Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 876 – The Transcendent Church

Chapter 876 – The Transcendent Church

Brigitte screamed, her face ashen: “The Transcendent Church, you are a member of the Transcendent Church!”

Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth into a smile: “The Transcendent Church? Interesting. As expected, people with high social status have much more information than ordinary people.”

The reason why a person in a higher position appears to show greater insight than a person in a lower position is because there is a huge gap in information between the two parties. Yang Feng didn’t find anything on extraordinary powers from Georges’s memories. Brigitte, on the other hand, had a guess regarding his origins as soon as she saw Yang Feng’s inhuman power. This represents the huge gap that exists between the two.

Yang Feng glanced at the eight marksmen and said with a cold smile: “You aren’t half bad at marksmanship. I currently am in need of some lackeys. If you don’t want to die, kneel!”

Three of the eight marksmen turned around and fled, abandoning their employer. Four continued to shoot. As for the last one, his knees buckled, and he knelt on the floor.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with derision, and he snorted coldly: “How foolish, a bunch of ants want to escape.”

The three marksmen who turned around and ran away suddenly exploded into pieces.

The four marksmen who continued shooting were cut into countless pieces that collapsed on the ground.

When he saw the way his companions die, the remaining marksman was scared witless, and he pissed himself.

“Spare my life, spare my pathetic life! I am Earl Thain’s… only son. If you kill me, Earl Thain won’t forgive you.”

Jean knelt on the floor, kowtowed to Yang Feng repeatedly, and implored bitterly, his face ashen.

Although his face is ashen and his eyes are filled with fear, Dupolt still maintained the dignity of the aristocracy: “Heretic of the Transcendent Church, I am the first successor of Marquis Renaud Family. If you dare so much as touch a hair on my head, my family will never let you off.”

When Dupolt’s words fell, he suddenly twisted like a mahua [1], and then burst into a mist of blood and a rain of gore.

Brigitte shuddered, and then shed all arrogance innate to aristocrats, prostrated herself on the ground humbly, and uttered respectfully. “Greetings, lord. I, Brigitte, am willing to serve you faithfully.”

This world is similar to Earth during WWI. Firearms have an unmatched position in the Anjleimaun Federation. Whether it is martial practitioners, or beasts such as tigers, lions, and leopards, none of them stand a chance before firearms.

Since the crystallization of human civilization in this world, firearms, has no effect on Yang Feng, the clever aristocrat Brigitte became aware how terrifying the person in front of her is.

Even in the Transcendent Church, only the most pinnacle existences can achieve this degree of invulnerability.

Yang Feng swept Jean with his gaze and said: “You’re disgusting, so go to hell.”

“No, don’t, don’t, help…”

A look of fear on his face, Jean’s body collapsed bit by bit until he finally uttered a shrill scream and turned into a disgusting red object, thus terminating his wicked life.

Seeing this scene, Brigitte became even more frightened, and broke the skin of her fair forehead while kowtowing.

Yang Feng flicked a finger, and light blue flames suddenly emerged and shrouded the bodies in the room.

All the bloodstains in the room were burned away by the light blue flames.

As if it had just been cleaned, there is no longer any smell of blood in the room.

If it were not for Brigitte prostrating herself on the ground and the scared witless marksman, it would have seemed like nothing happened.

“Miss, what’s going on? What are you doing?”

Suddenly, from among the twenty maids in the room, who feel like the background, the head maid came to Brigitte and tried to help her, anxious.

Claire pulled Yang Feng’s clothes, her beautiful eyes flashed with incredulity, and she asked in a low voice: “Big Brother Georges, what’s going on? How come senior is prostrating herself on the ground?”

Brigitte is the leader of the Rose Club and the backstage manipulator behind the entire Rose Club. She has a majestic status. For such a stunning woman to prostrate herself on the ground and kowtow, that is simply unbelievable.

Brigitte gazed at the mature and charming maid, who has a look of anxiety on her face, and felt her blood run cold: “Are they not aware of what just happened?”

With a tranquil smile on his face, Yang Feng walked to the chair where Brigitte was sitting previously and sat down: “I’m in need of some pets right now. Brigitte, be my pet.”

“Yes, master. I am willing to be your pet.”

Brigitte got up, came to Yang Feng’s side, and knelt down beside him. She imitated the expression of the girls that she had taken as pets before to the best of her ability, trying to please Yang Feng.

“What’s going on? What happened to Miss Brigitte?”

“Did Miss Brigitte fall in love with that man?”

“But with her pride, is it even possible for Miss Brigitte to fall in love with a man?”


The 20 beautiful maids standing behind were all dumbfounded, unable to believe their eyes.

Brigitte is the undisputed leader of the Rose Clube. She always had the dignified air of a monarch around her. The maids have never seen her look at a man favorably. She had always been a proponent of female supremacy. For such a character to lower her haughty head to please an ordinary-looking boy like Yang Feng, it’s beyond incredible.

Seeing this scene, the mature and beautiful maid’s complexion alternated between flushed and ashen. She wanted to rush to protect Brigitte, but she didn’t dare to do so.

Brigitte is the precious granddaughter of Duke Ankh, on whom he dotes greatly. She is usually very strict, so no one dares to resist her.

With her complexion alternating between ashen and flushed, Claire stood there blankly, not knowing what to do: “This, Big Brother Georges, when, when, did he become like this? When did he wooed Senior Brigitte?”

Yang Feng ordered in an unquestionable tone: “Claire, go to class first.”


Claire answered involuntarily, and then turned and left.

Yang Feng asked flatly: “What is the Transcendent Church?”

Astonishment flashed in Brigitte’s beautiful eyes, but she still replied respectfully: “The Transcendent Church is a church that believes in the Three Transcendent Kings. The Three Transcendent Kings are the Vajra Transcendent, the Goddess of the Earth, and the Six-eyed Transcendent. According to legend, the Vajra Transcendent has the most powerful divine body, which no spell can break.

“As long as the Goddess of the Earth stays on earth, she cannot be harmed by any attack.”

“The six eyes of the Six-eyed Transcendent each hold a different divine power. Among them, two hold the power of fire and ice respectively. As for the other four eyes, anyone who witnessed their divine powers is dead.”

“Under the Three Transcendent Kings, there are 36 upper Transcendents, 72 middle Transcendents, and 608 lower Transcendents.”

“The 36 upper Transcendents are respectively…”

Brigitte gave Yang Feng a detailed explanation about the gods of the Transcendent Church, in whom many people believe in, and the powers they wield.

Yang Feng listened carefully, without any hint of impatience.

In combat, the more information you have on the enemy, the more comprehensive the strategy you formulate to deal with them will be. Fear comes only from the unknown.

When the first hive Hive Yang Feng encountered descended on the Light of Eternity Plane, he did not destroy it immediately, but instead chose to test the limit of its power. Thanks to the data he obtained from that Hive, the following fights with Hives became quite easy. His fleet only pours down its firepower on selected targets, not wasting time on units that are difficult to kill.

Yang Feng asked: “Can you get in touch with the people of the Transcendent Church?”

“I can.” Brigitte hesitated for a moment, and then continued: “However, the people from the Transcendent Church are eccentric and have strange abilities. I hope you will be with me when I meet them, master.”

Brigitte had seen some people from the Transcendent Church before. Although they posses some extraordinary powers, but they also possess ordinary fleshly bodies. They can be killed by marksmen. However, after seeing Yang Feng’s fearsome display, fear of supernatural beings filled Brigitte.

Yang Feng pointed with his index finger, countless runes emerged and formed a crystal necklace at his fingertip, and he said with a strange smile: “Put this crystal necklace on, and you’ll always be protected by me. The magic of those people won’t be able to harm you.”

Brigitte hesitated for a moment, then looked at Yang Feng’s enigmatic smile, thought of Jean and Dupont, who disintegrated for seemingly no reason, gritted her teeth, and put the crystal necklace formed by countless runes on her neck.

As soon as Brigitte put the crystal necklace on, she felt an endless stream of power pour into her and transform and strengthen her, making her both surprised and happy.

As a first-class expert of the universe, an Infinity Warlock can easily change the fate of a ordinary person with their actions.

Not unlike gods, Infinity Warlocks can also use spells to make ordinary people become formidable in an instant.

[1] – mahua

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