Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2145 - I’m his Uncle

Chapter 2145: I’m his Uncle

Her sleeves were fluttering gently during the teleportation. The rainbow-coloured glazed feather on her waist was also revealed when she landed, emitting a dazzling light. After spinning about once or twice, she kept her feet steady, gathered up her breath, and looked up.

Amidst the blue sky and white clouds, layers of mist pervaded the mountain peaks. From afar, one could see the mists filled those verdant hills and lush forests. In the deepest part of the mist, one could catch a glimpse of a celestial mansion. It was as beautiful as a fairyland.

She tore her gaze. Looking ahead, she saw a boundary stone set up a few dozen meters away with ‘Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect’ written on the top.

So she walked on. A few dozen meters later, after passing the boundary stone, she sensed that a boundary barrier was erected where the boundary stone was and bounced her to the back.

“Oh? There’s a boundary here?” With a smile on her lips, there seemed to be a spark in her lucid eyes. The smile between her eyebrows seemed to contain a devilish charm.

“Do you think I won’t be able to enter with the boundary barrier here?”

She drew her inner breath and blue light filled her body. Now, when she walked over, she went past with ease as if there was no barrier.

As she crossed the boundary barrier, she raised her eyebrows and looked back with a chuckle. Then, she started walking up the hill. As she walked, her feet did not touch dust as if she was treading on the wind. Her speed was no slower than flying.

“Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect.”

When she arrived at the gate, she saw the lofty immortal sect’s gate was tightly closed. As she was about to go forward, two sword intents came to attack her. She tiptoed and leapt into the air, avoided them and landed safely. Then she heard two men shouting fiercely.

“Who are you! How dare you trespass on our Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect!”

Two sect disciples, dressed in white robes, stood with their swords in hand, blocking her in front of the immortal sect’s gate and glaring at her.

Feng Jiu smiled. “Please don’t misunderstand me, gentlemen. I didn’t trespass into your immortal sect. I entered this place openly, without any tricks.”


One of the immortal sect disciples shouted. “Our sect has set up a barrier. It’s impossible to go up the mountain without holding the immortal sect identity token! And you, obviously not my immortal sect disciple, how did you enter this place! Kill!”


She was about to open her mouth when the disciple moved his sword to attack her. She did nothing and only dodged it. After a few moves, the two men saw that Feng Jiu had no intention of fighting at all, so they stopped and asked, “Who on earth are you? What are you here for?”

Feng Jiu didn’t take offence. She answered with a smile. “My name is Feng Jiu. I’m here looking for my…” She turned her eyes and smiled. “I’m looking for my nephew, Song Ming.”

The two men were stunned. “Looking for Senior Uncle Song?” They looked at Feng Jiu with a strange expression. “You look younger than Senior Uncle Song. How did he become your nephew? Did you make a mistake?”

“Yes, and you have different last names. ” Another person also said that he did not quite believe that the young man in front of him would be the elder of their martial uncle Song.

Feng Jiu put one hand behind her back and placed the other in front of her with a happy smile. “That’s because we are not blood-related. But, he really has to call me Uncle. I have something urgent to find him. Don’t delay. Once we get in and pass the news, won’t you know immediately whether it’s true or not?”

Hearing this, the two men looked at each other and nodded. One of them said, “I’ll go in and find Senior Uncle Song.”

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