Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2244 - Caught

Chapter 2244: Caught

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After Feng Jiu had returned to her courtyard, Duan Ye who had followed her glanced at her torn sleeve and said: “Go and change your clothes first! We will talk later.”

Upon hearing this, she glanced at him and sat down by the stone table in the courtyard and smiled: “What do you want to talk about? Tell me!” She played with the torn corner of her sleeve and smiled.

“Who is that person? How did you meet?” He also sat down, and he looked at her and asked her. She had been with him the past two days, how did she attract such a person?

Feng Jiu rested her cheek on one hand and said: “It was as he said earlier, I met him at the rockery at noon. I think he is called Yi Xiuran.”

“This person is a little unfathomable, you should be careful.”

Duan Ye frowned and cautioned her. He had fought against Yi Xiuran and naturally he knew that this person was by no means simple. He was only able to defeat him because he had underestimated his opponent. If he had really used his full strength, an Immortal Sacred powerhouse would not lose to him.

“Yes, I know. It’s just that I find this person a little familiar. I just can’t remember when I’ve had contact with him before.” She said thoughtfully.

“Ahhhh! Help…!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha….”

Suddenly, there was a cry of exclamation followed by a manic laughter. The laughter spread out with strong pressure and the circles of spirit energy that was visible to the naked eye swayed in the night

“Not good!”

Feng Jiu stood up instantly and swept away at once.

Duan Ye returned to his senses quickly and rushed towards the sound. However, after they two of them had swept out for some distance, they saw a black figure in the night holding on to Lu Xiyan and Ru Ruan in each hand, like an eagle with its prey, and a fanatical laughter came from his mouth.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! You want to deal with me with your strength? You overestimate yourself! The one named Lu, this devil will take your daughter with me first! No doubt her blood will be very sweet!” As he spoke, he stretched out his tongue and licked her, his demonic vicious face was full of arrogance.

“It is indeed a devilry cultivator! Catch him! Don’t let him get away!”

The cultivators rushed forward. City Lord Lu’s heart sank when he saw that his daughter and Ruan Ru had been captured by the devilry cultivator and he screamed: “Let them go!” He lifted his breath then stepped on the sword in his hand and swept towards the devilry cultivator.


Lu Xiyan’s face was pale and she appeared to have had her acupuncture points sealed and struggled to move. Ruan Ru, who was captured on the other hand also had a pale face. Although she was also terrified, she didn’t call out for help but tried to calm herself down and find a chance to survive.

If they were caught by this devilry cultivator, she was afraid that their blood would be sucked dry and they would end up dead. Instead of waiting to be saved by someone, it was better to find a way to save themselves.

As the two of them were going to Feng Jiu’s courtyard to look for her, they were closer to Feng Jiu and Duan Ye. At that moment, Feng Jiu looked at the devilry cultivator who wasn’t that far away from her, and she also glanced at Lu Xiyan and Ruan Ru. Her heart moved slightly and her hand moved immediately. A silver needle shot out and she lifted up on her toes slightly at the same time.

The sharp silver needle shot out in an instant and struck the hand of the devilry cultivator that was holding on to Lu Xiyan. When the devilry cultivator’s wrist was hit, he felt a tingle and his hand went numb. His hand that held on to Lu Xiyan loosened its grip on her involuntarily and she fell down. He stretched his hand out to catch her immediately, but at that moment….

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