Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1589 - Execute The Family Law

Chapter 1589: Execute The Family Law

After she saw her second uncle leave, Duan Yingying stood there silently for a while and then turned and walked towards her bedroom.

She had to leave this place, she didn’t want to stay here anymore. She wanted to go as far away as possible and never come back…

As for Duan Linlin, she was hiding in her bedroom out of fear. She was shivering under her blanket because she didn’t know what her second uncle would tell her father. If it was just her father who found out about this, he probably wouldn’t punish her too harshly. However, because her second uncle knew about this matter, her father would most likely punish her severely for the sake of his reputation. What should she do? What will she do?

On the other side of the Manor, in the main hall, after he had heard his second brother’s words, the City Lord’s face changed, he slammed the table furiously and stood up: “This Little Lin! She is utterly lawless! If I do not teach her a lesson this time she won’t remember to behave! Men, bring her to me!”

Two guards left to bring her back. Duan Mubai sat in the main hall sipping at his tea and said: “Elder brother, you have to teach this child a lesson. If she can do such a vicious act on her own family, she will ruin our Duan family name in the future when she is married off. Also, she will also cause trouble for our Duan family. If I had not happened to be there and seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it would be true.”

“Second Brother, don’t worry. I will definitely discipline her and make sure she remembers this lesson.” He promised quickly.

Duan Mubai glanced at him indifferently and took a sip of his tea: “Elder brother, it’s not that I want to interfere in your family matters. It’s just that my younger niece’s actions are really not proper. If something had really happened to my older niece and word got out, it will only discredit our Duan Family Name. Moreover, as far as I know, my nephew seems to treat my older niece very well. If he found out about this when he returns, the Duan family will be in conflict.”

“At that point, if there was bloodshed and conflict within the family, the people outside will only laugh at us. You are the City Lord, and at that point, I’m afraid you won’t be able to lift your head up in the city.”

Upon hearing this, the City Lord wiped the sweat from his forehead and nodded: “Yes, Second Brother is right. I will put an end to this matter.”

“What are you doing? Let me go! I can walk by myself! Let go, let me go!”

Outside, before Duan Linlin had appeared, her angry cries could be heard. The two people in the main hall looked out and saw her being dragged in by the two guards.

When the City Lord saw this, he strode out and looked at his panicked stricken daughter. He shouted angrily: “Kneel down!”

She broke away from the two guards and knelt down in front of her father and took his hand. She shouted: “Father! Father, I know I’m wrong! Father, you…” However, before she could finish speaking, he flung her hand aside.

“Execute the Family Law!”

The City Lord shouted in a deep voice and stared at his little daughter who was knelt down in front of him: “You dare to do such a thing, then you have to bear the consequences! Today, I will make sure you remember this lesson, otherwise you would really be lawless!”

When she heard the words execute the Family Law, Duan Linlin’s face paled: “No, please don’t execute the Family Law, don’t… Father, I know I was wrong, I really do know I was wrong.” She begged for mercy hurriedly, unable to imagine whether she would be able to survive the punishment of the Family Law.

In the midst of her panic and fear, she saw her second uncle drinking tea in the main hall and crawled over on both knees: “Second Uncle, Second Uncle, I know I’m wrong now, please help me plead my father for mercy, Second Uncle…”

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