Medical Princess

Chapter 8 Conceiving a Baby in Secret

In the room, Qin Yuru, who was overcome with shock, sat paralyzed on the floor. She stared blankly at Qi Tianyu, who forced his way in by tearing down the door, shaking like a leaf. She looked so frail and pathetic.

On normal days, Qi Tianyu would be pained to see Qin Yuru in such a state. At this moment, however, Qi Tianyu's eyes were filled with violence.

He snatched the rosewood box from Qin Yuru's hand, opened it straight away to pull out a letter. He only needed to glance at it to know that Qin Wanru was telling the truth all these while.

"Alright, the Qi family is not worthy of you. If we are not worthy of you, just break the engagement amicably..." Qi Tianyu scoffed. With cold eyes, Qi Tianyu looked as if he as ready to slash the delicate Qin Yuru into thousands of pieces.

"Brother Tianyu, it's not what you think..." Qin Yuru panicked. She reached out her hand to touch Qi Tianyu's thigh and began to weep.

Qi Tianyu kicked Qin Yuru away as he was consumed with rage, which could be seen from his facial expression. When he reflected on how he held on to the hope of marrying Qin Yuru, he was so resolved in that he even rejected the idea of having a maid to serve him by his side. Finally, he was just Qin Yuru's contingency reserve. He had clearly seen how this was implied in the letter.

From the letter, Qi Tianyu learned that the pair had been fond of each other since a long time back. The son of Duke Yong in the capital city had even commented that Qi Tianyu overestimated his charm. He was so enraged that he was losing his mind. "You had tried making use of your young sister to stand in for you in our engagement and even told me that it was she who robbed me off you and that you would not be happy your entire life because of this. Are you sure you would not be happy? You and that dear cousin of yours have secretly banded together to make me a cuckold!"

All Qi Tianyu wanted to do at this moment was to tear her into pieces.

Thereafter, he tore the letter in two and threw the torn pieces onto Qin Yuru's face, saying, "Since you have even been impregnated by your dear cousin, you should just break off our engagement. Why implicate your younger sister?"

After finishing what he wanted to say, he turned and strode away.

He was overcome by hatred at this juncture. He felt a euphoric sense of freedom getting those words out of his chest. He hated Qin Yuru now as much as he used to like Qin Yuru before this. As an intelligent individual, he knew exactly what the most hurtful words were at this moment in time.

Although the crowd outside the room did not have a glimpse of the letter in Qi Tianyu's hands, they clearly heard the truth and each was looking at another with a knowing look.

What they gathered was that the older Miss Qin not just having an affair, but was even pregnant!

This piece of news was appalling!

The crowd followed behind Qi Tianyu as he left. Now there was no other choice than to break the engagement between the two families. Initially, the people thought to destroy the bridal sedan was a serious matter. Little did they expect that something more serious would happen after. The most shocking thing so far would be the news about the older Miss Qin's pregnancy.

In the room, Qin Yuru had fainted from the shock from the twist of events.

Mrs. Qin was beginning to feel light-headed as well, but her rationality spurred her to react to the situation. She quickly turned to old grandma and started begging for her help. "Grandma, please send someone to stop Master Qin quickly. If he goes out to spread the news, it'll be as good as taking Yuru's life!"

"Is this true?" inquired the old grandma, as she began to totter. Her face was drained of colors as she stared blankly at Mrs. Qin. Although she was not very fond of Qin Yuru, she was her granddaughter after all, and it was only natural that she was heartbroken about what was happening.

"It's not true, Mother. Ruyu is not pregnant. Master Qi was trying to defame her. How could he... say such a thing!" Mrs. Qin, who seemed to be drained of all energy was kneeling before the old grandma and wailing loudly.

"Woe to us, woe is to us!" Old grandma seemed to have lost all her strength and almost fell over. Fortunately, Qin Wanru reached out and caught hold of her grandma just in time. "Mother, I think it'll be better for you to send men to stop Master Qin. I will help grandma back to her room!" Qin Wanru said calmly to the wailing Mrs. Qin.

Thereafter, Qin Wanru left Mrs. Qin on her own and accompanied old grandma back to her room with her maids. However, after taking a few steps, she subconsciously turned her head and realized she was staring into a pair of eerie eyes. Her hand began to quiver and she stopped in her tracks abruptly, so much so that she almost fell forward.

Was she seeing things? Why would this big Buddha statue be standing in the building opposite to her house?

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