Medical Princess

Chapter 4 Torn Wedding Dress

"You can't see Old Grandma like this. Second Miss, you'd better get dressed first, or you won't enough have time to go to the bridal sedan chair!" A woman suddenly came in. She was Mammy Fang. She stretched out her arm and displayed the red wedding dress to Qin Wanru. In an attempt to coax her, she said, "Have a look, Second Miss. This is the wedding dress that your elder sister has prepared for you. It's really beautiful. You should try it on!"

Looking at Mammy Fang who was trying to coax her into putting the wedding dress on, Qin Wanru sneered.

"Second something wrong?" Mammy Fang stammered after being glared at by Qin Wanru's icy black eyes.

This normally naive young lady seemed to have bloodthirsty eyes. Mammy Fang felt like her mind had been read when she saw those eyes.

"Qing yue, hurry up!" Qin Wanru ordered in a cold tone and paid no heed to Mammy Fang.

Qing Yue rushed over, picked up the comb on the side of the dressing table, and arranged Qin Wanru's hair in a double-ringed bun that was very suitable for her in terms of age.

"Second Miss, why are you messing around? Old Grandma will be angry if you don't hurry up!" Mammy Fang said boldly. She couldn't explain it, but she felt like Qin Wanru was different today.

There was a teacup in her hand as her icy glare passed over the suspicious Mammy Fang. Qin Wanru gripped the teacup in her hand and threw it at her.

Mammy Fang dodged it unconsciously. The teacup fell and broke into pieces at her feet, which caused the whole room to fall into silence.

"Give me the scissors!" Qin Wanru ordered in a cold tone as she reached out and pointed at the wedding dress on the table.

"Uhm..." Mammy Fang only said this word. She could not help trying to avoid making eye contact with Qin Wanru when Qin Wanru glanced at her.

Qing yue took a pair of scissors from the desk near the window.

Qin Wanru took it, stood up, and went to the front of the cage where the wedding dress was. She reached out towards wedding dress Qin Yuru picked out and cut it vigorously. The beautiful wedding dress had a big hole in it now, and It looked like Qin Wanru was going to continue cutting it.

Qing Yue was stunned, but immediately understood and began helping Qin Wanru tear the wedding dress.

"Second Miss..." Mammy Fang was shocked and rushed over. She reached out to hold Qin Wanru's hands, hoping to grab the scissors.

"The wedding dress has been torn so badly that lady Wanru won't be able to wear it and get married. The plan to frame lady Wanru will be chucked out and lady Yuru will not be able to achieve her purpose of breaking off the engagement. Mrs. and lady Yuru will throw me away!"

She didn't even know that the bridal sedan chair that was outside had already been smashed.

Seeing Mammy Fang rushing over to grab her scissors, Qin Wanru sneered with the scissors in her hand slightly tilted. In accordance with the direction Mammy Fang was moving, she stuck her arm out vigorously. Immediately, her blood began to run in torrents.

Mammy Fang was so scared that her eyes widened and her hands and feet began to spasm. She could no longer stand up and suddenly fell to her knees.

The pain spread out from her arm. Qin Wanru couldn't stand up. She took two steps backwards and fell heavily on the ground with her eyes closed. She tried to fight back against the dizziness as she listened to the footsteps that were approaching. It was her grandmother that came in.

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