Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2131 - Inn

Chapter 2131: Inn

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“Young Master, if it’s not enough just call me over.” The waiter said and retreated.

She poured a cup of warm wine and took a sip. She then put down the cup and picked up the chopsticks and started eating the peanuts. As she observed the people on this floor, she could see that some problems would arise.

Other than some cultivators, most of the people here were poorly ill, especially a young woman in the corner. She was dressed plainly and sitting on the ground in the corner with a sleeping three year old in her arms. It seemed that the innkeeper had allowed them to stay the night out of the good will of his heart.

The child in the young woman’s arm had a pale face which was also a little swollen. The child’s face was also covered in many layers of clothing and would twitch occasionally. Upon seeing this, she called the waiter over.


“Young Master, is there anything I can do for you?” The waiter came to her side and asked.

“What do the mother and child do?” Her gaze moved to the young woman sitting on the floor in the corner, with the young child in her arms.

The waiter followed Feng Jiu’s gaze, upon realising who she meant, he said hurriedly: “They’re just passerbys, the young woman has quite a pitiful plight. She said that as her child is seriously ill, she has spent a lot of money seeking doctors and paying for medicine. The worst thing is, the doctor said that the child won’t live for more than a few more days. According to the young woman, the child’s father has divorced her and she is unable to return to her maiden home, nor can she enter her in-law’s home. She heard that there is a Ghost Doctor at Heavenly Pill Tower who is very well versed in medicine, so she wants to go there to seek medical treatment.”

When he spoke about this, the waiter smiled: “Our innkeeper is a good man, he saw that it was cold outside tonight and this young woman was holding on to a three year old child, so he invited her inside to rest for the night. Even squatting on the floor in the corner is better than being outside.”

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu nodded and said to the waiter: “Go and bring them over to me!”

“Huh?” The waiter was stunned for a moment and didn’t react for a while.

Feng Jiu realised it seemed odd after she had said those words, so she smiled and said: “I find them very pitiful. It’s late and the temperature has dropped, it’s cold squatting on the floor over there. I want to invite her over to have a cup of warm wine. Furthermore, I have some medical knowledge so I can take a look at her child.”

The waiter’s face filled with a smile upon hearing this: “Young Master, you are such a good person. I will go and invite them over right now.” The waiter said and walked over to that corner.

The young woman who was squatting in the corner, holding her child in her arms, looked at the young boy dressed in azure robe in surprise after she heard what the waiter had said. Although the other party was a male, he was only a young boy after all. Hence, she got up and followed the waiter over there.

“Young Master.” The young woman holding her child greeted, her lips a little dry and pale.

“Sit down!” Feng Jiu gestured and poured her a cup of warm wine then moved it towards her: “Warm yourself up with a cup of warm wine.”

“Thank you Young Master.” The young woman thanked her and sat down cautiously at the table. She held her child with one hand and drank the cup of wine with her other hand. Because she had taken a big sip of wine, she choked accidentally.

“Ahem ahem!”

The young woman put down the cup quickly and half-covered her mouth with her hand and coughed lightly. After a sip of wine, she started feeling hot, her previously cold body gradually warmed up and she felt immense gratitude to the young boy in front of her.

“Thank you Young Master.” She stood up and bowed, thanking him once again.

“Take your child’s hand out, let me examine his pulse.” Feng Jiu gestured and looked at the child in the young woman’s arms.

As soon as the young woman heard this, she hesitated only for a moment before she pulled away the outer layer of clothing that was wrapped around her child…

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