Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2136 - Driven away

Chapter 2136: Driven away

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What kind of sophistry was this? If one had medical skills, one must save others? Was the rich obligated to hand out money to the poor? Could it be that the woman forgot her previous rejection of the young man’s kindness? She would blame the young man if he didn’t help?

What’s more, the young man asked her to kowtow a thousand times to see her sincerity. As soon as she had no money and nothing, she wanted to ask someone to help? How can there be such a cheap thing in the world?

Not only the guests on the first and second floors raise their eyebrows, but also the innkeeper and the waiter felt that the young woman’s attitude was wrong. Earlier, they looked at her with pity and let her in for a night’s rest, but this woman had no gratitude.

They could see it plain enough that if the young man in azure hadn’t killed those people, the young woman would have to fall into those four men’s clutches. It was because they had this clear understanding that they were dissatisfied with the woman’s resentment.

How could a person be so greedy and insatiable, unable to distinguish the good from the bad?

Feng Jiu listened to the young woman without anger. She just smiled and drank the wine while ignoring her. She let the woman kneel there and didn’t ask her to get up.

The young woman seemed to be intentional.. She thought that by kneeling here, the young man would finally cave in after being stared at by the crowd and cure her son. Unfortunately, she miscalculated.

Feng Jiu was drinking wine and eating meat happily. The woman knelt before the table, smelling the fragrant meat and wine, but she was just an onlooker and could only swallow her saliva. Since the young man ignored her and her knees were so sore from kneeling, she stood up holding her child in one hand and the chair in the other.

She did not leave but pulled the seat and was about to sit down. However, Feng Jiu, who saw this scene, flicked her fingers and a stream of air swept out. The chair moved away and the woman sat on an empty space. She fell down on the floor awkwardly.


With a cry of pain, she hugged her child in her arms. Her grievances, anger, and resentment poured out all of a sudden. For a moment, she forgot who was in front of her.

“Why did you push the chair away and make me fall! Your heart is vicious. Do you want me to fall to death?”

She had been on her knees asking for help but could not get it. Now she fell down. At the thought of being abandoned by her husband and homeless, at the thought of the child in her arms being so ill and incurable, all the grievances, anger and resentment in her heart burst out.

Feng Jiu stood up and walked up to her. At this time, she was somewhat angered. There was no smile on the handsome face. With a frosty glance, she spoke with ridicule. “Did I ask you to sit down? Who are you? Do you deserve to sit with me?”

The young woman was intimidated by Feng Jiu’s cold expression. Seeing the young man’s ridicule and contemptuous eyes, she couldn’t help feeling humiliated. “You bought me a drink before!”

“I was in a good mood before, so I let you sit. Now, I won’t let you sit.” She sneered, looking down at the young woman. “Without being aware of your own status, you dare shout your grievances at me?”

At this moment, the innkeeper saw this scene and gave an order to the waiter who then nodded and pulled the young woman up. “Stand up and get out! We don’t welcome people like you here!” The waiter half-pulled and half-pushed her out of the inn.

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