Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1292 - The couple

Chapter 1292 The couple

The woman was in a simple red dress, but she was dazzling like the blazing sun. She attracted their eyes at one glance. Her body was overflowed with a kind of languid and unusual charm. Even if the veil covered her face and obstructed a clear view of her appearance, people could see the confident look emanating from her eyebrows.

Her steps were graceful and elegant. There was no trace of tension and restraint. On the contrary, she gave people the feeling of walking in the back garden of her own home. Her every move and act carried a noble breath.

In particular, the woman in red was a perfect match to the black-robed Xuanyuan Mo Ze. Standing side by side, their temperaments were so harmonious. The man was handsome and domineering while the woman was enchanting and unparalleled. The spectators had to admit that they were a couple.

Princess Yingxue twisted her sleeves tightly. Her unbearable jealousy sprang up like a poisonous snake, her eyes turned sinister and vicious. She was conceited due to her matchless beauty. But today, the woman in red had surpassed her without even showing her face.

It turned out that there was such a woman hidden around Xuanyuan Mo Ze. No wonder he didn’t fancy her. But, she would never give up! She didn’t believe that she would lose to a woman of questionable origin!

The Scarlet Water Crown Prince looked at the figure in red with a different emotion. There was a touch of surprise in the depth of his eyes. Her appearance today astonished him. She transformed from a servant boy into an enchanting and beautiful woman. It was truly breathtaking.

What kind of appearance did a woman that Xuanyuan Mo Ze fancied have? He thought that Xuanyuan Mo Ze would not be so superficial to be interested merely in the woman’s looks. There must be something more attractive about her.

The country ruler’s keen eyes moved from Feng Jiu to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. He slammed his hand on the armrest with a loud thud. His furious bellow reverberated throughout the palace.

“Hmph! Didn’t I ask you to take the Scarlet Water Crown Prince and Princess to go hunting? Didn’t I ask you to give them an enjoyable stay before going home? It turned out that the Scarlet Water Crown Prince went out on a horse and came back on a stretcher. Were my words in one ear and out the other?”

It was obviously a furious bellow. But when the guards surrounding the palace heard the country ruler’s words that the crown prince went out on a horse but returned on a stretcher, their lips pursed and their heads bowed to hide their smile.

When the Scarlet Water Crown Prince heard this, he looked at the country ruler and felt that he had done it on purpose. His face became unsightly with shame.

The Scarlet Water Crown Prince went hunting majestically, but in the end he was carried out on a stretcher. If this story spread back to his country, his face would lose its luster. Against expectations, the country ruler was reprimanding Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

He could not say anything, because what he said was true, and he did go in on horseback, but was carried out at the end.

When Feng Jiu heard this, her lips, under the veil, curved up slightly. She thought that only the country ruler could say this. It’s bad if others said it.

“Imperial Father, I don’t think I did wrong.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke calmly. After seeing the majestic figure on the throne, he glanced at the Scarlet Water Crown Prince. “He was carried out due to his own fault.”

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