Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1959 - Stirring Up Trouble

Chapter 1959: Stirring Up Trouble

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“Wow! The decoration inside is very high-end! At a glance, I know that it’s top grade. Everything should be very expensive, right?” A man spoke in a whisper. He heard the person next to him gasp.

“Hiss! How can something like this still be an ordinary grade? Take a look quickly, this medicinal pill can save one’s life at a crucial moment. This one is a third rank top grade pill. If one’s fighting strength is exhausted, as long as you take this medicinal pill, you’ll be able to regain your power quickly. Not only that, the fighting strength can last for an hour or so. This is a good thing!”

“It’s true that these items are good, but look at the price. No ordinary men will be able to purchase them.” Another man whispered, pointing at the price written below.

When they saw the price, several people around that medicinal pill could not help but gasp. Although they knew that this pill was worth its price, they really couldn’t afford it.

“It’s really a good thing! I’ll take this medicinal pill!” A pot-bellied middle-aged man squeezed forward and excitedly pointed to the medicine bottle placed inside the transparent counter.

An attendant came over with a note and pen in her hand. She looked at the pot-bellied man in magnificent clothes and told him, “Guest, please register the pill variety that you want and your information here first, and then we will have someone check the pills for you. You can make the payment only after the pills are validated.”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man in magnificent clothes smiled happily. “That’s great.” It turned out that the pills would be examined, which was just right. He didn’t have to have it tested somewhere else.

The people next to him could not help whispering. “It turns out that you have to register to buy their medicinal pills here? Unexpectedly, they’re not only exchanging goods for money. It’s fine this way. People who buy medicinal pills here can feel more at ease.”

But, when someone saw that most of the medicinal pills were not displayed outside and only a few of them were placed on the counter, the man asked, “We can’t see the goods. Who knows if it’s what we want to buy? You should pour out the medicinal pill inside this bottle and show it to us. ”

As people around kept their voices muffled, the man’s loud voice drew the crowd’s attention towards him.

Leng Hua walked over slowly from the crowd. He waved the attendant away to go somewhere else and greeted the man himself. “If you’d like any medicinal pills, you can register first before you have it checked. There are only a few of the medicine in our Heavenly Pill Tower that can be displayed for people to see. If you have any questions, please come to me.”

“Ask you? What position do you have here? What kind of idea do you have?” The man snorted coldly. He looked at the gentle young man in front of him with disdain.

Leng Hua smiled gently. “I am one of the stewards here. My surname is Leng. Do you take a fancy to the pill inside this counter? If so, I can check it for you right now.”

The man glanced at the price marked below the pill and his eyelids twitched. “Who would buy such an expensive item without seeing its colour or its grade? Do you have an alchemist here? What is the rank of the alchemist? It’s not some unqualified and mediocre people out there, right?”

As soon as he uttered these words, the others immediately started talking. Most people guessed that this man might have been sent by other pill pavilions in the city to stir trouble.

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