Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2215 - Beauty

Chapter 2215: Beauty

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Feng Jiu’s eyes moved slightly as she looked at the three very different elegant girls with interest. The three of them looked between the ages of fifteen to nineteen, one of them was pretty and charming, the one in the middle was coquettish and charming, while the last girl was arrogant and glamorous.

The three girls had different styles and different kinds of beauty to each other. In an instant, her eyes narrowed, and a smile appeared on her lips.

As Feng Jiu sized up the three girls, they did the same to her.


Although the three of them were beauties, when they saw the girl in red clothes in front of them, they couldn’t help but complemented secretly: What a majestic beauty.

She exuded an unparalleled disposition in the red dress, her half-squinted eyes, the slightly hooked corners of her lips, the seemingly non-existent smile with a trace of laid back charm,. The three girls couldn’t help but be amazed when they saw this.

Such beauty is a true beauty, she only needed to stand there quietly and yet, she still looked as beautiful as a painting and people were unable to look away.

When Duan Ye noticed that the three girls who had appeared were outstanding and his brows couldn’t help but twist slightly. This place was indeed weird. It would be nothing out of the ordinary to have such a family living in a city, but it was abnormal for such beautiful women to be living in such a place. The gaze the three girls gave Feng Jiu made him especially uncomfortable, though when he looked over at Feng Jiu, her expression was indifferent.


He coughed slightly, then looked at the beautiful woman and said: “Madam, I wonder if you can take us to our room to rest first?”

“Of course, please come with me.” The beautiful woman said. Then she said to the three girls: “Go and prepare some food and wine to entertain the guests with later.”

“Yes mother.” The three girls curtsied and their eyes fell on Duan Ye’s body with a smile.

The two of them followed the beautiful woman inside. However, she didn’t place them in the same courtyard, but were in separate courtyards.

“Young Miss, you can stay in this room tonight! As for Young Master, follow me to the courtyard next door to rest.”

Upon hearing this, Duan Ye frowned and asked: “Are there no more vacant rooms in this courtyard? If there is, I can stay there.”

Feng Jiu smiled and glanced at Duan Ye, and said: “The guest should abide by the host’s rules, just stay where Madam tells you to! There is only a courtyard between us anyway.”

The beautiful woman smiled and said to the both of them: “I’m sorry, there is only one room left in this courtyard. The other rooms are being used by my daughters for storage.”

When he heard this, Duan Ye had no choice but to oblige. He said to Feng Jiu: “You rest first, I will come over later.” Having said that, he followed the beautiful woman to the room on the other side of the wall.

“Young Master, you can sleep here tonight! Have a rest first, my daughters are preparing dinner.” The beautiful woman said. She took a deep look at him, then turned and left.

After the woman had left, Duan Ye took a look around the room, then he went to Feng Jiu’s room and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Feng Jiu was sitting in front of the dressing table in the room combing her hair. When she saw Duan Ye come in, she put the comb down then smiled at him and asked: “What? Are you afraid?”

Duan Ye glanced at her, then he looked around the room. After that, he walked over to the table and sat down, then he asked: “Who do you think these people are?”


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