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Chapter 1204 - Chapter 1204 The Death of Madam Jiang

Chapter 1204 - Chapter 1204 The Death of Madam Jiang

Chapter 1204 The Death of Madam Jiang

“Mother, there’s nothing Father can do about it. He doesn’t have much power. He was afraid that you would be sad and irritated by the death of my sister, so he asked the servants to block the news. As for what happened to me, it’s really not a big deal,” Shao Hua’an said gently.

From Nanny Yu’s point of view, he looked exactly the same as Marquis Xing, which made her inexplicably scared.

“Since it’s not a big deal, why can’t he protect you?” Madam Jiang said angrily.

Shao Hua’an reached out to touch his head and said, “Mother, how did you suddenly know this news? Did Fifth Sister tell you?”

“Shao Wanru told me. She told me that Ru’er was dead. Why is Ru’er dead but not her? Ru’er is obviously more outstanding and better than her.” Speaking of Shao Yanru, Madam Jiang burst into tears.

“Mother, don’t cry. Did anyone see Fifth Sister come to see you?” Shao Hua’an comforted her.

“How would I know if anyone saw her? Someone must have brought her to me. Could she secretly come here to provoke me?” Madam Jiang said, annoyedly.

“Madam, it’s me who led Princess Chen to you.” Nanny Yu came out from behind Shao Hua’an.

Only then did Madam Jiang notice Nanny Yu. She snorted and said, “Why did you bring her to me? Did you want to see her irritate and humiliate me?”

As soon as she thought of the scene at that time, Madam Jiang wanted to tear Shao Wanru apart. That bitch, whom she had always despised, actually looked down on her in an arrogant way.

When Shao Wanru first came to the capital city, she was still such an inconspicuous young girl. Even if Madam Jiang knew her identity, she didn’t want to deal with her directly. She just secretly asked others to do it, and she just added fuel to the fire behind the scenes. She thought that an insignificant young girl wasn’t worthy of her taking action personally back then.

She didn’t expect that bitch to be so cunning that she managed to bully her.

If Madam Jiang had known this would happen, she would have destroyed Shao Wanru at that time. She regretted it very much.

“Princess Chen wanted to see you, Madam,” Nanny Yu said, but she didn’t mention that it was Old Madam’s suggestion to trick Princess Chen into going there with some family heirloom.

“You brought her to me just because she wanted to see me? Do you work for Prince Chen’s Mansion or Marquis Xing’s Mansion?” Madam Jiang was annoyed and glared at Nanny Yu with hatred. If she were not in prison, she would have slapped Nanny Yu.

“How could this old servant be so careless? She has served Old Madam for so many years in vain. Sure enough, Old Madam is useless, and so is her old maid. They can’t even handle such a small thing.”

“Yes, Madam, you are right.” Nanny Yu did not argue and lowered her head to admit her mistake.

“Mother, it’s Fifth Sister’s fault that she provoked you, but you shouldn’t accuse Father at random. What should we do as your children? You two have quarreled so much, but now we have to clean up the mess.” Shao Hua’an reached out to press his forehead and helplessly interrupted Madam Jiang, who had wanted to scold Nanny Yu.

Speaking of this topic, Madam Jiang was quite agitated. With a little madness in her eyes, she said loudly, “Your father is not a good person. Your sister has just passed away, and he’s now trying to marry another woman. How… how could he be so cruel? I hate him, I hate him. I hate him so much that it’s best if he dies!”

“Mother, Father also has his difficulties.” Shao Hua’an sighed.

“What difficulties does he have? He covets that bitch’s body and wants to replace me with her. He can just keep dreaming. If anything happens to me, I will definitely drag him down with me,” Madam Jiang said fiercely. Her face was distorted, and she was no longer as beautiful as before.

Shao Hua’an’s patience was running out. He reached out to rub his eyebrows again and said, “Mother, don’t be angry. There’s a younger sister. Father is doing this for her. We can’t have my younger sister stay homeless. After all, she is Father’s child.”

Madam Jiang hated such words the most, so she shouted angrily, “Your father’s child? How dare he say that? I don’t know how many mistresses he has kept. Is he going to marry all of them? In the future, there will be no place for you in the mansion…”

Nanny Yu stood aside without saying a word. She had finished what she had to say, so it was not her business now.

“Mother, don’t be like this. It’s true that Father has let you down at a certain point, but you can’t say that about him. Do you have to drag him down with you because of this? Mother, even if you don’t have him, you still have me. I can support you!” Shao Hua’an interrupted her again. He slowly stood up, pulled Madam Jiang to sit down on a stool, and then sat down again.

He wheeled his wheelchair forward, looked at Madam Jiang, and said softly, “Mother, you still have me. Xiran and I can definitely support you together. Father has cheated on you, but you should let it go. If you really die with him because of such a small thing, what will happen to me? I’ll lose both my parents and the Marquis Xing’s Mansion.”

Speaking of this, Shao Hua’an became emotional. His eyes turned red, and he looked straight at Madam Jiang with pleading eyes.

Madam Jiang felt distressed. Her son was also an excellent man. Now that he had fallen into such a situation, she felt sad for a while. With tears falling down, she looked a little sober. “Hua’an… I, I know what to say…”

Even if she and Shao Jing were both dead, she could not let anything happen to Marquis Xing’s Mansion. The mansion belonged to her son, and it must belong to him. She understood what her son meant. She would not say those words again. That was her guess, and now it was even more impossible for her to say it casually. At that time, she was so angry that she just wanted to drag Shao Jing down with her.

“Mother, you will be fine. After you finish taking the statement, I will take you back. If you don’t like Father, I can take you to live in another courtyard for some days.” Shao Hua’an looked calm.

Madam Jiang shook her head and said with hatred, “No, I want to go back to the mansion. As long as I’m here, I won’t let that bitch in.” It could be seen that she really hated Shao Jing.

“Mother…” Shao Hua’an hesitated for a moment, lowered his voice, and said seriously, “Mother, can you not be so angry? It’s not a big deal. Although Father is in the wrong, he won’t spoil a concubine and kill his wife. When he marries her, she’ll just be his concubine. It won’t matter.”

Madam Jiang gritted her teeth with hatred and said with a twisted look, “I won’t let her in, even if I die.”

Shao Hua’an fell silent. After a long while, he comforted Madam Jiang and said, “Mother, don’t worry. That won’t happen. Stay here. I’ll go back first. I’ll pick you up when all of this is over.”

“I see. You can go back now!” Madam Jiang nodded and calmed down.

“Mother, just tell those people the truth. You can’t frame Father because he has a mistress. The Marquis Xing’s Mansion can’t handle any more trouble,” Shao Hua’an said sadly.

Seeing her son like this, Madam Jiang nodded. “Don’t worry. I won’t talk nonsense.”

She still had her son, and she couldn’t afford to fight with Shao Jing. She couldn’t die like this. She had to go back and stop Shao Jing from marrying another woman.

The news of Madam Jiang’s death reached Prince Chen’s Mansion in the afternoon.

Shao Wanru calmly listened to Qing’er telling this news.

When she received Nanny Yu’s message, she knew that Madam Jiang was going to die at the hands of her son and husband.

She would not pity Madam Jiang but only ridiculed her.

In her last life, the blood of her first branch had helped make the second branch prosperous. Now they were just paying off their debt.

Madam Jiang probably didn’t expect that she would end up like this, let alone know that her son would also deal with her.

She went to the Ministry of Justice to make a statement, but she even got herself killed. This would inevitably cause a great disturbance.

“Does his Highness know this news?” Shao Wanru was worried about Chu Liuchen.

“Don’t worry, My Lady. His Highness has known it for a long time. When Xiao Xuanzi came to inform me, he asked me to tell you not to worry.” Qing’er said with a smile.

Shao Wanru’s men all felt glad about Madam Jiang’s death. The Madam of Marquis Xing had been secretly plotting against Shao Wanru since she came to the capital.

When Nanny Yu sent the message, Shao Wanru had already informed Chu Liuchen. Thinking that Chu Liuchen had been well-prepared, she nodded. Shao Jing was not the only one involved in the death of Madam Jiang. There were other people involved. Shao Jing was not that powerful, so it was impossible for him to directly intervene in the affairs of the Ministry of Justice.

There was someone backing him. It should be Prince Cheng.

Chu Liuchen had mentioned the matter between Shao Jing and Prince Cheng to Shao Wanru. Prince Cheng had always been very low-key and usually did not make any trouble. It was as if he really wanted to have a peaceful life. He had been living in the temple all the time. He didn’t care about secular things and was unworldly. It was impossible to find fault with him. Now it was a good opportunity.

In Chu Liuchen’s study, he leaned lazily against the wide armrest of the chair, knocked on it with his slender fingers, and asked casually, “Have you found the guy?”

“I found him. He was a low-ranking official of the Ministry of Justice. At that time, he entered the room and then left. After that, no one else went in. He said that he went to arrange for Madam Jiang to prepare a statement at that time. After he entered the room, he found that she was dead. She ran into the wall and died with blood all over the ground.”

Xiao Xuanzi reported in detail. What he had told Qing’er before was not so detailed.

“Isn’t there always someone monitoring the place where the statement was made? Where is that person?” Chu Liuchen asked.

Xiao Xuanzi said, “The man had been monitoring the place. He even heard the conversation between Madam Jiang and First Young Master Shao clearly. After First Young Master Shao left, he was available for the time being, so he went to another room for monitoring. Coincidentally, he saw First Young Master Shao leave. When he left, Madam Jiang was fine. But when he went in again to take the statement, she was already dead.

“No one noticed the person who sneaked in.”

“Send your men to intercept this person. Tonight shall be the day of his death! After finding him, send him to Chu Qing. Hasn’t he been reluctant to take action? I’ll show them…” Chu Liuchen said leisurely. Prince Cheng had given himself away. In this case, Chu Liuchen would not give him the chance to retreat. As for Chu Qing, he was ambitious and had been very cautious. He had been playing tricks secretly. Moreover, he had many backers. He appeared weak, but in fact, he was not weak.

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