Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1879 - : Unable to withstand

Chapter 1879: Unable to withstand

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As soon as she said this, she turned Blue Edge and an azure light burst out, attacking the black robed man fiercely. The black robed man was also remarkable as a long sword materialized with a move of his hand. The sword, infused with the spirit energy breath, transformed. At the same time, the blade turned and shot towards Feng Jiu.



The two swords blocked each other and the sound of two swords colliding resounded. The two wind blades rose from the blade edge, countering each other. Due to the surge of spirit energy breath and the dispersion of mighty pressures, sands were blown off the ground and the fallen leaves fluttered in the air.

Feng Jiu did not hide her real strength at this moment, however, the black robed man’s strength was not inferior to her. Seeing that the two air streams of air were equally matched, she immediately used her other hand to shoot three silver needles out.

When the man in the black robe narrowed his eyes and made a dodge, he heard the swish of silver needles passing by his ear. He caught a stream of air in his left palm secretly and suddenly attacked Feng Jiu. When he released the airflow to attack, it suddenly turned into an ice blade and hit her face.

Seeing this, Feng Jiu raised her foot and made a kick. When the other side stepped back and dodged, she waved Blue Edge in her hand. Flames leapt out from Blue Edge and melted the ice blade into steam and it soon disappeared into the air.

When he saw Feng Jiu brandishing her flaming sword, the black robed man narrowed his eyes and frowned. He had the ice attribute, while Feng Jiu, to his surprise, possessed the fire attribute! Fire restrained ice, so no matter how fierce his attack was, she would be able to defuse it easily.

He looked at Blue Edge in Feng Jiu’s hand. If the sword was used well, one’s strength could greatly increase. The Ancient Sacred Sword. If it weren’t for his own sword, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to withstand the blow just now.

It seemed that to win this battle, he had to employ a lightning fast strategy! After defeating her, he didn’t believe that those contract beasts would still dare to fight!


Sword intent burst out. Two air currents, one white and one azure, collided with each other and formed a huge vortex. Two black figures flew up and battled at the centre of the vortex. Since they moved too fast, nobody could see what was going on inside. They only knew that flashes of spirit intents struck from within the vortex, hit the ground with a loud noise and cut a deep trench in the terrain.


A scream rang out. Originally, they thought it came from where Feng Jiu was. When those few men looked towards the sound, it turned out to be a middle-aged man whose neck was bitten by Cloud Devouring Beast. His blood gushed out and the man was screaming continuously.


The man did not have time to call for help nor to wait for the others to recover to save him. His neck was bitten off. The snapping sound of a broken bone was heard loud and clear. The man’s head dropped to the side weakly. To his death, his eyes were still wide open in horror.


Cloud Devouring Beast threw the man aside and then pounced on the two men who besieged Old White.


Their screams were piercing the sky. Flame spewed out of Fire Phoenix’s mouth and transformed into a fire dragon and wrapped around the middle-aged man. He desperately tried to put out the fire on his body by rolling around on the ground. But the flame burned extremely fast and the raging fire instantly swallowed him…

Two people died in a row, making the two remaining people horrified. Seeing that they were unable to withstand, the two men called out their contracted beasts to fight. However, when their two contracted beasts leapt out from the space, their legs turned weak due to fear. The two beasts immediately prostrated on the ground in surrender, whimpering.

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