the ball of light with a finger, and the ball collapsed abruptly and turned into a stream of information that entered his head.

Yang Feng frowned: “No wonder Yu Yan didn’t look for the Black Emperor’s treasure trove. It turns out that it is located in the core world!”

The Cangzhi Plane’s core world was a part of the Cangzhi Plane in ancient times. In the archgod era, the Cangzhi Plane was much larger than it is today.

In order to contend with the incredibly powerful archgods who dominated the world at the time, the Time Lord ordered the Many Treasures Holy to forge a world, where the resistance forces can live, using a Warlock Emperor rank corpse as the core. That world was the prototype of the core world.

In the eras of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, each Warlock Emperor invested a large amount of resources to build the core world and make it into the last fort for human Warlocks.

After the Second Warlock Emperor the Taboo Lord buried the heart of a strange life form in the core world, the core world started to attach itself to the Cangzhi Plane and expand, all the while absorbing many parts of the Cangzhi Plane.

Over time, the core world has become a treasure land where life magic energy is the densest in the Cangzhi Plane and where the essence of human Warlocks has gathered.

In the core world, only human Warlocks can walk freely. As for other races, they are either slaves, experimental subjects, or servants of human Warlocks. For beings of other races who don’t have the protection of humans, the only thing awaiting them is to be eliminated.

Once a human Warlock is controlled by a being of another race, then the human Warlock and the being of another race will be annihilated.

Although the core world, which is the ultimate and final fortress of human Warlocks, is attached to the Cangzhi Plane. However, it is moving constantly and staying in alternate spaces.

Only the Warlocks who have come from the core world can easily enter and leave the core world. It is extremely difficult for Warlocks from outside to enter the core world. It is extremely difficult to determine the location of the core world. After all, not even Warlock Emperor rank archgods could find the core world at the time.

During an adventure, Yu Yan learned the location of the Black Emperor’s treasure trove. However, since the Black Emperor’s treasure trove is hidden in the core world, she has no way to access it.

A strange ray flashed in Yang Feng’s eyes: “To enter the core world, you must be introduced by the people from the core world.”

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared on the edge of the Heaven and Earth Spirit Root’s branch floating continent the Star Dynasty is occupying and said in a loud voice: “I, Lei Ming of the Undying Mountain subordinated to the Golem Dynasty, request an audience with the Star Monarch!”

The Time Monarch, the Taboo Monarch, the Transcendent Monarch, the Star Monarch, the Death Monarch, and the Magic Note Monarch, these six Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are the regents of the Six Warlock Dynasties. Thanks to the core world’s human Warlocks, their fame has spread throughout the Cangzhi Plane.

Among the Eight Warlock Emperors, the Time Lord and the Star Lord are fairly sensible, they won’t kill people lightly. Compared to killing, they are more fond of making friends. Only when dealing with enemies will they kill without hesitation.

After multiple considerations, Yang Feng chose to request an audience with the Star Monarch.

Bright starlight extended from the branch floating continent and formed a bridge of stars.

On the bridge of stars, there are flowers of stars floating about. Warlocks of the Star Dynasty dressed in Warlock robes embroidered with patterns of the sun, moon, and stars appeared on the bridge of stars.

Guarded by dozen plus Warlocks of the Star Dynasty, a girl is walking towards Yang Feng. The girl has a mask on her face, black hair that is cascading like a waterfall, and a perfect figure. Every movement of hers contains a queer charm and is accompanied by starlight, as if she’s a beautiful goddess walking amid starlight.

“You’re Undying Mountain’s Lei Ming? Interesting, I am the Star Dynasty’s Star Heavenly Maiden! Lei Ming, if you want to request an audience with the Star Monarch, let me see your ability first!”

The Star Heavenly Maiden smiled, erupted with advanced Infinity Warlock rank breath, and pointed with her fair finger, and starlight formed into chains that shot towards Yang Feng.

This spell is called Star Cloud Chains, it is an extremely powerful offensive secret method recorded in the Star Text. The chains of starlight are constructed from the purest starlight force and the law of stars and contain formidable purification and sealing power.

The Star Cloud Chains doesn’t fear being slashed by swords, nor does it fear wind, fire, and lightning. It can be hard and soft. Thanks to the Star Cloud Chains, a consort of a the Star Lord defeated countless powerful Warlocks in her time.

“The Star Cloud Chains is really impressive. If it was three years ago, I would feel helpless against it.

Yang Feng smiled and pointed with a finger, and a tiny black hole suddenly appeared. Boundless attractive force gushed out of the black hole and rolled out towards the chains of starlight.

The cluster of chains of starlight were directly devoured by the tiny black hole, and transformed into Yang Feng’s power.

The countenance of the dozen plus Warlocks of the Star Dynasty flickered. Although the Star Cloud Chains is not an invincible spell, but for Yang Feng to dispel it so easily, his strength can be rated as terrifying.

When her spell was dispelled, the Star Heavenly Maiden looked at Yang Feng with an enigmatic smile and said: “Amazing, as expected of Young Master Lei Ming, the most gifted genius of the Undying Mountain. After less than 100 years of cultivation, you have already promoted to an Infinity Warlock!”

Yang Feng has an indistinct feeling: “It seems that my identity as the Undying Mountain’s Young Master Lei Ming has been seen through!”

However, Yang Feng doesn’t care at all. His strength and influence are already tremendous huge at this time. He no longer needs a fabricated Undying Mountain to support him. As a mighty Infinity Warlock, Yang Feng is filled with confidence. Even if he runs into a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, if is no match for the opponent, he can easily escape in one piece.

The Star Heavenly Maiden smiled sweetly, waved her hand, and made an inviting gesture: “Please come in, the Star Monarch is awaiting you!”

Yang Feng smiled, took a step, and appeared beside the Star Heavenly Maiden.

The bridge of stars moved and entered deep into the branch floating continent.

“I, Battle Demon Sect’s Yang Feng, greet you, Star Monarch!”

When Yang Feng stepped into the Star Hall in the center of the Star Palace, he bowed to the Star Monarch sitting on the throne and uttered calmly.

The Star Monarch watched Yang Feng with a smile that isn’t a smile and said: “Yang Feng, to dare impersonate the Golem Dynasty, you’ve got some balls on you!”

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