Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2069 - Three Birds With One Stone

Chapter 2069: Three Birds With One Stone

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If one person were to stay behind, that person would become a thorn that needed to be removed by everyone. It was better that they all went up together and at least they had each other for support.

“Alright, let’s go!” The old man nodded and looked at Zhuo Junyue, then the three of them went up the volcano together.

Although they were able to travel on swords in this area, they wouldn’t be able to find the things they were looking for if they were to do so. Therefore, everyone who came here to look for Volcanic Flare Stone and Dazzling Fire Grass would walk on foot so that they didn’t miss the chance of finding treasure.

“Who are those people?”

“I don’t know, but the strength of that old man is unfathomable and the other two are to be feared too.”

“Other teams have dozens of members and yet they dare to come here with just the three of them. Their courage is not small.”

“Since they are here to die, hehe, then why don’t we help send them on their journey?” One of the men in the group said, staring at the three figures. A bloodthirsty look flashed across his eyes and he took out a bow and arrow from his cosmos sack.

When the person next to him saw this, his eyes flickered slightly. Someone asked: “You want to shoot them? If you can’t kill all three of them with three arrows, then when the three of them come back down from the volcano they will surely not let you off easily.”

“How difficult can it be to shoot three arrows at the same time? My archery skills are exquisite. It’s not even a problem to shoot five arrows together.” The fat man said as he aimed his bow and arrows at the three people heading up the volcano.

Some of the people in the team stared at the fat man with a gleeful smile. More than half of the people present had recognised the old man as Sage Hun Yuan from Nebula Immortal Sect, otherwise, how could the three of them approach this area?

Sage Hun Yuan was the sacred symbol of the Immortal Sects, his combat power alone was probably even more superior that all of them together. Only overconfident people would dare to use a bow and arrow to shoot them. They were sure that if this arrow was to be shot, then the fate of this team of people would be death.

Though many people knew this, they didn’t try to stop the fat man and only stood back to watch the show, they thought that it wasn’t even lively enough.

“Make sure you aim properly and don’t let us become a laughing stock.”

The voices drifted over to the foot of the volcano and Zhuo Junyue looked back and said to the two of them: “Someone wants to use us as a target.”

“Don’t worry about it, let’s go! If they can shoot us then they have some ability.”

The old man snorted as he looked at the ground beneath his feet. There were no steps on the path up the volcano and you had to be extremely careful at every step or you’d roll down the volcano. This was no small matter at all, if you were to roll down the volcano, your skin would rub against the volcanic ground and your life would be hard to save.

“The most important thing is to be careful and not to fall.” The old man said. When he saw an exposed Volcanic Flare Stone in front of him, he couldn’t help but smile: “Look at what I have found.” He said and stepped forward to dig up the Volcanic Flare Stone. At this moment, an exclamation came from above them.”


The three of them looked up and saw that a figure had slipped and was rolling down the volcano. The body rubbed against the volcanic rocks and a faint ray of fire burst out followed by a trace of burning smell.


With a loud sound, the man who had rolled down the volcano fell to the ground and his team members stepped forwards quickly to check on him…

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