Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2339 - Remember This Favour

Chapter 2339: Remember This Favour

At that moment, they couldn’t help but feel the despair of being abandoned. They felt that the Phoenix City Lord wouldn’t take them away because the Four Immortal Emperors had no intention of letting them leave.

However, the people of Phoenix City didn’t panic when they heard those words but waited quietly. They believed that their Master would take them away because they knew that their Master was not the kind of person who only cared about herself.

As she stood in midair, Feng Jiu shook her head upon hearing the Emperor’s words.

When the Four Immortal Emperors saw that she had shook her head, they couldn’t help but be surprised: “You don’t wish to leave?” She had just said that she opened the boundary barrier to leave, why did she refuse when they offered to send her away?


Feng Jiu said and looked at the four people: “I want to leave, but I also want everyone in this place to be able to leave, regardless of whether they are devilry cultivators or cultivators. I have promised them that I will let them leave here. Besides, I intend to take this floating land as my territory and make it mine.”

When they heard this, the devilry cultivators below couldn’t help but gasp secretly. The Phoenix City Lord was truly audacious. She dared to say such things in front of the Four Immortal Emperors? Wasn’t she afraid that the Four Immortal Emperors would kill her?

Moreover, she said that she was going to take this place as her territory, for herself? Would the Four Immortal Emperors agree to that? If this place was to be free of those restrictions and boundary barriers, it would be a good place that was full of spirit energy. Would the Four Immortal Emperors give her such a place?

Only the people of Phoenix City smiled involuntarily when they heard Feng Jiu’s words. This was their Master! Domineering and tough!

When the Four Immortal Emperors heard Feng Jiu’s words, they couldn’t help but glance at each other with strange expressions on their faces: “Not only do you want the people below to leave, but you also want us to give you this place?”

“It’s not a gift, it’s compensation.”

Feng Jiu looked at the four of them and said: “I have been trapped in this exiled place with boundary barriers and restrictions cast by the Four Immortal Emperors for no reason, don’t you think I should be compensated?”

Upon hearing this, the four of them were stunned. They stared at Feng Jiu for a long time as thoughts ran through their heads. Finally, one of them said slowly: “It’s not impossible to gift it to you, but how can you ensure that all the devilry cultivators and cultivators that are filled with evil breath won’t do harm when they go out?”

Feng Jiu smiled when she heard this: “Their spirits are in my hand. As long as I will it, they will die instantly. Moreover, with the exception of devilry cultivators and evil cultivators, the majority of the people have submitted to me and become my subordinates. With my ability, I will be able to manage them well.”

The four of them glanced at each other and nodded slightly: “In that case, you may do as you wish! Remember this favour.” The four of them gave her a meaningful look.

Remember this favour?

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered slightly, what do the words of those four monarchs mean? Did they want her to repay the favour in the future? With their status as the four Emperors who guarded the four corners of the earth, what favour would they need from her?

“Since we have agreed to help, we will help you till the end. You don’t have to waste anymore energy to break the Great Formation Boundary Barrier. We will help you remove the Great Formation Boundary Barrier. But you must remember our words today and don’t let those devilry cultivators do harm after they leave here.”

As soon as they had spoken, the four of them looked deeply at Feng Jiu, then they waved their hands and removed the Great Formation Boundary Barrier…

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